Hermitcraft 7 | Ep.16: BUSY BEE & STARTING THE PORT!

11. apr. 2020
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Hermitcraft 7 | Ep.16: BUSY BEE & STARTING THE PORT!
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  • First I wanted to thank you all for making my life much easier! You and your support has been fantastic so thank you! In today's episode, we spend some time pre-planning the future! Enjoy everyone and don't forget to give it a THUMBS UP if you do! Have a great easter and weekend! Don't forget to follow me over at Twitter twitter.com/WorldofKeralis or Instagram instagram.com/iamkeralis

    KeralisKeralisPred 9 meseci
    • Ok

      The Mighty PickleThe Mighty PicklePred 7 meseci
    • Keralis what if you used the fog effect in the tunnel?

      Philip MoneyPhilip MoneyPred 9 meseci
    • The best :))

      Bruno BBruno BPred 9 meseci
    • Karalis you know you can already use shaders now with optifine bèta 12 and up

      JonayKJonayKPred 9 meseci
    • Love ya your vids = e Ic

      FAUSTWAUST235FAUSTWAUST235Pred 9 meseci
  • Rotterdam bes harbour. Hamburg stinky

    Kevin SpeeKevin SpeePred 7 urami
  • Mohjang! Make it so that we can color wood!!😁 how amazing would that be, green, red, pink enz !

    Yelissa MiddelwaartYelissa MiddelwaartPred 4 dnevi
  • Who love Keralis and his intro? ME Keralis is a FABULOUS hermit

    • SeaBente •• SeaBente •Pred 6 dnevi
  • the view from the top makes it look like a COD map

    Cole HawkinsCole HawkinsPred mesecem
  • I have a suggestion, You can get Cleo to make some builders out of armor stands it'll make your city feel more populated just a thought ; )

    Ewa BridgesEwa BridgesPred mesecem
  • The good old days when there wasnt grass in the shopping district -MR

    The Bob Good ShowThe Bob Good ShowPred mesecem
  • flee market? loppmarknad

    andreas sananesandreas sananesPred 2 meseci
  • Keralis when he used to work in retail: Wanna buy a book?

    Greg SGreg SPred 2 meseci
  • The rocks beside the road looks like the Canadian shield

    Potato man lumbagoPotato man lumbagoPred 2 meseci
  • keralis: barack o-llama me: OSAMA BIN LLAMA

    Mr.TriggyBoiMr.TriggyBoiPred 2 meseci
  • where do you find these beats

    Esuan MckenleyEsuan MckenleyPred 2 meseci
  • When you realise the in the time lapse around 23:00 keralis builds AND dances to the rithym

    Raman GoelRaman GoelPred 2 meseci
  • I love the timelapses

    Lukas HerzLukas HerzPred 3 meseci
  • You never have to apologize for having a lot of time lapses. Plus it’s more time to rock out to the music

    PitchingMVP 26PitchingMVP 26Pred 3 meseci
  • 1:34

    Leo SkeltonLeo SkeltonPred 3 meseci
  • lol i love the jazz

    Jashanpartap SinghJashanpartap SinghPred 3 meseci
  • Are we just gonna ignore when he did a barrel roll with Elytra? 6:00

    Drew TaggartDrew TaggartPred 3 meseci
  • The time lapse music is a bob your head and tap your foot song and it's amazing!

    CringeGod69CringeGod69Pred 4 meseci
  • you and Scar have the best timelapse music

    Justin HJustin HPred 4 meseci
  • His base kinda looks like Texas in the second time lapse

    Davis HullDavis HullPred 4 meseci
  • I LOVE the llama names!!! More cheesy llama names PLEASE!!!

    John WillisJohn WillisPred 4 meseci
  • I work in logistics and supply chain, and I really loved this episode!

    Lord_JuanitoLord_JuanitoPred 4 meseci
  • The llama was pet-rified

    Bryan BruggemanBryan BruggemanPred 5 meseci
  • downvoted because of excessive gambling.....

    Sadistic OgreSadistic OgrePred 5 meseci
  • Will he finish the apartments

    jesse hippoears33jesse hippoears33Pred 5 meseci
  • Boat

    Do not look at my latest VideoDo not look at my latest VideoPred 5 meseci

    Prince LeighPrince LeighPred 6 meseci
  • Me hey mom do u like my 8x8 house Mom:ye son Me:watching keralis* shi-

    Kingshuk ChakrabortyKingshuk ChakrabortyPred 6 meseci
  • In a good calming way he sounds like Bob Ross

    James HallJames HallPred 6 meseci
  • You are so funny you always brighten up my day 😁

    Alex NicholsAlex NicholsPred 6 meseci
  • the machine yoy said was not a crain and was used to moove crates - it is attually called a crain - just a different one we all normally imagine

    Freddie BeasleyFreddie BeasleyPred 6 meseci
  • Mm k

    Cole HarnessCole HarnessPred 6 meseci
  • you.bulid.of.port.cotainer.of.container.ship .wow.is.good.bulid

    Sung WorldSung WorldPred 6 meseci
  • rotterdam is in the country i live in. the netherlands

    The Gameking 2.0The Gameking 2.0Pred 6 meseci
  • Imagine if google sponsored this video because he read our their website and advertised it for them 😂

    pip 4pip 4Pred 6 meseci
  • You should make one of those trucks that paint the stripes on the roads.

    FireDragon3dcFireDragon3dcPred 6 meseci
  • I saw keralis's face in grian's video and I was like I need to watch his videos.Now I'm here.

    EnayatEnayatPred 6 meseci
  • He flies so well and it looks so fun but the farthest I’ve gotten is to the nether till my computer broke

    Spaceship051 UMAKSpaceship051 UMAKPred 7 meseci
  • those gold are going to coming handy in 1.16

    SteveStevePred 7 meseci
  • Keralis should be nicknamed: The humble rich Hermit

    Zappy ZebraZappy ZebraPred 7 meseci
  • I can’t wait till he puts the shaders back on.

    Pacha MorrisseyPacha MorrisseyPred 7 meseci
  • Shpank you very very much lol

    Juan Pablo Reyes NavarroJuan Pablo Reyes NavarroPred 7 meseci
  • keralis calmly saying “he’s gonna be my partner in crime” and just moving on is so funny for a reason

    NaraNaraPred 7 meseci
  • Me the first time I watched keralis: Intro is kinda cringe tho Me now: JUST SIT BACK LIKE THIS, LIKE THAT WoOoOO My mother concerned: Are u ok? Me: Yea Mom: Do you want anything? Me: No shpank you

    Mohammed Al KhaliliMohammed Al KhaliliPred 7 meseci

      RenaeLoves PugsRenaeLoves PugsPred 9 dnevi
  • Does anyone know the shaders Keralis uses with Optifine? Trying to find some good quality 1.15.2 shaders...

    Grace ClarkGrace ClarkPred 7 meseci
    • Seus ptg something maybe? Idk actually

      Hezri IzmirHezri IzmirPred 7 meseci
  • You are an amazing builder. I don't care that you get some ideas from others, you make it look so easy and so good! I know it's not that easy even when following someone else's design. It's a LOT of work! I also know you do most of your own designs, and I have no idea how you come up with those. I am a creative person on paper when it comes to writing or painting, but I fail at Minecraft. My ideas never work in Minecraft. On paper or canvas, they look good, but there is something about building with cubes that escapes me. I am glad you came back to Hermitcraft, because you keep inspiring me to try harder in my own Minecraft world. All the Hermits do, but you and Bdubs added another dimension when you two came back.

    Catherine ReedCatherine ReedPred 7 meseci
  • ur time laps song is just perfect

    Lorenzos KontolemisLorenzos KontolemisPred 7 meseci
  • Anyone else love how keralis' money box gets more and more full of junk every time we see it?

    William GrovesWilliam GrovesPred 7 meseci
  • Keralis you could use mossy brick under water on the walls

    Joseph PalmerJoseph PalmerPred 7 meseci
  • 14:44 The amount of times I replayed Keralis saying "Scared" is scary

    xcherry fizzxxcherry fizzxPred 8 meseci
  • No what’s up is not for sale

    Cathy HorvathCathy HorvathPred 8 meseci
  • The music that keralis uses for the timelapses are amazing

    Classymax90Classymax90Pred 8 meseci
  • The mountain could have a monument on it like the Rio statue.

    Jensen AmbroseJensen AmbrosePred 8 meseci
  • 22:57 Cow in the background is just dancing B))

    3r33r3Pred 8 meseci
  • I lof ze german coastgaurd

    BloingBloingPred 8 meseci
  • I think he should make the mountain near his base so there’s a wrecking ball and it should be half destroyed

    WillblowersWillblowersPred 8 meseci
  • I'm building a bomb Bunker right now care to join and help me build. I'm cheeseburger h52

    Darth RevanDarth RevanPred 8 meseci
    • Oh yeah anyone can join. 👍✋😀✌☮☯️🗣

      Darth RevanDarth RevanPred 8 meseci
  • I think that all of the Hermits should make a full out bunker and it should be msde all out of Smooth Quartzs and it all has to be Quartzs.

    Darth RevanDarth RevanPred 8 meseci
  • Keralis don’t kill wandering traders before you get his leads, put the llamas in a boat to get the leads

    no nameno namePred 8 meseci
  • you know you`ve screwed up as U.S president when even keralis doesn`t like you.

    NicolasNicolasPred 8 meseci
  • the goat stole porky IN slots

    Harrison bowmanHarrison bowmanPred 8 meseci
  • you should make a chest room inside the tunnel

    JuicccYJuicccYPred 8 meseci
  • I love how his accent makes it sound like he says “spank you, very very much”

    Cpt HjonkCpt HjonkPred 8 meseci
  • Make sitable seats for the vehicles

    Ay gamerAy gamerPred 8 meseci
  • Love the time lap music

    LZR_ MistLZR_ MistPred 8 meseci
  • For those who love the music: 2:33 road outline time-lapse 6:06 road time-lapse 9:53 Xisuma's TNT machine time-lapse 22:30 containers time-lapse

    Amanda SchwantzAmanda SchwantzPred 8 meseci
  • fights wither just fro "lamps" doesnt even use them

    hermitfan135hermitfan135Pred 8 meseci
  • "Sorry for all the time-lapses" I love time-lapses.

    Alex MameshinAlex MameshinPred 8 meseci
  • That lil’ giggle that Keralis always makes in the begining after the intro (?) is the cutest of em all

    Meimuu UwUMeimuu UwUPred 8 meseci
  • Isn't Porkie inside klaus' slot machine

    sjoerd smitssjoerd smitsPred 8 meseci
  • He keeps thinking "how am I gonna live if I am by your side" and he spent so many nights fearing that you would buy him and he grew strong, and he learned how to get along. He learned to fight, to fight the lead, and he kept fighting it for as long as he could breathe, but he got into the boat and so far he isn't dead and he survived, and hopefully won't die... I enjoyed writing this too much. I think that y'all know what it is to the tune to. If I messed up please forgive me, I haven't heard it in years.

    Da BanananananaDa BanananananaPred 8 meseci
  • With all the trucks coming and going, you should add some pot holes in the road.

    trinaoktrinaokPred 8 meseci
  • Lmao why is xisuma mad he’s literally the one in the wrong here 🗿

    Whacko OtakuWhacko OtakuPred 8 meseci
  • Keralis timelaps play keralis viewers: tImE tO GeT fUnKy

    Anton WickstrømAnton WickstrømPred 8 meseci
  • Keralis - enjoy the timelapse My SLworlds - plays add of some old lady singing in a shower

    Conor McCannConor McCannPred 8 meseci
  • he should turn his roads into a mini game with horses that would b so much fun

    Lisa _7756Lisa _7756Pred 9 meseci
  • Scar in season 6: We are the richest hermit of all time Keralis in season 7: Move out da way

    Dylan PlantDylan PlantPred 9 meseci
  • nobody: Keralis: JAZZ INTENSIFIES

    QuichrlynQuichrlynPred 9 meseci
  • Ya like jazz?

    Soviet Potatoes235Soviet Potatoes235Pred 9 meseci
  • I'm like I might sub to ya but then you played ehrling I'm like yeah you got my sub man.

    JackBlack GamingJackBlack GamingPred 9 meseci
  • Keralis dont be sad over getting stack of gold over 1 block diamond because its so stonk in the next nether update!

    BruhBruhPred 9 meseci
  • Never apologise for the time-lapses (regulation-distance hug)

    BadgerBadgerPred 9 meseci
  • What is the song called

    I DONT KNOWI DONT KNOWPred 9 meseci
  • Does anyone know the song? 2:50

    Charlie TEECharlie TEEPred 9 meseci
  • Hey Keralis, maybe you could put an antenna on the mountain? Maybe?

    Hellbent 13587Hellbent 13587Pred 9 meseci
  • keralis it was cubfan that took the diamonds

    Skellabunn Y_99Skellabunn Y_99Pred 9 meseci
  • PORKY IS IN DOCM'S CASINO like so keralis can see!

    Shanell KembleShanell KemblePred 9 meseci
  • Does anyone have the naem of the song(And where to get it) here: 2:35

    Fenrir10Fenrir10Pred 9 meseci
  • You could put something like a radio tower up on the mountain!

    Mute BansheeMute BansheePred 9 meseci
  • You make the best timelapses :)

    Special KevinSpecial KevinPred 9 meseci
  • You can put leads on boats

    CJ DombowskyCJ DombowskyPred 9 meseci
  • love your voice, time lapses and creative mind. keep it up ^_^

    ProUzerProUzerPred 9 meseci
  • what if you used the containers for mini farms or something?

    Purple UwUPurple UwUPred 9 meseci
  • Barack Ollama got me. XD

    Vid Master7Vid Master7Pred 9 meseci
  • that's not glasses, that's a lone ranger outfit

    General KenobiGeneral KenobiPred 9 meseci
  • X: oh keralis, hi :( Keralis: I'm beatiful lol

    Phos4usPhos4usPred 9 meseci
  • Imagine using the containers as storage

    TOXTUBETOXTUBEPred 9 meseci
  • What about Donald hump as a llama name😂

    Cheyenna DCCheyenna DCPred 9 meseci
  • In love with the jazz music in the time lapses😂💙🤍🖤💛

    Cheyenna DCCheyenna DCPred 9 meseci