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● Build a world for wildlife in Planet Zoo. From the developers of Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon comes the ultimate zoo sim, featuring authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world you create around them. Experience a globe-trotting campaign or let your imagination run wild in the freedom of Sandbox mode. Create unique habitats and vast landscapes, make big decisions and meaningful choices, and nurture your animals as you construct and manage the world’s wildest zoos.
● Meet a world of incredible animals. From playful lion cubs to mighty elephants, every animal in Planet Zoo is a thinking, feeling individual with a distinctive look and personality of their own. Craft detailed habitats to bring your animals’ natural environments home, research and manage each species to allow them to thrive, and help your animals raise families to pass their genes onto future generations.
● Manage an amazing living world that responds to every decision you make. Focus on the big picture or go hands-on and control the smallest details. Thrill visitors with iconic exhibits, develop your zoo with new research and release new generations of your animals back into the wild. Your choices come alive in a world where animal welfare and conservation comes first.
● Planet Zoo’s powerful piece-by-piece construction tools let you effortlessly make your zoo unique. Every creative decision you make impacts the lives of your animals and the experience of your visitors. Let your imagination run wild as you dig lakes and rivers, raise hills and mountains, carve paths and caves, and build stunning zoos with a choice of unique themes and hundreds of building components.
● Join a connected community and share the world’s most creative habitats, scenery and even whole zoos on the Steam Workshop. See your own designs appear in zoos around the world, or discover fresh new content from the Planet Zoo community every day.
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  • :O wOw CoOl

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  • Are you a French person

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  • What happened to this series Minecraft is for kids and it's all you post now :(

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  • Is there any chance we could download and play in your zoo?

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  • I found your channel when you covered Dawn of man. Stayed for ANMO, but kinda fell off with the Minecraft. Really happy to be back for a playthrough that you seem so thrilled with too. 10/10. Ps. The slow progress and watching you be so detail oriented is what makes it fun for me.

    Telarian SilverwindTelarian SilverwindPred letom
  • No rip anima 😢

    Ian Miles ChungusIan Miles ChungusPred letom
  • This simulator is the best I have seen for life simulation. I will get Planet Zoo for free once it has been cracked.

    Cesare VesdaniCesare VesdaniPred letom
  • i have found this game so hard ,have you uploaded any of your blue prints to the work shop at all i would love to maybe pinch the odd on or too

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  • We need pandas!!!!

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  • pooping moment of hippo is good :)

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  • Man, you have such a great eye for design. Loving this series.

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  • u need to power the snake exhibit!!!!

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  • You should make like difrent countries sections like global villagd

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  • This series began a bit slow, but I really love how this park turns out! :D Also, the animals actually look very good :3

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  • You can created waves and waterfalls

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  • 22:35 pedo daddy scene 4K (50% discount : Christmas sale)

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    • Exclusive btw

      YazúsYazúsPred letom
  • A good way to help with education rating are the education speakers!

    Jaqueline PaceJaqueline PacePred letom
  • There is an option for the one way glas its at the little settings wheel

    Tedra de ArrTedra de ArrPred letom
  • Please upload this more

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  • Suggestion for an animal: Tasmanian devil!

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  • Please Keralis continue this series

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  • My mom introduced me to you because she watches you play hermitcraft and I gotta say I absolutely adore your videos! I’ll definitely watch more, and would love for you to continue this series as well!

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  • 10:09 : your parents when you get married

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    • Avaton hahahaha

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  • subscribed! please upload more 🥺🥺🥺 loving the series and very much enjoying how you play

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  • His Voice Reminds me of A Khajiits accent from Skyrim❤❤❤😂🥰🥰

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  • best intro ever. lol

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  • This series is amazing cant wait for episode 4

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  • I can't wait for another twenty episode of this KeralisZoo lol

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  • Keralis to Cities Skylines viewers: Y'all can go f*ck yourselves.

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  • Very useful channel, it gives knowledge about animal . Thanks

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  • I could watch this all day! Building time lapse would be cool.

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  • Please continue this Planet Zoo series, love from your Indonesian fans :)

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  • You are so positive. Watching you for the first time and i subbed

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  • You don't have to max all the theme research to unlock all the items. Just unlock the first level on all the themes. All the levels after are for blueprint items.

    strixsacrastrixsacraPred letom
  • You are doing a great job! The hippo exhibit looks amazing. There is only one thing I can´t get over. Everyone who plays this game is breeding animals and then put contracaptions on the babies. But why don´t you just sell the dad (just a little before the babies are matured) and keep ALL the females (mothers and babies included) and just buy another male. There will be no inbreeding and you wil breed much more babies. Am I the only one who has this idea?

    Caitlin van EsCaitlin van EsPred letom
  • When is episode 4 comming ?!?!?!?!

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  • the animals are stressed because they can see the visitors, consider raising the glass and making it one way

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  • More mas peas!

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  • After he said "no way" for the snake exhibit. The name of the snake popped up and it was ''Jose''.

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  • Your zoo is lookin really good so far!

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  • Was thinking maybe make the water deeper for the hippos? That way you get more water but same amount of space? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I dunno just an idea 🖤 love this zoo

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  • Keralis, you should add educative speakers. They boost up the education real good. I guess there are also other speaker which play nice music, to give your park more life.

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  • Do Sea lions as your next animal

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  • Absolutely love your Zoo, I just started watching, I've watched 1 and 2, and now watching 3. Hippos are my favorite animal. Normally I don't have anything that I really want for Christmas, but have added this game to my list, actually it's the only thing on my list. I hope I can create a Zoo half as good as yours. It's amazing, keep up the great work.

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  • fuck i really wanna play this game now

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  • Need more !

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  • Keralis you should build a cave for the reptilia or you should build a indoor environment for it. Like jungle in a glass house kind a thing

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  • i was enjoying my meal and watching the video at the same time, then this hippo came out pooping, thx Keralis.

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  • Tip: don't place too much enrichment items because animals do get bored of them after awhile. I LOVE how you layout your zoo! Keep it up! Also: WaTeR cOw (pewdiepie)

    LuminousAmethystLuminousAmethystPred letom
  • Keralis, some suggestions: - get blueprints (already made builds for animals) - pause when you are building or when emergencies happen - make sure the height is tall enough for every animal to prevent them from jumping over - pay attention to the thoughts of the people as they are the ones giving you $$$ - take note of the "negative impact" of the staff facilities and power/water transformer etc - to prevent animals from being stressed, make sure the height of the barriers are tall so the animals can't see the people (using one way glass) - add "speakers" and "habitat education boards" which can be found under facilities to increase education of the animals ( you can change the boards to fit each animal) - change the colour of the donation bins when you click on it (it is in the editing box which shows the colours) - everytime you get a new animal, research them immediately to get new stuff for them (even the small exhibits need their layouts fixed so research!) other than that, amazing job at building, looking forward for more! 👏🏼

    maisarah xomaisarah xoPred letom
  • I am really enjoying this series so far, you make wonderful videos and it is very entertaining to see you go wild for bushes :) PLEASE DO CONTINUE UPLOADING THIS SERIES!! and press on!! 🤙🏼

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  • You need to Put education thingy so they donate more You can also put D AND M TO THE PARENTS SO YOU CAN AVOID INBREEDING

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  • u can edit layout without research. just see thru the tabs :)

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  • excellent series, the best so far imo. please keep going. watching the grizzly bear scratch their back on a wooden post is hilarious if you get the time. cheers

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  • Pretend I said something funny and original

    Xx_GalaxyGamer_xX XDXx_GalaxyGamer_xX XDPred letom
  • This is so good. Karlis, I think you are the best making zoos. Plz make it daily.

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  • does anyone know if there are any plans on adding aquatic animals?

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  • Love this series!

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  • to get more education put more of those hippo boards around and also buy speakers

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  • your not setting up trash cans, the green ones are recycling and blue trash

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  • Hi Keralis, you can alter the one way window by going to the 2nd tab in the barriers and switch it over there.

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  • i love the series , pick the orangutans please :)

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  • You could place "do not feed" near the hippos so you guest don't feed them. Great work, loving the zoo!

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  • Maybe you could make a little primate exhibit?

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  • Hi Keralis. Laying on the sofa with my one day old son! Cuddling and totally relaxing by watching your Planet Zoo episodes. Waiting for some spare time to start my own Franchise :D Thank you

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  • Build a African village next to a lion enclosure

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  • Love it haha

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  • Keralis is definitely the best park designer I’ve ever seen btw, love these types of series’s Remember planet coaster, so much design

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  • Keralis, just a simple tip - The blue icon is male and the pink is female, you ended up sending your only female Nile Monitor to the trade center.

    Hextech Art & GamingHextech Art & GamingPred letom
  • jaja in serbian means eggs

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