Hermitcraft 6 | Ep.15 : PIRATES OF HERMITCRAFT

13. dec. 2019
246 842 Ogledi

Hermitcraft 6 | Ep.15 : PIRATES OF HERMITCRAFT
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  • Wow! I need to go back and watch Scar’s season 6. I haven’t watched his yet! Amazing builds

    Samantha ShugarsSamantha ShugarsPred 21 dnevom
  • Karalis mining with a beacon sounds like he's about to present me with a Krabby Patty

    minedfulminedfulPred 6 meseci
  • I sometimes forget that this ALL is in survivor mode, and it sometimes scares me

    Shaak' TiShaak' TiPred 10 meseci
  • When you have your friends head on your bed side

    Videos with AbiVideos with AbiPred 11 meseci
  • You should try to bone meal coral it will make pickles.

    Tylor TsaoTylor TsaoPred letom
  • Run is reopened

    GamerPlayz -GamerPlayz -Pred letom
  • Keralis plz play the Witcher 3 DLCs plz!!! I love that series and now it has a show on Netflix! Bring back the Witcher :D

    OzielOzielPred letom
  • Such a great episode! And your great commentary makes it so interesting! It’s great to see all of the hard work on this server and your underground base looks amazing!

    Sarch 360Sarch 360Pred letom
  • wow... i’ve never seen the server with shaders before! it’s so gorgeous

    resverieresveriePred letom
  • What shaders does he use? Anyone else want to know?

    Asha ToddAsha ToddPred letom
  • LMAO 8:40

    Pygmy PuffPygmy PuffPred letom
  • what’s your texture pack

    Quinn MatthewsQuinn MatthewsPred letom
  • What was the background music around 24:00 during the tour of Cleo's area? It's so pirate-y and I love it.

    Purple Fire 28Purple Fire 28Pred letom
  • What shaders is he using ?

    tooliedupjustintooliedupjustinPred letom
  • 6:34 Can we get a remix

    Tes HabermanTes HabermanPred letom
  • Keralis, I love how you talk about your wife. It’s so hilariously cute

    The_Daft_MonkeyThe_Daft_MonkeyPred letom
  • Your not wearing a dead skin

    muigi the titanmuigi the titanPred letom
  • Xisumavoid base

    Zander De BeerZander De BeerPred letom
  • The bathroom scene 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    BricksomniacBricksomniacPred letom
  • Very calming voice i sub

    lol simplelol simplePred letom
  • Just a friendly reminder to be nice to people online because you don’t know what they’re going through at the moment, and you can really hurt someone

    Dylan MedeirosDylan MedeirosPred letom
  • Wow. Docs... thing looks even cooler with shaders!

    Litten PawLitten PawPred letom
  • I really liked the tour. I would have never seen that otherwise.

    CatzHoekCatzHoekPred letom
  • 16:50 Sad Pixlriffs noises

    Double NikkelDouble NikkelPred letom
  • So groans prank hasn't happened yet

    45 guy45 guyPred letom
    • 45Guy yeah bull cause mumble and keralis posted 9 hours ago while I commented 8 hours ago

      JishAFishJishAFishPred letom
    • I didn't watch that one yet I posted that comment a little bit before the next video happened

      45 guy45 guyPred letom
    • Who cares he dies anyways

      JishAFishJishAFishPred letom
    • Grians

      45 guy45 guyPred letom
  • Nobody likes diorite. Bdubs: I'M GONNA MAKE AN AMAZING DIORITE CASTLE!!! Nobody likes prismarine. Scar: I'M GONNA MAKE AN AMAZINGI PRISMARINE ROOF!!!

    SofiaSofiaPred letom
  • ahhh I can't wait til i can explore the server myself

    Sepia SmithSepia SmithPred letom
  • when he spoke with a Swedish accent "I felt that"

    --Pred letom
  • Keralis that thing that was in the water that made a noise is called a conduit its lets you breathe under water without going up for more air

    Tristan SmithTristan SmithPred letom
  • what shader pack are you using?

    Darius KeeneyDarius KeeneyPred letom
  • Don't use your water elevator

    Option StonksOption StonksPred letom

    Nooa VehkaojaNooa VehkaojaPred letom
    • Man shut up. Viewers like you are the reason Hermitcraft isn't as fun as it could be. You tell the other hermits what is going to happen and they'll see it.

      TapTomTapTomPred letom
  • Ur base has been trapped

    Doglicker66Doglicker66Pred letom

      KritiikkiKritiikkiPred letom
    • P1KKUS0NY , but I want idea group to win the diamonds anyway Keralis and Bdubs. Have the least diamonds

      Doglicker66Doglicker66Pred letom
    • Dont spoil

      KritiikkiKritiikkiPred letom
  • Ur base trapped

    Doglicker66Doglicker66Pred letom
    • Please don't spoil

      TapTomTapTomPred letom
  • Your intro makes me laugh every time Keralis!!!

    Marcus MehewMarcus MehewPred letom
  • you got trapped

    FizzyFizz102FizzyFizz102Pred letom
    • @TapTom he already dead

      FizzyFizz102FizzyFizz102Pred letom
    • Why are you telling this to Keralis, just why? Viewers like you are ruining other people's experience.

      TapTomTapTomPred letom
  • 3:00 so that's where ijevin planted that tree

    Annie MillerAnnie MillerPred letom
  • Keralis There is a srprise at ur bunker

    emilio zarazua mendozaemilio zarazua mendozaPred letom
    • There is a surprise on your English test, too. Check it out.

      TapTomTapTomPred letom
  • Does anyone else see this: In the beginning of the video his xp bar is at 69

    personpersonPred letom
  • Can you go to grian’s base soon and marvel at his unorganised base

    Bored BoiBored BoiPred letom
  • when you see the hot girls in your class but they don't even know your name. "I can't bone them"

    Sheepy Cheeze StudiosSheepy Cheeze StudiosPred letom
  • Keralis grian has a trap in there in your base scar tell hin about your base plz

    GamerJosh PHGamerJosh PHPred letom
    • I’m just saying it I’m not spoiling it by the way keralis is a demise already the😀😀

      GamerJosh PHGamerJosh PHPred letom
    • Veey fun at parties...sont spoil

      KritiikkiKritiikkiPred letom
    • You're very fun at parties arent you?

      pringlepringlePred letom
  • Grian has a plan he will demise you plzz be alert

    GamerJosh PHGamerJosh PHPred letom
    • The amount of comments you post about this is unbelievable, at least I'll give you some credit for having better grammar than the last spoiler.

      TapTomTapTomPred letom
  • Try asking Mumbo for a tour of what all he’s built. Dude gone quite geometric with his base this season. He also has a whole industrial area, with so many farms it’s unreal.

    Tyler PetrusTyler PetrusPred letom
  • Hey @Keralis you have to check this out : slworlds.info/net/1YC1h8ePj4uzrpc/video

    Splodg ErSplodg ErPred letom
  • Do you guys use a plugin for the coal to lay on the ground and the weapons to be on a block and the armor stands

    ZeroNeroZeroNeroPred letom
  • Grian made you a puffer fish trap in the exit of your base

    • What?

    • You're very fun at parties arent you?

      pringlepringlePred letom
    • It doesn't matter grian made sure to upload the video after keralis died/disabled the trap

      KilometersKilometersPred letom
    • Can you not

      scared catscared catPred letom
  • 3:12 Brain??? its Grian, no Brain

    Emil MomchevEmil MomchevPred letom
  • You're exit at you're house is being trapped with puffer fish

    ZentrickZentrickPred letom
    • You're very fun at parties arent you?

      pringlepringlePred letom
    • Can you not

      Lhenny GarciaLhenny GarciaPred letom
  • Congratulations. Mumbo checked it not too long ago, and I can tell you that you officially got the last prize from the treasure hunt! All remaining tokens are worthless.

    Rick KellerRick KellerPred letom
  • Grian trapped your water elevator with pufferfish

    Remminiscence :DRemminiscence :DPred letom
    • @pringle I just like Keralis, I wouldnt usually do this

      Remminiscence :DRemminiscence :DPred letom
    • You're very fun at parties arent you?

      pringlepringlePred letom
    • @Remminiscence :D read Grians video description

      Luke WakefordLuke WakefordPred letom
    • @Luke Wakeford how u know

      Remminiscence :DRemminiscence :DPred letom
    • He's already dead

      Luke WakefordLuke WakefordPred letom
  • What shader are you using? 🤔

    npc Grian !npc Grian !Pred letom
  • Use your elevator! It is getting all dusty

    npc Grian !npc Grian !Pred letom
    • @Just a Random Paper _..but you can never be sure.._ Except if he answers. *but wait* *_he can be lying_*

      npc Grian !npc Grian !Pred letom
    • NPC Grian ! He is being real

      Just a Random PaperJust a Random PaperPred letom
    • @pringle wait _are you being sarcastic_

      npc Grian !npc Grian !Pred letom
    • I agree with this message

      pringlepringlePred letom
  • Don’t go to your bubble elevator...

    Young RiccyYoung RiccyPred letom
    • Sarcasm the name matches the comment. 👏👏

      Young RiccyYoung RiccyPred letom
    • You're very fun at parties arent you?

      pringlepringlePred letom
    • He's already dead

      Luke WakefordLuke WakefordPred letom
  • Your base is trapped with pufferfish

    CoronetFanCoronetFanPred letom
    • You're very fun at parties arent you?

      pringlepringlePred letom
    • He dies

      Luke WakefordLuke WakefordPred letom
  • Maby maby not someone have trap,t the way ute of the bunker !!!!be careful!!!!

    AzulaAzulaPred letom
  • keralis , be careful ! grian and scar made a demised trap with millions of pufferfishes at the exit of the sewer house !! do not use that exit you can see what they did on grians channel . please like so keralis can see and can’t get demised !!!

    Lazy FogLazy FogPred letom
    • @Lazy Fog watched

      Luke WakefordLuke WakefordPred letom
    • wanted grians video ? anyway i’m still hoping that he didnt get demised !!

      Lazy FogLazy FogPred letom
    • If u wanted Grians video fully u would of known he said he wasn't uploading until the results of the trap were done so it couldn't be spoilt so it's probly too late

      Luke WakefordLuke WakefordPred letom
  • Dont go to your water elevator

    Tristan ReservaTristan ReservaPred letom
    • Already dead too late

      Lhenny GarciaLhenny GarciaPred letom
    • Christian MEJO tattle tale

      Theo DoesAnimationTheo DoesAnimationPred letom
  • KERALIS!!! This is very important Watch out for the Pufferfish DO NOT USE THE BUBBLE ELEVATORS!!!!

    The_big_otterThe_big_otterPred letom
    • he is already dead, just hasnt uploaded the video

      coolcoolPred letom
    • xMonster YOU TATTLE TALE

      Theo DoesAnimationTheo DoesAnimationPred letom
  • Grian made a trap on your demise bunker

    2kRa2kRaPred letom
    • Lil Andrej no its not, people told him forcefully. He was streaming and people kept saying that his base was trapped. Sure it may be fair, but your just encouraging people to do it more. Which then ends in a circle of people ratting each other out, because they keep thinking that “Oh, this guy did it so ill do it back!” And the other “Oh, well he did it back so its fine!”

      ⃤ Sol ⃤⃤ Sol ⃤Pred letom
    • @⃤ Sol ⃤ Scar knew where his bunker is bcs he watched the video or people told him by comments So its fair to say it

      2kRa2kRaPred letom
    • @⃤ Sol ⃤Brian said he wouldn't post the video until after the trap was found so keralis has either already been killed by the trap already or found it and didn't die but it's too late for anyone to warn him since by the time grown uploaded his video keralis already found out about it.

      AnvilizeAnvilizePred letom
    • Lil Andrej thanks for ruining the whole point of traps and demise

      ⃤ Sol ⃤⃤ Sol ⃤Pred letom
  • I’m happy that no one told him yet

    Theo DoesAnimationTheo DoesAnimationPred letom
    • Young Riccy People we’re excited to see him demised. It would be interesting to see. Wouldn’t it be interesting?

      Theo DoesAnimationTheo DoesAnimationPred letom
    • JishAFish ya I agree. I was so excited to watch him die to the trap. If this community ruined it idk what I’ll do. It’s the best trap in history. Doesn’t involve anything difficult.

      Theo DoesAnimationTheo DoesAnimationPred letom
    • Young Riccy people were excited to watch keralis expérience the trap, he didn’t have to die he just had to notice it on his own. Also your point is invalid as they A. Would have just done it in another place keralis frequents B. Would have asked other hermits and C. Watched Keralis’s video

      JishAFishJishAFishPred letom
    • Young Riccy yes

      Theo DoesAnimationTheo DoesAnimationPred letom
    • Theo DoesAnimation lmao

      Young RiccyYoung RiccyPred letom
  • keralis your underground house is trapted

    anette brauseanette brausePred letom
  • You'r bunker is full of traps

    genji shimadagenji shimadaPred letom
  • Brooo dont up the bubble elevator from youre sewers grian trapped it hard

    gabriel varvaragabriel varvaraPred letom
  • Keralis, new strategy, be aware of all your surroundings. Traps have been set.

    Tis JstmeTis JstmePred letom
  • I would like to see the deadquarters up in close from the inside ;)

    Mike ScholtenMike ScholtenPred letom
  • In order to grow sea pickles. You will need 9 any coral blocks . 2deep 6 by 6 hole filled with water then place the 9 coral blocks in. Place one sea pickle on the middle coral block and bone meld it. And watch the pickles grow.

    KhillikiaLea WKhillikiaLea WPred letom
  • Bro be careful, dont use that water line next to the scaffolding to get up, or u will be slain by puffer fish

    Illuminati .16Illuminati .16Pred letom
  • use the water elevator pls

    Abdulaziz AhmedAbdulaziz AhmedPred letom
  • Keralis: gr *i* An

    Sahil MhatreSahil MhatrePred letom
  • Grian trapped your base

    • LEENATHAN ELDAR booo spolier

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
  • Keep doing base tours! I love it!

    Mark SchwaderMark SchwaderPred letom
  • !!!!!!!Grain and scar have trap you exit or entrance !!!!!!!!!

    C33 DotC33 DotPred letom
    • Fluffy Muffery booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
  • Grian and scar trapped your exit from your secret house.

    stjepan radovanovicstjepan radovanovicPred letom
    • NIGHTmare __ booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
    • Just let him figure it out

      M_rldM_rldPred letom
    • @M_rld bc I don't what to keralis to die

      stjepan radovanovicstjepan radovanovicPred letom
    • Why would you tell them

      M_rldM_rldPred letom
  • Thos are heads painted to be like tnt its not real tnt

    EarthEarthPred letom
  • keralis grian and scar is making a trap in your base

    Parksman PlayzParksman PlayzPred letom
    • and scars fans said wheres keralis base so pay back

      Parksman PlayzParksman PlayzPred letom
    • Parksman Playz booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
  • I'd love to see more. This was an amazing viddy, thanks Keralis

    James FrostJames FrostPred letom
  • Ohey, Keralis got the last diamond from Nugget tokens :D

    Globby The GooGlobby The GooPred letom
  • Who is this Gryan? o:

    Globby The GooGlobby The GooPred letom
  • I love seeing the hermitcraft server with shaders it's just so beautiful!! Please checkout stressmonster's ice base and false's fantasy base

    Joanna:PJoanna:PPred letom
  • Yes you can bonemeal pickle

    ITTP It's Time To PlayITTP It's Time To PlayPred letom
  • Use carpet instead of trapdoor it is better

    Roselyn BangalaoRoselyn BangalaoPred letom
  • Your exit of your bunker is trapped!!!

    Cake and Egg StudiosCake and Egg StudiosPred letom
    • @Lazice Pie lol

      Cake and Egg StudiosCake and Egg StudiosPred letom
    • Booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
    • @M_rld I want keralis to win

      Cake and Egg StudiosCake and Egg StudiosPred letom
    • Why would you tell him

      M_rldM_rldPred letom
  • Grain: laughs slyly

    Freakshow FletchFreakshow FletchPred letom
  • Grian trapped the exit of ur underground demise base

    Shadow WSKShadow WSKPred letom
    • Shadow WSK booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
  • You can bonemeal sea pickels if they're on a coral block

    Dalen Brazelton - DolanProductionzDalen Brazelton - DolanProductionzPred letom
  • Grian trapped your exit

    Yeeticus EaticusYeeticus EaticusPred letom
    • yeetr boi booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom

    AkariAkariPred letom
    • Julie booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
  • I love exploring all the bases with you!

    cleio81cleio81Pred letom
  • Wich Shader do you use?

    TrydronTrydronPred letom
  • Such a relaxing, quality, and interesting video. Thank you!!

    VincentVincentPred letom
  • Keralis, Grian and Scar have trapped your demise base water exit with a bunch of pufferfish

    Justin BoardwineJustin BoardwinePred letom
    • Justin Boardwine booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
    • Why would you tell them that

      M_rldM_rldPred letom
  • 10 Dieded

    Shikuro KasukiShikuro KasukiPred letom
  • Your house water trap was rigged

    James HartJames HartPred letom
  • Keralis your bunker Edit is trapt

    Alexander WrightAlexander WrightPred letom
    • Alexander Wright booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
    • Exit

      Alexander WrightAlexander WrightPred letom

    BathingTortoiseBathingTortoisePred letom
    • Tim v. Dijck booo spoiler

      Lazice PieLazice PiePred letom
  • If I hear you saying "Brian" again, I'm going insane :)) it's Charles afaik...

    Mike FloreaMike FloreaPred letom
  • Its Grian not Brian

    bvk Carsbvk CarsPred letom
  • I would love to see the entire server through your eyes Keralis. I’m a new subscriber and fan after witnessing your stunning builds.

    Malaka DesrochesMalaka DesrochesPred letom
  • Hi snitches

    Incredible 6000Incredible 6000Pred letom