Surviving The Aftermath - Ep.04 : UPDATE! EXTRACTORS!

12. nov. 2019
60 814 Ogledi

Surviving The Aftermath - Ep.04 : UPDATE! EXTRACTORS!
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Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future - resources are scarce but opportunity calls. Build the ultimate disaster-proof colony, protect your colonists and restore civilization to a devastated world. Remember: The end of the world is just the beginning.
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  • I am sorry everyone but we will back with Surviving the Aftermath when the next update drops. We have made it to day 220 with a population of 533 but something happened with the save and I can't progress any further. See you soon again! Still friends? ♥️

    KeralisKeralisPred letom
    • Will be waiting

      Rave KilledyouRave KilledyouPred letom
  • When you're watching this during covid quarantine and keralis also had pandemic in the game.

    PH ZetsuboPH ZetsuboPred 5 meseci
  • So far this the most beautiful city I ever seen, so very systematics and your people's survive first 2 ep ..

    syafiq zovricksyafiq zovrickPred 9 meseci
  • This guy has something about soybeans 🤣

    Pamir ALTUGPamir ALTUGPred 9 meseci
  • More episodessssssss

    harryxlouisharryxlouisPred letom
  • Pleaseee

    harryxlouisharryxlouisPred letom
  • More episodesssss

    harryxlouisharryxlouisPred letom
  • love all of your series.. hopefully the devs can fix your save. Also with new update out today, maybe you can continue without having to start all over again.

    Pak RatPak RatPred letom
  • Keralis is a cruel god to his numerous and resource-starved people. Edit: I still enjoy your vids tho!

    k2ck2cPred letom
  • ep5?? when?

    Slim SleekSlim SleekPred letom
  • Human kind died, but heey we have roads😁

    RobinKingRobinKingPred letom
  • i feel like there is a problem with this game, i have the same issue with clothes and tools you just cant make enough even with half the amount of people

    MasterincommanderMasterincommanderPred letom
  • Keralis you SHOULD try AUTOMATION EMPIRE game! I would love to see how your brain manage to do all the roads and rails for the trucks and mine carts! (This go that, that goes there etc.)

    wopsuwopsuPred letom
  • U should replace every small tent with a two story house

    V-Xll GOATV-Xll GOATPred letom
  • When is this game getting released? it looks sick! cant wait to play it :D

    Kusher436Kusher436Pred letom
  • Wow, I really really wish there was a way to play this on Mac :(

    Asher SkyAsher SkyPred letom
  • Dear Diahorrea

    ljmc - lscljmc - lscPred letom
  • Hakim looks a bit like Korwin

    tkkottkkotPred letom
  • Civilians: dying Keralis: look at these wonderful bushes and street lamps

    Ideal PineappleIdeal PineapplePred letom
  • Keralis is it okay if I publish cinematics of recreations of your Minecraft tutorials on my SLworlds channel (I will put your name in the description so people know you were the original builder)

    UBK StudiosUBK StudiosPred letom
  • What happened to the Hermitcraft series. I love it!

    Daniel YAODaniel YAOPred letom
  • love ur vids!

    TheNoobHugo -TheNoobHugo -Pred letom
  • What happens to Hermitcraft?!?!

    Kentucky fried ChickenKentucky fried ChickenPred letom
  • turn around... every now and then we need a little more roads wrapping all around...

    Darismel AbishaiDarismel AbishaiPred letom
  • I just hate it when my lake turns into a mountain.. happens all the time (Sarcasm)

    Daniel CanfieldDaniel CanfieldPred letom
  • More MC let's build houses

    Ethan TaylorEthan TaylorPred letom
  • I told everyone you got the update 2 days ago and none of us have received it. Why you and no one else boo

    C GuestC GuestPred letom
  • Are you going to get back to hermitcraft?

    Lyft AceLyft AcePred letom
  • Demise Keralis: ight ima head out

    Matteo FeyaertsMatteo FeyaertsPred letom
  • Hermitcraft please??

    Amil RahmanAmil RahmanPred letom
  • Wow this is the tidiest and most lean looking settlement I have seen in this game streams. Good job.

    msoulforgedmsoulforgedPred letom
  • I love this series and all but, wheres Hermitcraft? I enjoy watching that too and you said you would to Hermitcraft last week! But keep up the good work!

    DoodlesDoodlesPred letom
  • M.c viewers WTF C.b viewers YAY

    Joel TurnerJoel TurnerPred letom
  • You got 54 children how about more schools so they work better in the future?

    DoedelzakDoedelzakPred letom
  • 17:44 when I heard WABBIT SEASON I almost laughed to death

    Atle EngstrømAtle EngstrømPred letom
  • Is the update available for Xbox One? I played the game last night and no changes.

    Lewis CourtneyLewis CourtneyPred letom
  • Nobody is starving, that sounds like a success for a time a scarcity!

    adrudgeryadrudgeryPred letom
  • When he says diary I hear diahreah (Idk how to spell it)

    Bacon WinnerBacon WinnerPred letom
  • Play hermit craft

    Brayden BensonBrayden BensonPred letom
  • Did you wuit hermitcraft?

    grenin 65grenin 65Pred letom
  • MMm you are playing in hermicraft but do not upload its videos? come on nnn i love you when you are on hermicraft Ruun Minigame Rrruuuunnnnn

    Andro WilsonaAndro WilsonaPred letom
  • So you made a city state

    Tristan van SteenTristan van SteenPred letom
  • Play hermutctaft

    Aquarium Stories Vol. 1Aquarium Stories Vol. 1Pred letom
  • please stop this why you why don't get

    AHMED 17 NASSRAHMED 17 NASSRPred letom
  • 😑😑😑 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎you going to get this 👎👎

    AHMED 17 NASSRAHMED 17 NASSRPred letom
  • ahhhhhhhh oh come on stop doing this

    AHMED 17 NASSRAHMED 17 NASSRPred letom
  • Keralis, first off definitely the prettiest community I've seen by far, & 2nd did you try the stone roads, they supposedly make colonists walk faster & I think you can place them over top the dirt roads

    Jonathan DolanJonathan DolanPred letom
  • This series is cool and all, but I need me some Hermitcraft. Iskal should have his resort and casino done soon.

    Tim LozoyaTim LozoyaPred letom
  • These kinda vids make my day Keralis! Will you finish mars?

    in likeflynnin likeflynnPred letom
  • More city builders pllzz

    Jose ReyesJose ReyesPred letom
  • This is getting Boring

    Bunny GirlBunny GirlPred letom
  • This is one of the best series! I also like hermitcraft. I just started playing surviving the afrtermath. Thanks for introducing it to me. Youre the best!😃😃🤟🤟

    Nixu BossNixu BossPred letom
  • Your grid system method is just my style and it soothes me.

    Bethany AnnechinoBethany AnnechinoPred letom
  • Boo... You are betraying hermitcraft

    Daniel RichinsDaniel RichinsPred letom
  • Rip satoish

    Harry ServiceHarry ServicePred letom
  • New Hermitcraft 6 episode please...😢

    amonesanamonesanPred letom
  • Keralis u should put up some greenhouses, they protect against radiation so ur people still get fed

    Slifer StreamingSlifer StreamingPred letom
  • How can a man talk as fast as our friend keralis at 9:57?!

    ChrisP_BaconChrisP_BaconPred letom
  • Grian: If you die, you lose, if you don't die, you win many diamonds Keralis: More diamonds = more run, can't kill me if I am offline.

    KevduKevduPred letom
  • Bow Chika wow wow!

    Colson EvansColson EvansPred letom
  • Every time he says its big and that’s what she said😂😂

    Scorpio AlvirScorpio AlvirPred letom

    Royse BakerRoyse BakerPred letom
  • Loving this series! Can’t wait to see how big you make the city!

    The Average OracleThe Average OraclePred letom
  • Kerlalis we want more hermitcraft!

    Jonny CorryJonny CorryPred letom
  • Keralis doesn’t like falsesemetry 🤣

    Uthman HaqueUthman HaquePred letom
  • Your references to Bonnie Tyler and Cornetto ads makes me think you spend some time in the UK. Great episode btw, hope you do more :)

    AttentionseekingnoobAttentionseekingnoobPred letom
  • Play hermitcraft PlEASE

    DustyDustyPred letom
  • This game = banished + surviving mars + tropico

    MarkMarkPred letom
  • I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed. Thank you Keralis!

    BluePython101BluePython101Pred letom
  • More Keralis, more!??🤗

    Varun HebliVarun HebliPred letom
  • Hey Keralis, are you going to play Planet Zoo on your channel? It looks soooo good from what I've seen.

    Crimson GamerCrimson GamerPred letom
  • I support you but play more on HermitCraft, just look by the views. Do it for the subscribers

    JebachJebachPred letom
  • You love him singing Bonnie Tyler 3:20

    William P . FWilliam P . FPred letom
  • I miss when you said "far far away in a galaxy" instead of the right way.

    hanshansPred letom
  • People: we need more clothes, we need houses, we need more materials.... Keralis: BEHOLD the new street! it has bushes!, its made of stone!, its beuatiful! people: ..... Keralis: who needs clothes anyway! Ps. Love the series!

    91LRAE91LRAEPred letom
    • beautiful*

      Mīņəçŕăfţ PľäýėřMīņəçŕăfţ PľäýėřPred 9 meseci
  • I love your city, it is thriving and looking beautiful! Can't wait to see more, Keralis. :)

    MagdolnaMagdolnaPred letom
  • Please do Hermitcraft

    Groothi CUGroothi CUPred letom
  • Keralis we want more hermitcraft!!!! Please!?

    Antusj GamingAntusj GamingPred letom
  • Can you destroy current buildings and be able to reuse some of the resources you have invested for them? Like e.g the metal scrapper at the gate upfront. The small wind turbines. And some other buildings, I personally would recycle them for matters of efficiency.

    KaiserHeldKaiserHeldPred letom
    • And the tents as well, it's probably worth swapping them for a better house

      James DJames DPred letom
  • What's with that bug in the upper right corner?

    AchtungAffenAchtungAffenPred letom
    • It's to report bugs to the dev team. Because the game is in early release, presumably. Or it might be because Keralis is playing a press release version?

      spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
  • This game looks very interresting. I hope for PC version in future.

    Sepp MajtánSepp MajtánPred letom
    • This is a computer game. Not console.

      spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom

    Finus HrdFinus HrdPred letom
  • Very interesting game

    Delta InvestmentsDelta InvestmentsPred letom
  • Where is Hermitcraft?

    code051code051Pred letom
  • Finally! Love this series so much,ty for continuing!

    DerButzemann94DerButzemann94Pred letom
  • Congratulations on 3000 episodes

    Ryan WhittakerRyan WhittakerPred letom
  • Love this game but isnt this update being released on thursday?

    Kieron ButcherKieron ButcherPred letom
    • That what they said on stream/forum.

      Artur LArtur LPred letom
  • Love this game.. Great videos.. No more Hermitcraft videos?

    Niall O' DonnellNiall O' DonnellPred letom
  • Keralis ♥️ you planning in playing Planet Zoo? Pretty Please 👀🤞🏻

    Natalie NNatalie NPred letom
    • Yes dieing for keralis to play planet zoo

      jalnena pearcejalnena pearcePred letom
    • If anyone can rock this game it’s Mr. Keralis himself :)

      Natalie NNatalie NPred letom
    • Gid-zoo.... ^^ honestly would love to see it

      Johan DJohan DPred letom
    • I hope he does. The game looks amazing from what I've seen on other SLworlds Channels

      Crimson GamerCrimson GamerPred letom
  • Missed it

    Soul SeekerSoul SeekerPred letom

    Martin TMartin TPred letom
  • oh nice, I might give the game another try with the metal and concrete extractors, ty for letting us know Keralis

    Cydonius1Cydonius1Pred letom
  • Keralis, when are there going to be more episodes of you on hermitcraft? They great to watch and make a highlight of the day :)

    Mimi AdamsMimi AdamsPred letom
    • Robbie Billings it’s cheating

      Groothi CUGroothi CUPred letom
    • Its a demise strategy

      Robbie BillingsRobbie BillingsPred letom
  • Hermit craft videos is always a yes from me 😅😁

    laurinelaurinePred letom
  • I'm sorry I fell asleep while watching this way I had to re-watch it which I guess that's part of being sick also would you like to free snow I'm giving it away because I hate snow unless it's in a video game

    Ethan WhismanEthan WhismanPred letom
  • What’s the fucking point if you joining hermitcraft if you’re not even gonna be playing on it!?

    TheNajsGuy 2.0TheNajsGuy 2.0Pred letom
  • I am really happy that you are playing this kind of game again !

    TheFrench IslanderTheFrench IslanderPred letom
  • PLEASE GO BACK TO HERMITCRAFT! You were so fun to watch

    Samuel WasylenkoSamuel WasylenkoPred letom
  • I'm anxiously waiting for this update! Mine still hasn't updated yet.

    Drew YDrew YPred letom
    • The update will be availbe on thursday, they said that in today's stream and also confirmed it on forum.

      Artur LArtur LPred letom
    • mine hasn't either still on

      Cydonius1Cydonius1Pred letom
  • Nobody: Keralis: Dear Diarrhea

    ManzansanManzansanPred letom