Minecraft Mansion

1. dec. 2019
62 939 Ogledi

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► Andy - slworlds.info
● Build is by Kayla
► Server IP hub.worldofkeralis.com
do /warp delray and /tppos -311 38 2594
► Resource pack: WoK Flows 1.14
► Shaders used: Sildurs Vibrant 1.18 High
● Twitter: twitter.com/WorldofKeralis
● Instagram: instagram.com/iamkeralis
● Website: www.keralis.net
● Livestreams: www.twitch.tv/keralis
► Music: soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired

  • 😈😈😈😈😶😈😈😈😈😶😶😶😶😶😇😷😷😷

    N NN NPred mesecem
  • 1.16 mobile some things not doable

    Joel NyawataJoel NyawataPred 4 meseci
  • These things are game changers ) keralis your face --> 😨

    Joel NyawataJoel NyawataPred 4 meseci
  • No game no life

    Dian BernardDian BernardPred 9 meseci
  • I never thought Minecraft could be so luxurious.

    Master ArchitectMaster ArchitectPred 9 meseci
  • Dude I just love rewatching these videos, they're so relaxing. The lofi beats, Keralis's smooth Swedish voice, beautiful architecture, and minecraft with shaders. I could just grab a mug of hot chocolate and sit with this video on a loop for hours. Am I the only one?

    MrOrange DesignMrOrange DesignPred 9 meseci
  • keep doing you boo

    Tamir RosenbergTamir RosenbergPred 9 meseci
  • i love you

    Tamir RosenbergTamir RosenbergPred 9 meseci
  • Nice video man i Kind of did a similar video on my channel, where i built a mansion entirely out of glowstone, and it took ages to build. But nice video and keep it up...

    KiceLeeKiceLeePred 10 meseci
  • is there a tutorial to build that?

    I Am NoonaI Am NoonaPred letom
  • In the flows texture pack that I use, the iron doors aren't all white. I'm using flows HD 1.14

  • Wait WoK is back???

    D QuinnD QuinnPred letom
  • Hey Keralis, i tried using the resource pack, i might have downloaded the wrong one or something, but a lot of textures don't match the ones seen in the video.

    Theodorovits ÁdámTheodorovits ÁdámPred letom
    • Where do you download the resource pack?

      DogeDogePred 10 meseci
  • Keralis: ;gasps vigorously and with enthusiasm; Yoda: "whoa" Keralis: "calm down andy"

    MMPred letom
  • What resource pack are you using?

    zelatriczelatricPred letom
  • Did the person who made this, do a video on the build?

    AaronReacherAaronReacherPred letom
  • Some bits remind me of the mervin scale or whatever it was called

    Joep van der VenJoep van der VenPred letom
  • Which texture pack do you use?

    Aliha QaisarAliha QaisarPred letom
  • I've only seen the outside of the house.

    Jon PotterJon PotterPred letom
  • That is an actual house, I have seen the house before.

    Jon PotterJon PotterPred letom
  • How do u place a banner through a end rod? With world edit?

    Michael McWilliamsMichael McWilliamsPred letom
  • The ten people who disliked the video thought it was gonna be a tutorial

  • Yes the mansion series is back!!! Thank you so much. Pls show more

    Braden KrajcirovicBraden KrajcirovicPred letom
  • So glad the Inspiration Series is back!

    BrianBrianPred letom
  • The insperation series makes me feel like I should quit minecraft

  • Keralis, I've been watching your videos for years. Most of the time I watch you when I just want to relax, like while going to sleep or when I'm just chilling at home. For the past few years, I have been watching the inspiration series. It's my favorite series that you do, and it means a lot to me. That's why I'm going to say this and hope that you either see it or enough people like it to bring it to your attention. Can you please make an inspiration series video without Andy once in a while? I have nothing against Andy, but I can say with utmost certainty that an episode every now and then with just you voicing your opinion on what you're reviewing is an amazing thing. I know you have other videos where it's only you, and I like them, but the inspiration series has always had a different energy to it, and I guess that's all I can say about it. I don't expect you to ever see this, but if you do just know that I mean no offense, and that I appreciate everything you upload. Thanks.

    Nick BrowningNick BrowningPred letom
    • @Brian Yeah man, I know he's just trying to keep it lively, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that his videos are just as great when he does them on his own. Bring back Shiftmaster! lol.

      Nick BrowningNick BrowningPred letom
    • Well said man. Though I guess its understandable that Keralis brings Andy so his commentary feels more lively. Who knows, maybe he could even bring a new friend to join him in future videos?

      BrianBrianPred letom
  • Everything about the lighting is insane!

    nekoTJnekoTJPred letom
  • what’s the resource pack for this?

    moo cowmoo cowPred letom
  • Awesome house!

    Ivan SalasIvan SalasPred letom
  • Heyy, nice Video, i like to see the inspiratione series again. Also where can i download the WoK version of Flows ? The small changes make it so much better.

    Lukas E. B.Lukas E. B.Pred letom
  • Keralis thank you for so much inspiration 🥺

    jdisch715jdisch715Pred letom
  • Pea sickles 😂😂😂

    Key CommanderKey CommanderPred letom
  • I only wish that you could get the texture pack and access to the server on bedrock edition

    Dog RoosterDog RoosterPred letom
  • 9000th view exactly

    SharkoSharkoPred letom
  • Ohhhhh WoK is back

    hanshansPred letom
  • Lets build series please

    Ante MajićAnte MajićPred letom
  • 101th cment

    BRCBRCPred letom
  • Happy 2,000,000 keralis

    ArxynBTWArxynBTWPred letom
  • Hi, Mr. Keralis, I love this series. Keep up the great work~ Take care.

    Sakana KaizenSakana KaizenPred letom
  • I would love to see Mcmansion Hell do a commentary on this!

    Mark BehringerMark BehringerPred letom
  • i need help with roads and roundabouts and highways so plz read this comment and go on xbox and add me my name is coolguy1508 no spaces no caps just like this coolguy1508 and ill invite you to my world and ill need lots of help building a neighborhood, LOL

    Lee McCloud-LazarickLee McCloud-LazarickPred letom
  • Where planet zoo? A

    Adrian MarleneAdrian MarlenePred letom
  • my style of houses are elegant so basically with chandiliers in the foyer and high celings too and help on the living room, and staircase in the foyer. i need help with all that stuff btw im on xbox my gammertag is coolguy1508 if you want to add me so again im on xbox.

    Lee McCloud-LazarickLee McCloud-LazarickPred letom
  • i want to build a neighborhood in my world so i could use the house and the texture pack and shaders for my neighborhood so theres all different houses too

    Lee McCloud-LazarickLee McCloud-LazarickPred letom
  • can u download flows hd and shaders on xbox or on pc because i want it. it makes your world look real i realy want it plz tell me

    Lee McCloud-LazarickLee McCloud-LazarickPred letom
  • i need designs for my mansions i need more can someone help i need some ideas for my mansions and foyers wat is the sever called?

    Lee McCloud-LazarickLee McCloud-LazarickPred letom
  • can i join on xbox or pc i want to build that on my world i really need someone to teach me how to build foyers with high celings

    Lee McCloud-LazarickLee McCloud-LazarickPred letom
  • Where is the download for the wok flows 1.14.4

    KyroxKyroxPred letom
  • Please build something like this in your Building With Keralis series! I'd really appreciate it!

    Tom KloosterboerTom KloosterboerPred letom
  • Who else here before 1 mill

    YEeFFZ 2kYEeFFZ 2kPred letom
  • No game no life zero in the pic :) that made me happy

    JaftyJaftyPred letom
  • PLANET ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soup?Soup?Pred letom

    BallerJack05BallerJack05Pred letom
  • Beautiful home! I love the "under the canopy" lighting for sure. Next time request? Would you be able to show these homes as day and night? Seems the day cycle doesn't do that back garden its full justice.

    Laurie PlumleyLaurie PlumleyPred letom
  • Hey, can u continue the House flipper series? They are adding the garden now!

    Umar SabarUmar SabarPred letom
  • The house looks beautiful don’t get me wrong but the scale seems to change quite a lot throughout the build

    Chief LuLuChief LuLuPred letom
    • I noticed that too. But the build is fantastic, and achieving a slightly larger scale like that has to take a lot of work and planning. Major props to the builder!

      Emily GraceEmily GracePred letom
  • Do more hermit craft and zoo game

    Paul TurnerPaul TurnerPred letom
  • Can anyone legitimately ever understand Keralis under any circumstance, because regardless of how loud or slow I play your videos, I'm bewildered. Regardless, I watch them all! But you're lying if you say him saying "inspiration" sounds like inspiration without knowing what he's talking about. I sat here for a good 4 repeats till I figured out it was inspiration. You were strangely coherent in your "planet zoo in real life" video, I think it's your mic that's making it impossible for me to understand majority of the time lol. Besides the point, love your content, love you, love the hermits and I loooooove these builds.

    Aydin TirasAydin TirasPred letom
  • planet zooooooooooooooooooo

    Ethan BradleyEthan BradleyPred letom
  • YEEEEES!!!!

    TiTe09 _GamingTiTe09 _GamingPred letom
  • Enormous houses. Sahara isnt even that big :D

    FireJachFireJachPred letom
  • When is the next planet zoo episode coming out?

    rhyerrhyerPred letom
  • Can you maybe play some more planet zoo?

    Itz_KaulItz_KaulPred letom
  • I hate thise kind of vids just stop doing them and try building something like them instead😭 Still love you though❤😅

    Cell CellCell CellPred letom
  • We’re are the how to builds??? And the vehicle tutorial series??? I miss all of them!😢💙💙💙loves the video by the way!!!😃😁

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  • I miss your old background music :(

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  • I’m glad you have gone back to minecraft

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  • More please

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  • I Love This Guys Voice Love You keralis

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  • That interior tho...

    Jordan BusuttilJordan BusuttilPred letom
  • Wait that's not planet zoo

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  • Stiffy nipples Batman ? Really keralis 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Myst1c_Creature 555Myst1c_Creature 555Pred letom
  • When are you going to play Cities Skylines again

    Nick SorrentinoNick SorrentinoPred letom
  • Ngl after that Castle this looks like child’s play lol ( it’s still beautiful)

    Alex 45Alex 45Pred letom
    • Hello Pablo sir I agree

      Satyajit LallSatyajit LallPred letom
    • Exactly what I'm thinking

      DirahanraDirahanraPred letom
  • What does keralis think of the return of the chimney swift

    GryphonGryphonPred letom
  • 43th

    Chris VergunstChris VergunstPred letom
  • Hey! I’ve been searching for more mansions and there already here! Thx keralis!

    Jonah ShapiroJonah ShapiroPred letom
  • Keralis IS THE BEST!!i!i

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  • None: Keralis: Build everything big

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  • Hello i am from norway

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    • @subscriber tollefsen I've never been to Norway. Is it nice in Norway?

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    • Ok

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    • Hello I am not from Norway

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  • I love the anime reference of no game no life it's the best thing about the house

    Felix W Vlogs!Felix W Vlogs!Pred letom
    • Wtf

      Jacob HansenJacob HansenPred letom
  • Bring back the goddamn tutorials xD

    Manuel MarinhoManuel MarinhoPred letom
    • He should bring back the tutorials

      yeaitsDrewyeaitsDrewPred letom
  • One day

  • I wish I was half as good as this

  • Make a podcast please

    RidderTommyRidderTommyPred letom
  • Transport fever 2

    SulticSulticPred letom
  • It looks like iskall’s home after the Run Rampage.

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  • Hey kiralis go check your first house in hermitcraft there's some diamonds on a chest.

    FlorastyxFlorastyxPred letom
    • @moo cow hahahaha maybe your actually right 😂😂😂

      FlorastyxFlorastyxPred letom
    • he’s probably going to save them for him to play run when it’s fixed

      moo cowmoo cowPred letom
    • 🤔 sniff sniff. Trap perchance?

      Laurie PlumleyLaurie PlumleyPred letom
    • florastyx _0 keralis*

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  • Whooo, Keralis I love you. You have taught me soooooo much!

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  • say waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

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  • Yes finally old keralis I loved ur vids when I was 6 then u did some strange city stuff

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    • How old are you now? Lol

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  • 5 minutes. Wow I’m early today. Which isn’t very ‘early’ cuz it’s 11pm in Malaysia

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    • And now 2:30 AM, wtf am I doing up still

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  • HERMITCRAFT.!!!plz

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  • So cool

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  • hippo babies are cute in my zoo. you should get some in yours. maybe get some lions?

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  • Keralis should try the chip n bits mod

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  • Amazing man class❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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