Mansion on the Beach in Minecraft

4. dec. 2019
68 163 Ogledi

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do /warp arvida then do /tppos -711 36 -2531
► Resource pack: WoK Flows 1.14
► Shaders used: Sildurs Vibrant 1.18 High
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  • I believe it is the best looking house you guys have showed

    Liam DobeyLiam DobeyPred 5 dnevi
  • Is there a map download of this place?

    VOLightPortalVOLightPortalPred 6 meseci
    • @VOLightPortal i dont think you can. Just go on the server and you can see this build and alot more cool builds

      the gamer guy 14the gamer guy 14Pred 5 meseci
    • @the gamer guy 14 how do i download the map from the server lol

      VOLightPortalVOLightPortalPred 5 meseci
    • Its on the world of keralis server (read description)

      the gamer guy 14the gamer guy 14Pred 5 meseci
  • can u make a tutorial on how to build it please

    Crazy KittenCrazy KittenPred 7 meseci
    • No because he didn't make it

      the gamer guy 14the gamer guy 14Pred 5 meseci
  • You can use a shovel on campfires

    Daniel McLaughlinDaniel McLaughlinPred 8 meseci
  • please link for resource pack

  • Is it just me who finds keralis’s voice calming

    Lil RanchLil RanchPred 9 meseci
  • You should of lowkey did a tutorial on this that would of been very litty and well appreciated too 👀🔥

    シxDemiGod 21シxDemiGod 21Pred 10 meseci
  • I wanna see you make a house with the ultimate immersion texture pack and seus ptgi e12 shaders

    JSoooWoooJSoooWoooPred 10 meseci
  • you have inspired me to believe in being a builder in Minecraft

    Kate LaBarberaKate LaBarberaPred 10 meseci
  • I feel like andy wants to join hermitcraft

    DomistDomistPred 10 meseci
  • how do i get a rank on your server?

    iiAlexBuildsiiAlexBuildsPred 11 meseci
  • When I go into the creative server once I get in Wok, I don't know how to accept the rules cause I can't click them.

    Aidan SoperAidan SoperPred 11 meseci
  • Połpolak 😀

    skydreamekskydreamekPred letom
  • Quite annoyed that I'm no longer a builder on WoK after relogging... So I'm going to have to reapply I'm guessing?

    D QuinnD QuinnPred letom
  • I have a question does the ip work for windows 10 version

    Sinix CrossSinix CrossPred letom
  • I would like to call myself an artist , and this not only inspired me to build something as gorgeous as this in Minecraft , but to draw it irl


    TOMeightohTOMeightohPred letom
  • Such a shame I don't have a computer for minecraft :( just a laptop

    Martta VMartta VPred letom
  • Pretty sick what’s your Instagram

    Jayden DukesJayden DukesPred letom

    Cher CendajasCher CendajasPred letom
  • Keralis, Have you tried the game Blockscape yet?

    David CoxDavid CoxPred letom
  • can you post a link in one of your descriptions for the texture pack

    Kyler GerrardKyler GerrardPred letom

      IsmaIsmaPred letom
    • cause I cant find wok flows 1.14 anywhere

      Kyler GerrardKyler GerrardPred letom
  • Keralis, I spent my childhood watching you especially the Minecraft Inspiration Series. Please keep doing the series, I always had love this series until now.

    Bhea SamsonBhea SamsonPred letom
    • Cyrus Mirabi imagine being negative in the face of a bunch of people being positive.

      Builder BearBuilder BearPred 6 meseci
    • simp

      Cyrus MirabiCyrus MirabiPred 6 meseci
    • It’s easily the best series out there!

      Builder BearBuilder BearPred 9 meseci
    • Bhea Me Too 😍 Keep making it! 😄

      LegoMeister LPLegoMeister LPPred letom
  • 3:00 diarrhea walls😂

    Viktor PavlićViktor PavlićPred letom
  • Get Andy to join hurmatecrft

    Da-Mop45Da-Mop45Pred letom
  • Here in my garage, I have my new bought Lamborghini. But do you know what I love more than my Lamborghini? *KNOWLEDGE*

    Jeffrey PluemjitJeffrey PluemjitPred letom
  • /warp arvida You do not have access to that command.

    hanshansPred letom
  • Keralis why do you never have particles on it would look so much nicer

    Ali JoeAli JoePred letom
  • 3:00 when he says diarrhea instead of diorite.

    Sally MathewsSally MathewsPred letom
  • Hi, Mr. Keralis, thank you for sharing another epic Minecraft build. *jaw drops in awe*

    Sakana KaizenSakana KaizenPred letom
  • 3:40 KNAWLEDGE

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan KenobiPred letom
  • How do i get here? I join the server and it just puts me into a big room with nothing in it. When i do a command it just says i don't have permission. Is this something i have to pay for?

    dsparke93dsparke93Pred letom
    • @Dillon Holz Oh okay thanks i'll try that.

      dsparke93dsparke93Pred letom
    • You joined the server hub I'm guessing. Type /server creative to get go creative or /server towny for survival

      Dillon HolzDillon HolzPred letom
  • I was watching this video and I wasn't expecting one of the Advertisements to be to support president Trump xD I thought this was a minecraft house review...but sure I'll support him .3.

    Dann JraDDann JraDPred letom
  • So cool

    Princeninja2Princeninja2Pred letom
  • Planet zooooooo!!!!

    Survivor ProSurvivor ProPred letom
  • I identify with this persons style. Absolutely perfect

    Lou MoonLou MoonPred letom
  • I want ark survival from u ;)

    Galai DenGalai DenPred letom
  • Love it

    Lewis McintoshLewis McintoshPred letom
  • Simplicity and the art of understatement I love it...

    Floral _MFloral _MPred letom
  • A bit too symmetrical for me

    JacobJacobPred letom
  • Cities skylines please.

    Mr MasterMr MasterPred letom
  • I'm so glad you are doing these again

    Gwennie PostmusGwennie PostmusPred letom
    • Gwendalooni moooooooooore!

      Builder BearBuilder BearPred 9 meseci
  • Whats the ip?

    fritlevfritlevPred letom
  • Great as always :D

    NORDICNORDICPred letom
  • Could you call the birch kitchen.... a bitchen? Hahaha I clearly grew up in the 90s

    Jordan BusuttilJordan BusuttilPred letom
    • Ok boomer.

      BieBiePred letom
  • The legend is back 🔥🔥

    RafaelRafaelPred letom
  • 38th

    jimbobalot gamesjimbobalot gamesPred letom
  • I have always been more of a medival home builder in Minecraft but you have shown me how beautiful modern houses are. I am trying to build in that style more and this beach house is giving me some good ideas. I like the wall paintings idea the most. My walls are always to plain.

    PurePixelationPurePixelationPred letom
  • Who else thought the title would be called "Mason on the beach"?

    Samsung Tab 3Samsung Tab 3Pred letom
  • No one: Keralis: run run run run

    ThatGuyPaulzyThatGuyPaulzyPred letom
  • I started watching SLworlds with the inspiration series and hermitcraft 6 years ago. So glad that I can do the same these days.

    Joe 5Joe 5Pred letom
    • hermitcraft 6 or 6 years ago

      Bruh momentBruh momentPred letom
  • yeah house looks nice but i think some doorways inside house should have been 2 wide cos in not huge fan of 1 wide doorways

    KaitazerKaitazerPred letom
  • Is there a tutorial for this please

    Thomas DennyThomas DennyPred letom
    • Does anyone know who

      Thomas DennyThomas DennyPred letom
    • someone not keralis has built this, so he can't

      SuperbiscitSuperbiscitPred letom
  • No garden, no good mansion!

    David Stjepan BrkićDavid Stjepan BrkićPred letom
  • Planet zooo

    Ricardo CarvalhoRicardo CarvalhoPred letom
  • Congrats on 2M

    Nihal K prakashNihal K prakashPred letom
  • Imagine a world where Andy and Jeramie are both in hermitcraft... Yes, it could happen and its amazing😵

    Brimzy ABrimzy APred letom
  • Haven’t seen a Kerala vid in my sub feed in a solid year I think It showed me this because watched Minecraft videos yesterday

    Apophis392Apophis392Pred letom
  • This is such a nice house! What do you guys think? Any inspiration from it?

    KeralisKeralisPred letom
    • Hey keralis do u have a download map of that? Because i want to make it on my survival world

      PowerCore VoidPowerCore VoidPred 9 meseci
    • Keralis the windows on the roof was my favorite.

      BladeBladePred 10 meseci
    • I saw this beautiful house in the server!

      Rebecca LynnRebecca LynnPred letom
    • you should do way more of these

      Ryan BenbowRyan BenbowPred letom
    • Could you make more modern mansions pls??

      Epic flipEpic flipPred letom
  • ♫ Mansion on the beach, doo-do-doo-doo-doo! ♫

    SequoiaSequoiaPred letom
  • Hi

    collinkycollinkyPred letom
  • Im a simple man I see a keralis video and I click I THEN WATCH AND LISTEN IN AMAZMENT FOR 15 Minutes!

    ENIVEFENIVEFPred letom
  • Keralis...... Where is cities skylines man...... I'm waiting for that from months baby

    Gajendra KumarGajendra KumarPred letom
    • Me too but this is wonderful to!

      ComradeComradePred letom
  • Where planet zoo at

    Iqfhrbidch Udh jfjfjIqfhrbidch Udh jfjfjPred letom
  • Keralis can u play more hermitcraft and planet zoo?

    Lego BrickxLego BrickxPred letom
  • I gess tango has trapped you on hermitcraft

    Arsalan AbbasiArsalan AbbasiPred letom
  • Sub to super punch productions and to keralis

    Parkour with ToniParkour with ToniPred letom
  • I need my daily dose of ruuuuunnnn

    ThatGuyPaulzyThatGuyPaulzyPred letom
  • Keralis where's my hermitcraft episode? I need my fix of you playing run

    Barrett FilmsBarrett FilmsPred letom
  • That’s a nice house. but can you build a dirt hut in 30 seconds or less!?

    SpeedyClawGTSpeedyClawGTPred letom
  • I like beans on toast

    nior gairenior gairePred letom

    Myst1c_Creature 555Myst1c_Creature 555Pred letom
  • Hello

    That GuyThat GuyPred letom
  • Leg

    Ash FreywarAsh FreywarPred letom