Surviving The Aftermath - Ep.02 : HEAT WAVE & PANDEMIC!

2. nov. 2019
76 038 Ogledi

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● The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning
Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future - resources are scarce but opportunity calls. Build the ultimate disaster-proof colony, protect your colonists and restore civilization to a devastated world. Remember: The end of the world is just the beginning.
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  • “Heat wave and pandemic” Keralis just predicted 2020.

    MetadragonMetadragonPred 4 meseci
  • 0/10. This game doesn't have a toilet paper hoarding feature. It's not realistic.

    Greg CastroGreg CastroPred 8 meseci
  • 31:20 did anyone notice specialist names?

    Muneeb MirzaMuneeb MirzaPred 9 meseci
  • what would greta think...hahahahahahahahaha priceless

    pplbaffleme 963pplbaffleme 963Pred 11 meseci
  • are you greek???

    GeorgeKrouGeorgeKrouPred 11 meseci
  • You should put this on playlist my man

    Radi AdityaRadi AdityaPred letom
  • Omg I have the worst flu 🤒 ever and your commentary is making me laugh cough uncontrollably LOL . They do say laughter is the best healer . Well at least In California LOL

    Blake EvansBlake EvansPred letom
  • love this game , can't wait

    Maverick ChanMaverick ChanPred letom
  • Im new to this channel , and already addicted to this guy sound.

    X DX DPred letom
  • no one: ------ keralis: build dirt path on tarmac

    Wak DolahWak DolahPred letom
  • liking the series so far Keralis, pls keep it going

    AncientMRGAncientMRGPred letom
  • i hope that you can also make a planet zoo game play. i think that game will challenge you on how to make a beautiful zoo WITH GRID PATHS all over the zoo LOL

    Baginda MoraBaginda MoraPred letom
  • I want more aftermath

    Cheese CurdCheese CurdPred letom
  • I personally prefere anno1800 but this is good too 👍

    Random PersonRandom PersonPred letom
  • Nice job on this episode. Its nice to see you playing games other than Minecraft.

    Coffee CupCoffee CupPred letom
  • I need moreee!! i love seeing you do these games or anything with decor you have such a neat and pretty style

    VadiVadiPred letom
  • Other people playing this take their times and are very cautious, not Keralis 😂 he is like "bim bam boom" life is short haha

    TheFrench IslanderTheFrench IslanderPred letom
  • Over here, 69 *goblin laugh*

    TamlyTamlyPred letom
  • GRETA: how daaahhreee yooouu!

    HumbleJaymerHumbleJaymerPred letom
  • Upload more like a so

    K PoddK PoddPred letom
  • YAY a Keralis upload!!!! 🙏

    S DompsonS DompsonPred letom
  • "What would Greta say?" LMFAO!!

    Justin SalopekJustin SalopekPred letom
  • keralis, you need a face cam for this game lol that would be a cool addition

    HKVCHKVCPred letom
  • Play crossroads inn 🙏🙏

    FreshKaiuFreshKaiuPred letom
  • I really like this game please keep playing!

    MrMoose911MrMoose911Pred letom
  • I love you so much thank you so much for making me smile every video!

    MrMoose911MrMoose911Pred letom
  • I am very happy that you are playing games like these again ! I don't like minecraft or whatever it is..sorry not sorry.

    TheFrench IslanderTheFrench IslanderPred letom
  • please don't leave hermitcraft again 😢

    ukguyukguyPred letom
  • You should give feedback saying to the developers that you should be able to reject the child when they come. And I can’t believe you didn’t put solar panels when there was a HEATWAVE

    DoodlesDoodlesPred letom
  • Please play some hermitcraft

    Tennyson CoultartTennyson CoultartPred letom
  • These sim games are pretty cool, would be even cooler if they were on console. They sure would make a lot more money

    Kevin HargroveKevin HargrovePred letom
    • Kevin Hargrove this game is on Xbox, too.

      COMMANDO 66COMMANDO 66Pred letom
  • Keralis... you need to do ASMR! You'd have a million subscribers in a day.

    Keith MichaelKeith MichaelPred letom
  • Best Series for aftermath so far. Love you Keralis!

    Jiann LorenJiann LorenPred letom
  • Minecraft pls

    xsinosexsinosePred letom
  • I dont hate the grids at all! I cant wait to see you fill in the entire map!

    Bikini BroBikini BroPred letom
  • Love it keralis missed your city building games

    Soul SeekerSoul SeekerPred letom

    derpy rainbow 101derpy rainbow 101Pred letom
  • Wheres hermitcraft?!??!

    John_Unspeakafan09John_Unspeakafan09Pred letom
  • I am loving this game, its like a mix between fallout and banished, so good

    Samuel BodenhemierSamuel BodenhemierPred letom
  • Keralis: in heat wave Also keralis: let's place wind turbines

    System Code BeanieSystem Code BeaniePred letom
  • keep going boy iam enjoying

    edward111115757edward111115757Pred letom
  • Ep 3 when ?????? @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    LiudrovicLiudrovicPred letom
  • I want hermitcraft not this

    Dillon AtwoodDillon AtwoodPred letom
  • I love this! I’ve missed your play throughs of games like this. Pleaaase continue the series 🙏🏾

    Ethan LawrenceEthan LawrencePred letom
  • Oh keralis airport ceo is in alpha 32 so please go back to that game

    steve xx34steve xx34Pred letom
  • Well it's sponsored gameplay. Work comes first, then hermitcraft i guess. It has only been 5 days since he's back into the office.

    Fadh HzFadh HzPred letom
  • Hermitcraft keralis anyone else

    Anthony BlackhallAnthony BlackhallPred letom

    Donat the AlbanianDonat the AlbanianPred letom
  • Enjoying this, definitely would like to see lots more of this 👍🏻

    Lady DangerLady DangerPred letom
  • Where Minecraft video???

    qu3nt0rqu3nt0rPred letom
  • Build memorial and burial ground for happiness and do fishing for food,so you can have basic resources simply

    sai charansai charanPred letom
  • I love it ;) keep going with it

    Mariusz KowalczykMariusz KowalczykPred letom
  • I love this mix of Banished and Frostpunk. Seems quite feature rich for and early access game.

    spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
  • You can increase the the dimensions of the work areas by using the scrolling well

    Raffaele BitondiRaffaele BitondiPred letom
  • I started the trial of this game and enjoy the concept of it but have struggled with reading some text as it is very small...even with glasses on. I'm playing it on 52" tv too...anybody got any suggestions

    Shaun PetersShaun PetersPred letom
  • Wells stacked right next to each other will be coming from the same groundwater source. Notice the infections are in the wells.

    Suzanne SnowSuzanne SnowPred letom

    I dont get payed enough for thisI dont get payed enough for thisPred letom
  • Love this let's play 🥰 But you have to play Transport Fever 2 as soon as it comes out !! 😄😄

    Joey EbnerJoey EbnerPred letom
  • just love this serius pls make episodes faster

    Always CoolAlways CoolPred letom
  • Where is Hermitcraft?

    Michal ČechMichal ČechPred letom
  • 30:44 That laugh is starting to compete with Iskall's

    jai kishan Bhambhujai kishan BhambhuPred letom
    • jai kishan Bhambhu nah bro Iskalls is much louder.

      BerbalBerbalPred letom
  • Nice

    Jojo TannerJojo TannerPred letom
  • what happened to hermitcraft?

    ChimcharChimcharPred letom
  • "Bom chica wawa" - Keralis 2019

    angie Design Groupangie Design GroupPred letom
  • i love all your videos bro :) really! good one.

    Gezen OyuncuGezen OyuncuPred letom
  • I want Hermitcraft pls

    Jello SagabaenJello SagabaenPred letom
    • Allrit

      finger 0finger 0Pred letom
    • Lets stop fighting ok?

      Jello SagabaenJello SagabaenPred letom
    • *ago

      Jello SagabaenJello SagabaenPred letom
    • Agi

      Jello SagabaenJello SagabaenPred letom
    • That was last 3 weeks

      Jello SagabaenJello SagabaenPred letom
  • Keralis, PLEASE, PLEASE keep going with this series

    TheOrnicaTheOrnicaPred letom
  • Omg Keralis’ commentary! I love it, it’s so chill but very engaging, and his referencing and giggles at like sexual jokes and Greta Thumberg!!

    PuffyBudgerigarPuffyBudgerigarPred letom
  • Im not big with civilization games but this game makes me interested! I want to play it aswell :D

    CinSheCinShePred letom
  • It looks like a really fun game, but I wonder what happens when you have no more resources left in the base.

    MoshthunMoshthunPred letom
  • Play hermintcraft pls

    Yo BoiYo BoiPred letom
  • keralis: joins hermitcraft grian: creates demise keralis: plays an entirely different game

    Katelynn SmithKatelynn SmithPred letom
    • It's because The RUN game closed

      marahetersmarahetersPred letom
    • Katelynn Smith He is not all Minecraft and he said he is uploading it next week.

      The SterwoodThe SterwoodPred letom
  • This will be a perfect series ♥️♥️♥️

    Roronoa ZoroRoronoa ZoroPred letom
  • I love the gameplay!!

    Sleepy ToastSleepy ToastPred letom
  • Doo more

    LiudrovicLiudrovicPred letom
  • Are you giving up hermitcraft yes or no

  • I think I want this game. Loving the play through. Can tell you're having a lot of fun :)

    Casey NinnesCasey NinnesPred letom
  • Was that a Vanilla Ice reference I just heard? I love it!!

    RiviStyxRiviStyxPred letom
  • This game is only for PC couse i just have a ps4 ?? Love it !

    kuban PrettyGirlkuban PrettyGirlPred letom
  • This game becomes 'end game' really fast, and there is not much to do after that. Accept more settlers, but you have no resources to support them and there is no way to produce the resources after they are off the map.

    John VannJohn VannPred letom
  • Does anyone know what country Keralis is from? I've never heard an accent like this before and it's amazing!

    Shiro Immanity's HeroShiro Immanity's HeroPred letom
    • @Shiro Immanity's Hero no problem

      Katelynn SmithKatelynn SmithPred letom
    • @Katelynn Smith Cool, thanks!

      Shiro Immanity's HeroShiro Immanity's HeroPred letom
    • he was born Polish but now lives in Sweden (correct me if I'm wrong)

      Katelynn SmithKatelynn SmithPred letom
  • keralis, hold shift/control and scroll in/out when you are moving an area, it makes them bigger or smaller.

    AshuraAshuraPred letom
  • Keralis: "Concrete...69...teehee"

    Millyssa RinehartMillyssa RinehartPred letom
  • What about hermitcraft

    Thomas DrenthThomas DrenthPred letom
  • At this point I feel like hes just avoiding hermitcraft because of demise

    ObsiidasObsiidasPred letom
    • Ikr

      Jello SagabaenJello SagabaenPred letom
    • @Burnt Joint he said there's gonna be one next week, lol.

      Slifer StreamingSlifer StreamingPred letom
    • Its now been 21 days since a Hermitcraft upload. Disappointing to see him abandon it so quickly.

      Burnt JointBurnt JointPred letom
  • Yeah with the road looks more detail it looks like a city

    Axel RiveraAxel RiveraPred letom
  • What happened to minecraft?

    Xander PlaysXander PlaysPred letom
  • Loving this series!

    chaz deezchaz deezPred letom
  • happy to see other videos then minecraft, not that i hate them but these vids love them!! ^^

    EskimooEskimooPred letom
  • When coms hermitcraft back

    mobile game madnessmobile game madnessPred letom
  • Finaly more, i need to get this on my birthday...

    Sag0550Sag0550Pred letom
  • Next episode tomorrow?

    skuggeliskuggeliPred letom
  • No one: Keralis: *insert bushes*

    smart boismart boiPred letom
    • @skuggeli what? No! (Sorry if i get weong something but i'm italian)

      smart boismart boiPred letom
    • You mean booshes?

      skuggeliskuggeliPred letom
  • Cool Series

    ProbigaskProbigaskPred letom
  • Please hermitcraft

    SpecSpecPred letom
  • Love this game and you keralis

    LalleMan gamingLalleMan gamingPred letom
  • Hello Keralis, You really should delete the trade center. It is increasing the amounts of trade, yes... but it is also increasing the demand on your goods. Right now, you do not have the excess to afford that, really. The insect farm is a good idea because it gives you more protein and you can make both mixed meals with other meats, and similar beneficial meals with the protein from the insects, which have their own individual menu item... So, another cook house would be in order. One devoted to using venison, and fish... the other using insects, for your proteins. On that note, reduce the number of potato fields. They are slow growing and you can get more and faster with corn and peanuts. Keep you eye out for Soybeans. IMPORTANT: Soybeans yield Far more and faster than any other plant type. Soybeans can be used for mixed meals easily, both types, boosting the speed (using a 2nd cookhouse) and variety of the foods available for your colonists. Mixed meals are best, since they help fortify your colonists against disease. Also, you CAN make veggie meals, but you lose the boost against infection if you do so. As to the game over-all, I think that the amounts of resources available to gather on the colony map is low. Especially with the number of bandits on the World Map, and the fact you can not 'mine' resources. I feel the developers should add various types of Mines. Mines for stone, various metals, and even 'mine' city sites on the colony map to remove ALL concrete. The amount of concrete you're getting says to me that you're only getting a small percentage of what's there. The otherwise broken concrete rubble is simply ignored, and should be available as 'rubble' resource for a Concrete Plant. As for the World Map, the mountains should be Mine-able as well. Giving any mine built there chances to give you Stone, Metal, Gravel for Concrete, etc. Stone should be available to make even sturdier buildings immune to heat, radiation, and probably far less damage from meteor impacts. If nothing else, Stone should would be good for a Emergency Bunker for the Colonists against radiation, heat, plague, and impacts. The game should have more than just 'tools', one should be able to make weapons and armor, possibly in three classes... simple, average, and advanced. Simple weapons would be bows and slings. Average would be single shot pistols, bolt action rifles, and shotguns. Advanced would be making automatic weapons of all types, and perhaps very advanced weapons like a 'Gattling' type weapon. Armor types would be padded cloth, Partial metal, and full metal suits of armor. Perhaps if the game advances enough, advanced polymer and metal armor suits. Also, there should be buildings to make medicines out of flowers ( a reason to plant flowers in your colony), and one should be able to gather 'kelp' from sea side sites that renew themselves over time. This would allow the medicine making building to make anti-radiation medications as well as 'normal' ones, and antibiotics. On top of all this, I would suggest the developers add Radio Tower to initiate communications with other colonies off the maps. This would result in other colonies sending delegations to your colony for trades. Oh, yes, in relation to trades, the amount of resources on the colony map is FAR too small to maintain over an extended period of time. So, there should be a chance as one clears each site of it's resource, for another resource to appear. Ditto in the World Map as well. Wood Piles would have virtually no chance of spawning resources, but large piles like the concrete ruins, metal piles, and plastics dumps should have a decent chance every dozen turns or so of spawning a new resource either on the same site, or somewhere near it. As to Specialists... I think they should gain 'experience' over time as they explore, gather, and especially combat raiders. The experience should go into whatever they have done. So a Specialist you're using for combat should get better at it as they defeat more and more bandits. Another class of foe should be introduced... Raiders. Raiders occasionally raid your colony for resources and kill colonists. This should engender the addition of Defenses and Strong Points. First a Moat, and Pungi pit traps, scaling up to Sniper Towers, Fortified Posts, and perhaps even Artillery Sites (even if the 'artillery' is merely catapults firing stone balls, although with Advanced Weapons, you should be able to make mortars). I know I've gone on and on here in this post, but these are a few things I suggest that you pass on to the Developers to make the game more playable and enjoyable. And they really need to fix the pathing issues with the Specialists and allow multi-turn movements across the World Map. Just my thoughts, speaking Frank-ly

    Frank SmedleyFrank SmedleyPred letom
    • @Salc1n, they are just a few things that crossed my mind about the game. Another thought is that they should do away with the whole 'not clustering wells' thing. All draw from the same water table, and the amounts drawn, even for several hundred people, would not cause the water table to lower significantly. And yes, I am considering the pumping of excess unused water to storage tanks. The only way I'd see a significant lowering of the water table would be storage pumping AND supplying several thousand people. If they want to limit wells, why not limit them to four in a cluster inside a smaller circle area? just some more of my thoughts.

      Frank SmedleyFrank SmedleyPred letom
    • Really hoping he sees this, cause you Definitly spent some time thinking about this.

      Salc1nSalc1nPred letom
  • Two things; 1) Why do people hate the grids so much? I'm a little confused lol. 2) I love that Keralis plopped a school RIGHT behind the nuclear burning plant lol

    John WhalenJohn WhalenPred letom
    • @FN LN yep kinda makes sense since that was probably what desimated this place

      Toast and TeaToast and TeaPred letom
    • That's how we educate kids about nuke stuff..

      FN LNFN LNPred letom
    • School factory

      LiudrovicLiudrovicPred letom
  • this is sneaky so he do not die in demise. He will wake up when he find out there is an new hotel casino. for the living to hide in

    lars pedersenlars pedersenPred letom
  • You can use the mouse wheel to increase the size of most buildings work areas!

    joe886988joe886988Pred letom