World of Warships - MAYDAY MAYDAY!

8. dec. 2019
66 713 Ogledi

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  • Have a great day everyone and make sure you use this link to obtain the extra goodies and the premium ship: Also more EU ships are coming soon according to the devs! Swedish Destroyer Skåne FTW! Enjoy!

    KeralisKeralisPred letom
    • Narrow spread torps :) Also at 2K from a red ship (or less) you are hard detected so smoke doesn't help you.

      gsylassgsylassPred letom
    • If you are in a smoke screen, and you see an enamy who is far away, it is your team mates who are spotting them, not you.

      CaptianFluffy100CaptianFluffy100Pred letom
    • Oh, and when an enamy is in the smoke screen, they can see you either unless you get close to the smoke screen. If you do, you will spot them, and they will spot you.

      CaptianFluffy100CaptianFluffy100Pred letom
    • Ketalis, when using a destroyer, hide behind islands and be a scout. Destroyers are not meant to be in the front taking the hits. That is what the battleships are for. Also, cruisers are your main damage dealers and they should also hid behind islands. Another thing is that torpedos have to types of spreads. Wide spread (which was what you where using in this video) and narrow spread. Use narrow spread when attacking someone you can see, and wide spread for when the enamy are in a smoke screen. This is not something that a new player would know, but if you do want to know how to use your ships, then I segest watching "The Mighty Jingles".

      CaptianFluffy100CaptianFluffy100Pred letom
    • Hey Keralis, are you going to check out Ylands again? The Game is now out and it's in the Beta phase.

      Fr13ndly BanditFr13ndly BanditPred letom
  • Hey keralis, I would recommend visiting HMS Belfast in London

    Harry StewartHarry StewartPred 4 meseci
  • Kör bissmark

    Matlat -15Matlat -15Pred 5 meseci
  • he melee-torpedo-killed his enemy

    Blaue LilieBlaue LiliePred 7 meseci
  • ive played wows for a few years now, and it just hurts to see youtube content creaters playing wows for the first time :p like the enthusiasm though

    LexLexPred 9 meseci
  • I got the game to

    Sano GamingSano GamingPred 9 meseci
  • No more planet zoo? Did it lose it's appeal that quick man ;(

    Billy BobBilly BobPred 9 meseci
  • After 5 months of playing, the Yamato is mine!

    Filip MijacFilip MijacPred 9 meseci
  • Seeing that game in the Yamato felt awful... The Shokaku could have been destroyed, and the enemy would have no CV air support.

    Radiation StudiosRadiation StudiosPred 9 meseci
  • More please, i love that game!

    AirrickAirrickPred 9 meseci
  • Watching world of warships be like... 10000 souls were lost on this day

    Darkmoon SlayerDarkmoon SlayerPred 10 meseci
  • the town look's more like swedish then norwagians

    BigChefBigChefPred letom
  • Hi Keralis, I play this game too! My best warship is either the British cruiser Leander or American battleship New Mexico

    BCG_BlitzBCG_BlitzPred letom
  • I stayed up till midnight to get a tier eight aircraft carrier

    Agent BowlingballAgent BowlingballPred letom
  • This game is brilliant started playing two weeks ago

    SimpleCyrusSimpleCyrusPred letom
    • I’ve been playing for almost 1 year. The grind for t9 and t10 is bad

      Yuudachi chanYuudachi chanPred letom
  • all ships go so fast XD

    AtomicDevil - AtomicA NetworkAtomicDevil - AtomicA NetworkPred letom
  • You need to play world of tanks

    Mackan_131Mackan_131Pred letom
  • Please play more!!! And like so he can see or if you agree

    Dom SniffDom SniffPred letom
  • Nooooo.................ooooooooooooool......... my goodness. You are funny. Now you know wow, wot, wop, are not easy.

    Shadow NinjaShadow NinjaPred letom
  • They gave Keralis battleships to play with, so he went on a tour of the pretty towns. Who would have guessed it, other than everyone who has watched him play any other game?

    Michael HallMichael HallPred letom
  • I was stationed on the USS Midway when it was homeported in Japan.

    Thomas MillerThomas MillerPred letom
  • Where is the next episode of Transport Fever 2??

    japa vujapa vuPred letom
  • Almost wanted to post asking where PlanetZoo was... but I still enjoy watching this too xD I wouldn't play it, but its interesting. I cringed when your boat kept getting hit >.< lol. Looking forward to next vids! "Run away little girl, run away," then i just imagine the evil sounding laugh from DBM Addon from WoW (worldofwarcraft) xD sorry.

    Nit_Nat_Nit_Nat_Pred letom
  • Keralis, maybe world of tanks?

    Kurt CobainKurt CobainPred letom
  • Oh no, Keralis who is addicted to RUN is now addicted to World of Lootboxes by WarGambling. [Even the New Year holiday boxes have worse rewards than last year] Whilst it is a fun game (when you division or play clan battles) the playerbase are frequently dumber than a box of rocks and WG are doing their level best to ruin the game.

    gsylassgsylassPred letom
  • I was just waiting for yamato😁

    Shubham TripathiShubham TripathiPred letom
  • Would love to play a few rounds with you ;)

    Sk!pperSk!pperPred letom
  • Rookie mistake full speed with smoke

    EpicXEpicXPred letom
  • Oh mah gawd...He actually played it.

    Radiation StudiosRadiation StudiosPred letom
  • Use AP with a Battleship aspecialy with a Yamato

    New KidNew KidPred letom
  • Click twice on 3 to select the torp spread

    New KidNew KidPred letom
  • I love this.

    Ed McCawleyEd McCawleyPred letom
  • Anno 1800 new artic dlc plz check it out kerils

    NattyNoobGamingNattyNoobGamingPred letom
  • Are you doing more of these videos?

    Vincio TruongVincio TruongPred letom
  • World of Watercrafts!

    sirociper zsirociper zPred letom
  • City's skylines please

    MickadileMickadilePred letom
  • Transport fever 2 something for you Keralis??

    Alie148Alie148Pred letom
  • Planet zoo plz i really love that game and I love to see you play it. So plz make some more planet zoo

    RAL !RAL !Pred letom
  • I love how the profiles name is WoWMarketing2019

    monke hahamonke hahaPred letom
  • Just subscribed your very entertaining keep up the good work.

    Capt ChemoCapt ChemoPred letom
  • hey Keralis when are you going to play YLANDS again?

    killerBEE0777killerBEE0777Pred letom

    Lodgik YTLodgik YTPred letom
  • Wargaming make like always good games pls play it again

    BaxkdooredBaxkdooredPred letom
  • If youre gonna play all th guiyin play crossout its realy fun :)

    1.5" Tungsten Cube1.5" Tungsten CubePred letom
  • As a noob players in WOWs over three years and only 4800 battles (I am pretty bad and gave up playing Random) Nice to see you playing WOWs :) if you are interested to improve playing WOWs you can try watch iChase video, he is a World of Warships CC and he just start a series video to give some hints for player want to improve their skill in game.

    imamageimamagePred letom
  • There is another game likes this and it is called Azur Lane. I have a lot of fun with it, you can try it too.

    黃薑黃薑Pred letom
  • I play World of Warships for a years and I have Wickes

    CanYouPlay2CanYouPlay2Pred letom
  • you didnt use AP shell with yamato intresting

    Garry Jaya KurniawanGarry Jaya KurniawanPred letom
  • this was very entertaining

    LULAARO !LULAARO !Pred letom
  • Oh World of Warship video... Cool.. *Proceed to look at who upload it* Wait what.

    Bushmonster WilhelmBushmonster WilhelmPred letom
  • Use Friedrich der große too ;)

    Otto Von BismarckOtto Von BismarckPred letom
  • Im 4 minutes into the video and Im already thinking I should start playing the game again

    Gavin HooperGavin HooperPred letom
  • Wheres planet zoo 😁

    John OcampoJohn OcampoPred letom
  • Wow, ive played world of warships for a while as well as kept playing minecraft, its so cool to see Keralid playing this game as well! (Also cool to hear he came down to San Diego, the Midway is an amazing ship!)

    Jeffrey DotsonJeffrey DotsonPred letom
  • Woah!! finally one game im better than Keralis!!

    Ryan ChenRyan ChenPred letom
  • Oh keralis, you have much to learn

    Eric FangrowEric FangrowPred letom
  • Pamparampam!

    Zoo KeeZoo KeePred letom
  • You were 2 miles from me. Damn you. I could have got you aboard the Midway for free. Oh well, next time maybe.

    Gerg CGerg CPred letom
  • Where is transport fever

    North WeeklyNorth WeeklyPred letom
  • Play war thunder

    ThrikeThrikePred letom
  • Yo my dude! I am a privateer in world of warships! (which basically means i am a contributor of sorts to the game, I manage some of the fan community of sorts to the game on facebook) Do you wanna hook up and play together? I'd be happy to teach you the ropes and play along with ya! I am a North American player, so if your on that server, you can find me in the game, I am at least logged in at most waking hours, you can send me a message in-game, my username in-game is Shipmaster_Crook.

    Shipmaster CrookShipmaster CrookPred letom
  • Hey Keralis! Ive travelled to San Diego as well and saw the Midway. I was the only one in my family that walked over the glass hole that saw through the whole ship

    Aiden AllenAiden AllenPred letom
    • you need look up sabaton , they have a song with the same name .

      Reaperguy 67Reaperguy 67Pred letom
  • Cool

    antiisocialantiisocialPred letom
  • The Philippines :)

    Teej DomingoTeej DomingoPred letom
  • your german though is horrible...

    Ethan HannEthan HannPred letom
  • Keralis: * plays WoWs for like the first or second time...... is great at it * Me: plays for over a year...... " hey thanks for checking in i'm still a pice of garbage " XD

    Daniel CanfieldDaniel CanfieldPred letom
    • Bill Wurtz reference

      Mejhdh HicbfshihidsMejhdh HicbfshihidsPred 3 meseci
    • i been playing for a year myself. i still get bad games by the way

      Reaperguy 67Reaperguy 67Pred letom
  • You know, if you press the torpedo button twice, you may change the angle of your torps for multiple purposes of using torps

    Phú Trương HuỳnhPhú Trương HuỳnhPred letom
  • More!!!! Wows

  • You should try out War Thunder.

    Hell BentHell BentPred letom
  • For more damage Relode ap not he

    mohamed atefmohamed atefPred letom
  • mr.karalis play with me play this game, i have battleship

    muhammad yusuf isnainimuhammad yusuf isnainiPred letom
  • The memes are real. Yamato spamming HE, DD not knowing how to use his guns. lol. Hope you liked the game.

    Nate DykstraNate DykstraPred letom
  • omg use AP for Battleships they penetrate more armor and deal a heck more amount of damage

    Oscar WuOscar WuPred letom
  • If you press your torpedo hotkey, you can cycle between narrow and wide spread. Wide is good for when you aren't entirely sure where the enemy is, for example, you're shooting between two islands, a wide spread can increase the chance of a hit. Narrow is better when you are shooting at longer ranges and when you can see your enemy.

    Alex RoosAlex RoosPred letom
  • There is so much history on the uss midway. I would go at least once a year when I was living in my hometown of San Diego. And they are always adding new exhibits and maintaining the full history of the ship. When people go to San Diego I will always recommend going to the uss midway as well as the maritime museum

    chanel collettechanel collettePred letom
    • you need to look up sabaton . they have a song with the same name . its amazing .

      Reaperguy 67Reaperguy 67Pred letom
  • Can’t wait for the next planet zoo episode!

    FancyguyyFancyguyyPred letom
  • You should play warthunder

    Brendan DonahueBrendan DonahuePred letom
  • Did anybody else loled when keralis said "serious damage from behind".. Another pearl from keralis lol

    SolidSnakeUK89SolidSnakeUK89Pred letom
  • after 4 yrs of playing this game it starts to get boring for me ,but nice to see you play this

    kris van dyckkris van dyckPred letom
  • I only wish Gaijin sponsored Keralis

    UgapikuUgapikuPred letom
  • Keralis you should do World of Warships Wednesdays

    The wandering steve 1The wandering steve 1Pred letom
  • The lack of sea shanties is depressing.

    Loquacious Lobster LapidaryLoquacious Lobster LapidaryPred letom
  • Where did planet zoo go?.. My heart misses it

    GENOKEGENOKEPred letom
  • yo as i was joining the game i saw this and i was thinking that i was so close to playing with keralis

    Joshua TrumanJoshua TrumanPred letom
  • Keralis on the off chance that you ever play this again, I will gladly show you the ropes hahah

    Jacob PlaceJacob PlacePred letom
  • Dead team found your underground hermitcraft house!

    ChipChimpChipChimpPred letom
  • are you really making a wows series??? this is going to be interesting 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    AXEL_XAXEL_XPred letom
  • RIP Planet Zoo :( :(

    Zach LemayZach LemayPred letom
  • Ya know, Keralis---- Look into my eyes- and only my eyes... If you learn how to play, you might be ok :) You need to learn positional play... and where to aim... And if you're in a Yammy- NEVER shoot anything but AP....

    DuramoraDuramoraPred letom
  • Welcome to WoWs captain Keralis. 😀

    Healthy AntHealthy AntPred letom
  • Hey keralis I would love to see some more world of warships, I'm absolutely in love with this game.

    Hamish FenemorHamish FenemorPred letom
  • Plz do another planet zoo video

    Mr Sh4rk YT _Mr Sh4rk YT _Pred letom
  • Really like the world of warships video

    The wandering steve 1The wandering steve 1Pred letom
  • As someone with over 12,000 games, you are already better than a lot of veteran players. Take that as you will lol

    KebobsKebobsPred letom
  • I am japanese ,your worst enemy!😈

    yohan kongyohan kongPred letom
  • Team up with The Mighty Jingles, Keralis! He’s a SLworldsr, WoWS community contributor and a Royal Navy veteran.

    Chance KeyChance KeyPred letom
  • Hey, I really love world war II naval battle! And its narrated by u? Omg this is the best day of my life! wows+keralis

    Umar SabarUmar SabarPred letom
  • Ooh, World of warships! I have played WOT (World of Tanks) in the past and now I play even more WOT blitz than minecraft, please try it!

    Tvaettis 065Tvaettis 065Pred letom
  • Please do Cities Skylines again

    Nick SorrentinoNick SorrentinoPred letom
  • Please give us more planet zoo!!!!

    Survivor ProSurvivor ProPred letom