Hermitcraft 6 | Ep.13 : SELLING MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL?

3. dec. 2019
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Hermitcraft 6 | Ep.13 : SELLING MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL?
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  • Enjoy everyone! Thanks for being amazing when it comes to all the fantastic feedback! Today will be a very chill episode and we will continue where we left in the next episode! Give it a like and have an amazing day!

    KeralisKeralisPred letom
    • Hey Keralis I know you are a sucker for diamonds. Why not just try diamond drop? Its that white plane in the sky and you can get diamonds from it (costs 5 diamonds though). The only catch is that you _could_ die depending if you don't activate your eleytra early enough

      BananaramaBananaramaPred letom
    • Please put the Name of the Shader in the Video description or somewhere.

      HinokamiHinokamiPred letom
    • Fish, Bat, etc. Don't reproduce, the Tropical Fish just Spawn in their native Biomes, and you only get them by collecting. You cannot breed or farm These Mobs, sorry Keralish

      Kasé mit ÉKasé mit ÉPred letom

      Simon IkonnikovSimon IkonnikovPred letom
    • There are over 1000 types of tropical fish finding two that are the same is really hard

      XdXdPred letom
  • Nothing to see here, just some paranoid Minecrafters leading farm animals around

    RosyKittehRosyKittehPred 2 meseci
  • keralis how did you put a banner and a item frame on the same trap door?

    Astro FritzAstro FritzPred 6 meseci
  • 25:03 dis dik

    Gleg leee QuinkillaGleg leee QuinkillaPred 7 meseci
  • What sound was that when you said scary harry larry

    Joel NyawataJoel NyawataPred 7 meseci
  • Hi

    AlzzduckAlzzduckPred 8 meseci
  • 5:26 Woah!! That cut was so clean!

    refrivolousrefrivolousPred 10 meseci
  • I love the fact that he has 3 totems in his inventory you really don't wanna die do ya

    BambooBambooPred 11 meseci
  • #end animal cruelty

    Will AceWill AcePred 11 meseci
  • Your intro is the best

    Winslow LearWinslow LearPred letom
  • I think that there should be a server wide event of DOTD. The dead come back and reunite with the alive. I think that it would be a good opportunity for some cool builds

    Mr HeloMr HeloPred letom
  • Keralis: *OoH sCarY hAiRy lArrY* Larry: *i Am nOT hAIrY or ScaRY tHAnk yOU veRy mUch*

    Heidi PanHeidi PanPred letom
  • *Run music starts* Keralis _NO_

    Purple Fire 28Purple Fire 28Pred letom
  • I can teach you the real life way

    BOYCUFN tvBOYCUFN tvPred letom
  • I'm so lost on what's going on in this episode...

    Nathan PerryNathan PerryPred letom
  • The fish are going up and down because the aquarium isn’t filled with water source blocks

    BenGamin98BenGamin98Pred letom
  • Keralis you should make the toilet lead to an even more secure bunker underneath the sewers

    toxicman400toxicman400Pred letom
  • You seem high because of how calm you sound

    Random Stuff with RyanRandom Stuff with RyanPred letom
  • If you put a name tag on the mob, the chat will tell you if it dies (I think)

    AbsoluteFake OAbsoluteFake OPred letom
  • Keralis - No Fish Breeding. Not in the game. Go swim through the ocean with buckets and hope. Sorry.

    Michael GodfreyMichael GodfreyPred letom
  • Make ur toilet an exit

    Lincoln CampbellLincoln CampbellPred letom
  • the traps are fake and from I jevin.

    Maarten HuygelMaarten HuygelPred letom
  • Keralis: How to breed tropical fish? Me: Facedesk

    Tomáš SolčanTomáš SolčanPred letom
  • 19:40

    SnootSnootPred letom
  • Click bite

    Rassen maailma3Rassen maailma3Pred letom
  • For the windows, you should try to make a deeper open space so it seems more like the actual outside

    Nolan FlynnNolan FlynnPred letom
  • Man keralis I love how much detail you put into everything. Its truly amazing.

    prid3 33prid3 33Pred letom
  • The ones with the end rods look more sophisticated while the ones without match the room better. So I would do the lanterns without end rods personally

    prid3 33prid3 33Pred letom
  • Yeah, definitely looks like chocolate bars.

    Colin SundrudColin SundrudPred letom
  • put a chicken in your windows to give them more life

    Nicholas PestanoNicholas PestanoPred letom
  • 20:35 they can't reproduce

    LeoLeoPred letom
  • Who let the pony out who who who

    Catman and StimbletonCatman and StimbletonPred letom
  • Everybody: nothing Minecraft youtube video: selling my soul to the devil

    AlexAlexPred letom
  • Pressure plates, Pressure plates ....... Pressure plates, all the way :) lol

    Robin HulsboschRobin HulsboschPred letom
  • sea pickles?!?! too bad that Grian's no longer selling them at his pickle shop but Sahara sells them

    Sama LightSama LightPred letom
  • You are the new bob Ross but not for painting with paints, the painting of gorgeous builds

    Noctua MCNoctua MCPred letom
  • I never realized just how good of a builder Keralis is!

    FoetusDeletusFoetusDeletusPred letom
  • You can make the world go away Download

    dolev Azraddolev AzradPred letom
  • U can’t breed fishes

    CryptorialCryptorialPred letom
  • You are telling me...!!! That this... guy!! (Keralis) prefers a... Betting minigame... More than the 800+ diamonds at stake!... Are you kidding me! Just have a thought... how many betting games you can play with that?!

    Juan VegaJuan VegaPred letom
  • 1:00 it was about this time, the song was playing in my head

    focusmonfocusmonPred letom
  • A toilet under a toilet??

    Lawrence LawrenceLawrence LawrencePred letom
  • Welcome to my humble commode!

    Matt MilfordMatt MilfordPred letom
  • Keralis, you really should look down when you fall from the toilet- someone could remove the water!

    SnailseySnailseyPred letom
  • What Shader is Keralis using?

    HinokamiHinokamiPred letom
  • I’m pretty sure you can’t breed fishies , only capture them from warm oceans

    FtbmaniacFtbmaniacPred letom
  • 25:04 The grey skins are watching even in his own secret base! ;o

    SpookyPandaSpookyPandaPred letom
  • Why do you have the skin from Earlyboy it sucks

    Nicole EgalNicole EgalPred letom
  • IJeven is the jingler!!😮 I think?🤔

    Lana Riva-CrerarLana Riva-CrerarPred letom
  • I like the dark oak trapdoors on the table and chairs, but if you change it I suggest Spruce trapdoors.

    Zane SchillingZane SchillingPred letom
  • for the moose head instead of just a stair do a slab on top of a upside down stair. Also use birch gates :D

    Zane SchillingZane SchillingPred letom
  • Pleasure plates??

    RhizicRhizicPred letom
  • What does Keralis look life in real life?

    LIZZIEMAC2010LIZZIEMAC2010Pred letom
  • my face when saw Kerali's "dinning room" Keralisminecraftface.jpg

    pjalpjalPred letom
  • KERALIS. if u put a birch pressure plate under the item frames you used for plates in the dining room, it will look like a table mat! try it out and see if u like it!

    InfamousBFInfamousBFPred letom
  • For the wood, can't you just use undercut?

    TheAnkiitu12TheAnkiitu12Pred letom
  • Make a party room

    Brayden TennantBrayden TennantPred letom
  • I really want to know what shaders he is using for this video. They are awesome!

    DiamondDoozerDiamondDoozerPred letom
  • so... Greyskins... Is this a new form a racism?

    ZLS_PaladinZLS_PaladinPred letom
  • you should bring up seasonal builds for idea to capitalist on this festive time @Keralis

    NhoyoNhoyoPred letom
  • You should make a zoo on hermit craft

    MarkGards2MarkGards2Pred letom
  • I LOVE THIS also bdubs has been dragon brod

    Kat GonzalesKat GonzalesPred letom
    • so has the Sahara guys

      Kat GonzalesKat GonzalesPred letom
  • keralis what did we all say about selling your soul, you have to get bdubs to do it toif you do

    NhoyoNhoyoPred letom
  • aw man. i thought u were gonna do some gambling. you got me excited DX

    Pixel WolfPixel WolfPred letom
  • He has the best voice ever!!

    GraaantGraaantPred letom
  • He does know that X has an item repair shops in the shopping district and in the mall, right? No need for the dangerous trip to the gold farm xD

    Acey KayAcey KayPred letom
  • Hey man, loving the vids. Thanks for entertaining me after school

    Reddit UserReddit UserPred letom
  • What shaders is using keralis?

    aaron pazaaron pazPred letom
  • The jingler 7s dead

    Richard KelsoRichard KelsoPred letom
  • cant breed fish

    Donald BottDonald BottPred letom
  • I wanna hear a remix of his intro

    emotionless freshemotionless freshPred letom
  • Spruce trap doors would make a great dining room table 😁

    ~Blackrose~~Blackrose~Pred letom
  • I prefer the one without the extra end rods.

    CdrBystroCdrBystroPred letom
  • I like the end rod version lamp! Looks like a cute jellyfish lol

    Jamie LJamie LPred letom
  • I think the chandeliers in the dining room look better without the end rods, simply because you have so many other great details it ends up taking away from the rest. Looks clean and beautiful without!

    LilyJoy _LilyJoy _Pred letom
  • Wouldn't it be funny if in Keralis' toilet in the sewer could flush you down into a sewer where there was another base with a toilet that could flush you down into a sewer where there was another base with a toilet that could flush you down into........................

    Shedjr_Shedjr_Pred letom
  • 5:26 doc teleported lol

    Noah FinkelNoah FinkelPred letom
  • Hi I’ve been watching you for about 2 months now and have always loved your content. I find you absolutely hilarious and I always get excited when either a planet zoo or hermitcraft episode comes out. I have now just subscribed and I don’t regret it at all. Keep up the brilliant work buddy!

    Samuel CookeSamuel CookePred letom
  • Just got into hermit craft over thanksgiving break (my friend watches it) and I have now found my favorite hermit! Go keralis!!!! I love the sewer aesthetic with the turtles and fishies and vines. Never played Minecraft before but you make me love it so I guess I will have to play it now lol. Thanks for being amazing

    SaltyLouSaltyLouPred letom
  • You could have just got to and make get the fish to make kids

    Tina GrubbsTina GrubbsPred letom
  • Plessure plates. Keralis 2019

    Helen TennerHelen TennerPred letom
  • Could you please make a tutorial of making this underground base? 👏

    ambrozambrozPred letom
  • That was a really smart idea pushing animals into the end. That would have saved your life if Jevin hadn't already set off that trap that was in there

    Sydney StaffertonSydney StaffertonPred letom
  • #doubletotemskeralis The New Mr. Invincible!

    Luigi_125Luigi_125Pred letom
  • *_"There's pleasure plate"_*

    Rooshan SamarRooshan SamarPred letom
  • Does Ace Ventura say spank you very much in both the pet detectives I can't remember. Either way that's dope

    everything is infiniteeverything is infinitePred letom
  • Cities skylines please.

    Mr MasterMr MasterPred letom
  • Nooo you let the pony out!!!

    LegoloverLegoloverPred letom
  • Tropical fish sadly can’t be bred.

    ManzansanManzansanPred letom
  • 2:48 tnt run be like

    Ryan HanfordRyan HanfordPred letom
  • Come back to the Christmas district

    JeflJeflPred letom
  • pls come back to hermit craft more often

    Edward McinnesEdward McinnesPred letom
  • I’m a witch -keralis1 2019

    AntonionichAntonionichPred letom
  • Keralis: logs are a no USS Undercut: am i a joke to you

    Tom TřískaTom TřískaPred letom

    Ollie SloanOllie SloanPred letom
  • maybe make a little forest outside just for the view 😊

    Joost WeringJoost WeringPred letom
  • love your sing at the start of the video makes me laugh thank you keralis keep up the good work

    DJ Weedy DDJ Weedy DPred letom
  • Maybe you can use redstone torches on your dining table to make it seem like candlelight

    Garen JohnsonGaren JohnsonPred letom
  • Get more minecraft Dogs for the Demise

    Emerson EmersonEmerson EmersonPred letom
  • What texture pack is that?

    P01S0N-PeeksP01S0N-PeeksPred letom