Surviving The Aftermath - Ep.03 : THE APOCALYPTIC CITY!

7. nov. 2019
69 661 Ogledi

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● The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning
Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future - resources are scarce but opportunity calls. Build the ultimate disaster-proof colony, protect your colonists and restore civilization to a devastated world. Remember: The end of the world is just the beginning.
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  • keralis: at 10:9 of the vid you guys need some baby makeing also keralis no kids!!!!!!!!

    ibrahim tariqibrahim tariqPred 5 meseci
  • How do your explorers unload supplies? They still seem to have them when you look at their picture on the world map

    StormycsStormycsPred 10 meseci
  • I like your voice

    just another normiejust another normiePred letom
  • Flashbacks to tropico

    MrDeadLordMrDeadLordPred letom
  • U should upgrade the gate

    V-Xll GOATV-Xll GOATPred letom
  • Amazing voice m8. Thanks for videos.

    PoisonWellPoisonWellPred letom
  • Remember to spread out all your wells that you placed down together last episode!

    Kieran McgregorKieran McgregorPred letom
  • Keralis im waiting for another hermit video plss😄😄

    Lanlio Wilbur AtonLanlio Wilbur AtonPred letom
  • Make sure to bring your specialists back especially if they have lots of supplies on them, if they die you do lose them except research points which you get instantly.

    KeplerKeplerPred letom
  • When is hermitcraft?

    ItJustScythe on TwitchItJustScythe on TwitchPred letom
  • The "don't judge me" is getting a bit annoying. It's your channel and you play the game you wan't by your definition of entertaining.

    JohanJohanPred letom
  • Why don't you play Crossroads Inn...???

    Tyo DafirenzeTyo DafirenzePred letom
  • Keep up the good work Keralis

    Haziqri Mat RizuanHaziqri Mat RizuanPred letom
  • Noooo... Why you killed Hex?! She was a good researcher... Think you might need another school since you took in a bunch of kids. Maybe another 2-3 medical tents cos they can only house 2 patients at a time and you have loads of people now.

    dashboardfairydashboardfairyPred letom
  • I luv surviving the aftermath! Make more vids!

    That One KidThat One KidPred letom
  • 4 weeks since Hermitcraft, come on - you can do it ! we want you baaack!

    DustedDustedPred letom
  • Keralis you are dead ??

    LiudrovicLiudrovicPred letom
  • Hermit craft it’s been four weeks

    SlayerSlayerPred letom
  • Where is hermitcraft?

    Mathew SmithMathew SmithPred letom
  • Why don’t u play hermitcraft? Is it because of the demise game? I think so. :)

    qu3nt0rqu3nt0rPred letom
  • A pomyśleć, że gamingowy kanał naszego Polaka i wizja o wielkim sukcesie (2 mln subskrypcji) rozpoczęła się po wypuszczeniu filmu u BuraczkaCebulaczka, w którym to występował nasz Keralis

    qrajqrajPred letom
  • 1 more video and it's the 3000 video hit mark

    Agdew Kebede KebedeAgdew Kebede KebedePred letom
  • Keralis I miss you in hermit craft please come back soon !!! I have been enjoying this as well!!!

    Edward McinnesEdward McinnesPred letom
  • Hex kinda, kinda exploded

    Armando ArandaArmando ArandaPred letom
  • Hex kinda, kinda exploded

    Armando ArandaArmando ArandaPred letom
  • Play more hermitcraft

    a random thinga random thingPred letom
  • How are your experiences with the "epic store", Keralis? How does it compare with STEAM?

    Rob BleekerRob BleekerPred letom
  • "lol im gonna get on the hermitcraft server tomorrow guys so dont worry an episode will be out" -keralis over a week ago

    Commander DaveCommander DavePred letom
  • My nipples hunger for part 4.

    Thorn AdkinsThorn AdkinsPred letom
  • IS it just me Crying about you not uploading Hermitcraft

    Lance AtwoodLance AtwoodPred letom
    • No, there is a whole bunch of you.

      w0t3rdogw0t3rdogPred letom
  • Keralis, this is the best looking survival colony! Great layout & gameplay 👍

    Amda DonkeyAmda DonkeyPred letom
  • Keralis is the morgan freeman of hermitcraft, thank you for coming to my TED talk.

    Slifer StreamingSlifer StreamingPred letom
  • why can i find this game on steam?

    Mr RoadtrainMr RoadtrainPred letom
  • Got started on this game through your link and now me and my roommate are addicted.

    sayjay198080sayjay198080Pred letom
  • No one will care but 13:38 my name😂🙂

    Joshua GommersJoshua GommersPred letom
  • He says people are replaceable but he is not

    Angelo KnightAngelo KnightPred letom
  • Its not letting me change work area in the trappers i dont have the option to do so any ideas?

    gareth mrstigisbackgareth mrstigisbackPred letom
  • Ep4 please

    vittoyo leevittoyo leePred letom
  • hermicraft s6 ?

    thiago watathiago wataPred letom
  • Keralis play city skylines

    elor divkerelor divkerPred letom
  • I love how you playing - pritty and flawless Hope for more content ! Greetings from Poland

    mess megmess megPred letom
  • 15:59 -Looki looki at my kuki. Some "nice" swedish...

    Zeggozo 9Zeggozo 9Pred letom
  • Why you Gotta be mad it’s just the road and some bushes it’s got to look pretty😂

    Smilesfour MilesSmilesfour MilesPred letom
  • when is hermitcraft i miss your vids

    mary christ jhoy mahinaymary christ jhoy mahinayPred letom
  • I love this game, and you make it so fun!

    Kathryn DavidsonKathryn DavidsonPred letom
  • Hey keralis! Are you going to play mars horizon when it comes out? Love youre videos!!!

    Rene Van DamRene Van DamPred letom
  • Replace your old houses !

    Pierre JonquèresPierre JonquèresPred letom

    angie Design Groupangie Design GroupPred letom
  • replace the tents with houses keralis

    Quang Anh NguyễnQuang Anh NguyễnPred letom
  • People In Hermitcraft:*build bunkers* Keralis: "Im gonna play other games until the demise finished"

    DikaaDikaaPred letom
    • Dobra oh that’s why he doesn’t play Minecraft in the moment. :)

      qu3nt0rqu3nt0rPred letom
    • @whitesmoke08 much the same I mees hees faace!!!

      Edward McinnesEdward McinnesPred letom
    • I watched all of the hermitcraft videos when he first joined and now I'm just waiting for the next one like *insert skeleton meme here*

      whitesmoke08whitesmoke08Pred letom
  • Would really love to see more hermit craft ❤️

    melanie wheelermelanie wheelerPred letom
  • Eleven kids! Do you know how many kids that is?! Eleven!

    DoodlesDoodlesPred letom
  • Sir please playing planet zoo

    Achmad RizkyAchmad RizkyPred letom

    Varun HebliVarun HebliPred letom
  • Keralis: I hate kids! Also Keralis: Let's make babies

    Linda JuffermansLinda JuffermansPred letom

    Dhruvit 19CE010Dhruvit 19CE010Pred letom
  • Meteor hits anything: No, not that! Meteor hits a bush: NOOOOOOOO, WWWHHHHHYYYYY!!!

    JD 146JD 146Pred letom
  • City skyline Episode Please!!!!!!

    Kiki KMM 012 TMKiki KMM 012 TMPred letom
  • If I had a better computer that wasn't slow as balls you Keralis have made me want to buy this game! And still love your little quirky phrases "Lookie, Lookie at my Cookie!" haha the best

    Quin HansenQuin HansenPred letom
  • Bro when are you releasing a hermit craft video? 😂❤️💯 Also.... Meteor Shower occurs Keralis:RoAd Is LiFe

    Xavier BrowerXavier BrowerPred letom
    • Hes plan is going to backfire...

      finger 0finger 0Pred letom
    • We got to hope 4 more people to die 4 next vid

      finger 0finger 0Pred letom
    • @finger 0 oooohhhh smart tactic😤💯I stan

      Xavier BrowerXavier BrowerPred letom
    • He doing this to wait for more people to die in demise

      finger 0finger 0Pred letom
  • Could we talk about how he plopped down a huge farm right where he'd told his forester and sawmill to work? :D

    spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
  • Get to that industrial mining, that's something new and interesting.

    Justin SalopekJustin SalopekPred letom
  • Congratz on 2M subs, Keralis!!! Please spank me very very much

    HKVCHKVCPred letom

    Daniel SkarstenDaniel SkarstenPred letom
  • Play hermitcraft pleAseee

    DustyDustyPred letom

    MAXMAXPred letom
  • 1900's: There will be flying cars!! 2019 Keralis: Babies are going to be pooped out!

    HumbleJaymerHumbleJaymerPred letom
    • @Lets_WrapItUp both came true 😂😂

      HumbleJaymerHumbleJaymerPred letom
    • HumbleJaymer well there is flying cars so...

      Lets_WrapItUpLets_WrapItUpPred letom
  • i just want to thank you Keralis because you always seem so happy and it makes me smile every time. :)

    c Welchc WelchPred letom
  • Looking good Keralis. Don't let anyone dissuade you about your roads. It seems colonists move a bit faster on roads, and especially on paved ones. I think the Devs will be upgrading to have Raiders at the gates soon, so upgraded Gate was a good thing. I do like how fast I am seeing updates and additions to the game overall. By the time the game releases in a year, I am expecting good things for the money I have ear marked for purchase of this game. I have been following your game play, along with several other utubers as well, and I am liking what I am seeing so far. In a way, this game is even easier to play than something like any of the Anno games, Tropico, and other building games. This one actually looks interesting and has potential. I do hope that the Devs add firearms and armor protection for colonists to the game eventually. Both purchasing them and building your own. Some pit traps, Punji stake traps, etc outside the gates would be nice as well. I dunno about you, but if they DO add Raiders, I'd want my colonists armed with firearms and perhaps have a few machine guns on the walls as well. I note that the recent update increased the amounts of resources found on the world map, although I was so interested in listening to you, and watching you build things, that I didn't notice if resource gathering on the colony map had increased as well. It seems that potential colonists happen more often with this update, which might or might not, be a good idea... depending upon how you have grown your colony. In your case, you've kept up with food production so far, and the happenstance of getting soybeans should help, a LOT. When I get the game, eventually, I will pretty much be building things like you do, with plenty of roads for my colonists to use to get around things in their way. Like you, I want my colonists to have multiple ways to move around the obstacles in their pathways, and my only critique of your game play, is that you've been so busy building, that you are failing to note the paths your colonists use most often. I would suggest that those pathways be made into the paved roads, or other superior road type. I cannot stress how much I feel the ability to make weapons would change things. Especially on the world map. Being able to give your Specialists better weapons than their fists to combat the bandits squatting on needed resources would go a long ways. Firearms would mean they would not even have to accept close quarters combat, and enable them to do damage from a distance. Even simple bows and arrows would help! The ability to make armor for your Specialists would also go a long ways to reducing the damage they take from explosions and bandit attacks. In any case, keep on making these videos. I am curious to see how you do your thing, and how successful you are doing it. OH!!! The 'pill' icon to the west? GET IT!! That's antibiotics, which would have helped a lot during the recent plague, and will help a lot in the next one. I have YET to see the anti-radiation drug icon in any of the games I've been viewing on any of the other utuber's channels so far... the Devs might not have implemented them yet. speaking, Frank-ly

    Frank SmedleyFrank SmedleyPred letom
  • Is there an experimental version of this because I've run through it and I have not got most of the stuff you have pls let me kno thanks

    simon farmersimon farmerPred letom
  • Can you do a let’s play on death stranding Like if u would love to see that

    Miles EdwardsMiles EdwardsPred letom
  • looky looky at my ROADS!^^ Great Job mate! keep em coming!

    no wayno wayPred letom
  • Why no more hermitcraft?

    Jack BlaserJack BlaserPred letom
  • Keralis puting two warehouses and two Trappers side by side shows only just how ignorant you are :( But but but / no but :d

    kukul roukulkukul roukulPred letom
    • @spacewolfcub sorry :) But a hundred and more boomchicky wawa is NOT a sane approach for this game. Imean : for THIS game! :( the game was trying to teach users a a more subtile way but... here we go :)

      kukul roukulkukul roukulPred letom
    • Harsh! There's more civil ways to disagree on strategy.

      spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
  • Keralis see Crossroad inn. Game from Poland its something that can interest You :)

    mietoomietooPred letom
  • Someone make a video of him Sayin "like a so"

    SmidgeSmidgePred letom
  • Keralis: I hate kids. Also Keralis: Actualy I don't hate kids. I have two of my own. BUT 11 KIDS!!! More useless mouths to feed. LOL

    Lukas OitzlLukas OitzlPred letom
  • I love how chill your channel is and funny too!

    Azura FullmoonAzura FullmoonPred letom

    Roronoa ZoroRoronoa ZoroPred letom
  • Keralis: NO KIDS! Also keralis: boom chicky wow wow make some babies!

    NibinkNibinkPred letom
  • Love this series keep it going

    Bean MachineBean MachinePred letom
  • Just wanted to say, found your channel through hermitcraft but have found love in some of your other series. Including City Skylines. Your style of gaming is very different to many others and it's a nice change. Thank you for these amazing videos

    Casey NinnesCasey NinnesPred letom
    • @Katelynn Smith his voice and game style are amazing

      Iwanz AwpIwanz AwpPred letom
    • that's the exact same way I found him. his voice and gameplay are amazing!!!!!!!!

      Katelynn SmithKatelynn SmithPred letom
  • Keralis, did you already forget about hermitcraft? I'm getting flashbacks to minecraft with wifey, a few great episodes, then poof.

    Joseph DeMayoJoseph DeMayoPred letom
  • Were hermitcraft

    issa iqbalissa iqbalPred letom
  • I love this series so much!

    Booknook0411Booknook0411Pred letom
  • Really loving this game! can't wait to see more episodes. ^-^

    cleio81cleio81Pred letom
  • Nagraj coś po polsku

    millokomillokoPred letom
  • What version are you playing? Because you got some building, tech and other stuff I don't have in my game. And my game is up-to-date. :/

    K 9K 9Pred letom
    • He's the "Chosen one" that gets updates before us, who have paid to play the early access and test new things without the updates... :D

      Artur LArtur LPred letom
    • Same for me and i really want to know

      FluffyFluffyPred letom
    • the last minute version for sure

      kukul roukulkukul roukulPred letom
  • Please go back to hermit craft

    CadeWitha CCadeWitha CPred letom
  • What happened to your Hermitcraft videos?? ( _I miss... my precious~"_ )

    Rew RoseRew RosePred letom
  • No one: Literally absolutely not a single person: Keralis: People have been asking me in the comments - Keralis, why do you surround everything with roads?

    Marcel PiskačMarcel PiskačPred letom
  • More aftermath

    Cheese CurdCheese CurdPred letom
  • And just like that, he’s ditched Hermitcraft again

    James WeatherlyJames WeatherlyPred letom
  • Meteor Shower Keralis: Road is life

    Soul SeekerSoul SeekerPred letom
  • Please keralis shoutout for my channel

    Master ELITEMaster ELITEPred letom
  • Can't wait to watch the next episode... love it

    Soul SeekerSoul SeekerPred letom
  • Hermitcraft?

    Coolm4nCoolm4nPred letom
  • Hi keralis loving the series but I would like you to do more hermit craft and can you please do daily videos

    Aaron GamesAaron GamesPred letom
  • Keralis love this game but have you stopped playing hermitcraft

    Rougebandit060Rougebandit060Pred letom
  • Me:bild some houses and hospitals Karalis:what about road?

    Даниил РахлисДаниил РахлисPred letom