Hermitcraft 6 | Ep.11 : SAHARA OR SCAMHARA??

20. nov. 2019
244 269 Ogledi

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  • Xisuma went from full English man to a full Swedish man

    Caden OhCaden OhPred 3 meseci
  • Ilove keralis texture pack how did you get that

    Dong AdamasDong AdamasPred 5 meseci
  • Where did u gooo????

    That guy LucasThat guy LucasPred 6 meseci
  • he poopoo cocoa pebbles

    Bunnysaurus RexBunnysaurus RexPred 8 meseci
  • i need a tutorial so badly.

    Hoang NgoHoang NgoPred 9 meseci
  • cookies and two hoes? its like a party! best quote ever!

    pup reivaxpup reivaxPred 9 meseci
  • Nerve racking

    Yashwardhan VermaYashwardhan VermaPred 9 meseci
  • Does ANYONE know what shaders he uses?

    Chunky ChonChunky ChonPred 10 meseci
  • Lol "64 cookies and two hoes it's like a party, I'll take it"

    Beast ModeBeast ModePred 11 meseci
  • The traveling trader be like... Gotta go fast! 😂

    Sora Nekohime Ch.Sora Nekohime Ch.Pred letom
  • Those eyes...

    monica chualaymonica chualayPred letom
  • Teenage mutant ninja turtles

    Geng ChenGeng ChenPred letom
  • I can't believe he plays with fire animations off 😂

    Sepia SmithSepia SmithPred letom

    Elizabeth HageElizabeth HagePred letom
  • Everybody:presure plate Keralis:plesure plate

    Adam FarisAdam FarisPred letom
  • Thank goodness there are more people except for me who see the bikini-face!

    Annika ValverdeAnnika ValverdePred letom

    Matej KozakMatej KozakPred letom
  • 2:03 “So much to do in so little time.” What r u trying to say hmmmmm?

    StealthHunterStealthHunterPred letom
  • Sci-fi town: aliens Keralis and his booshes: medieval town take it or leave it

    Zoroark The PirateZoroark The PiratePred letom
  • i built bubbles house in my own world and did the exact same thing lmao

    QuaddedQuaddedPred letom
  • *Calls Sahara a scam* *Then proceeds to buy out Sahara’s stocks and sell it for a higher price*

    That H20GuyThat H20GuyPred letom
  • 4:25 that was the most amazing elytra landing in minecraft I have ever see

    1NS4N3 facts1NS4N3 factsPred letom
  • Keralis, your sewer system makes me so incredibly happy! Great videos, great creations and great humor. You rock.

    YKTAHIYKTAHIPred letom

    CatinapipeCatinapipePred letom
  • Make a secret base in a secret base in a secret

    siggy piggysiggy piggyPred letom
  • As a Grian fan, I am offended. #Sahara #ShopAtSahara

    Sarah CatdogSarah CatdogPred letom
  • Chyba powinieneś zdjąć hełm i pójść i spotkać się z sahara guys i wcale sie nie podejrzewać z dispenserem - You shoudl take of helmet and meet up with sahara guys and suspect any dispenser.

    its Mr zmtits Mr zmtPred letom
    • The English part sounds like a good move!

      Sarah CatdogSarah CatdogPred letom
  • Bdubs base repels all iskalls

    spicytuna _spicytuna _Pred letom
  • I would not trust or do anything with doc because he made a deal with rentdog if he kill someone they’ll protect him

    SlayerSlayerPred letom
  • He sounds like an ASMR guy

    Minna SchmidMinna SchmidPred letom
  • Don’t ask why but don’t use the I trade portal into the over world.

    rcasanova28rcasanova28Pred letom
  • if iskall saw the demise base he would go nuts

    Jai SinhaJai SinhaPred letom
  • the jangler or jingler is a unknown hermit that wears a salmon head while using an invisibility potion

    Jai SinhaJai SinhaPred letom
  • Lmao I love these videos!!

    Sheila ReinhardtSheila ReinhardtPred letom
  • Tango is dead

    Halfnote 4Halfnote 4Pred letom
  • Man your FPS was struggling in that mall

    Ben FalknerBen FalknerPred letom
  • I miss playing Minecraft with my friends

    TacoGoKrazzSkiiTacoGoKrazzSkiiPred letom
  • Most of Sahara's stock is in the main shop not the Sahara Now portion of it. Cubfan set the traps not Xisumavoid.

    Jess WolfeJess WolfePred letom
  • you suck

    Billy ZhaoBilly ZhaoPred letom
    • idea is ripping people off they are the scammers not Sahara idiot.

      Billy ZhaoBilly ZhaoPred letom
    • Why?

      Hmm MeerkatHmm MeerkatPred letom
  • Maybe the inside rooms could have some potions to use for protection against the dead team

    spicy lemonade223spicy lemonade223Pred letom
  • I like how your helmet makes your eyes in to fallow-me eyes

    Logan WahlLogan WahlPred letom
  • i love his texture packs but are they available for win 10?

    RazorWingRazorWingPred letom
    • What packs does he use?

      Hmm MeerkatHmm MeerkatPred letom
  • If doc betrayes you, hermitcraft is scripted

    Diana BroksDiana BroksPred letom
  • Only clicked this video to leave a stereotypical angry comment about the title without actually watching the video

    Kashino55 [Archive]Kashino55 [Archive]Pred letom
  • the jingler in the server troll

    EnderDestroyerEnderDestroyerPred letom
  • Iskall's Demise 2:16

    youtube is coolyoutube is coolPred letom
  • What? 1:18

    youtube is coolyoutube is coolPred letom
  • 1:28 😱😱😱😱 THAT IS AMAZING...

    HurryingGlint23HurryingGlint23Pred letom
  • 0:39 straight gave me anxiety thinking that he could've killed the dog

    BryBryFyeBryBryFyePred letom
  • Kerals' and Bdouble's village : *No flyZone* Everyone: wait, what was that?

    Matthew NMatthew NPred letom
  • First time watching a keralis video. I’m amazed, even the shit is beautiful.

    Iron Bars JackIron Bars JackPred letom
  • 19:55

    Moishe TiudicMoishe TiudicPred letom
  • bdubs is back, but when will stinky ballsack and skyzm return?

    Mime DuckMime DuckPred letom
  • hey keralis can you try making your videos shorter thnx =)

    Greyson AdenstedtGreyson AdenstedtPred letom
  • that thing in the jungle is scars crashed rocket.

    Robin Ho FotosRobin Ho FotosPred letom
  • Turtle egg in sewers? Want some Ninja Turtles aren't you?

    MonsieurCoinCoinMonsieurCoinCoinPred letom
  • You should keep an eye out for more nuggets, pretty sure there are sill some floating about and they might help fund the run habit.

    D MacartneyD MacartneyPred letom
  • No one: Hermits: xuimavoid Keralis: Shaushamivod

    Noah MannenNoah MannenPred letom
  • No one: Wandering trader: I aM SpEeD

    Noah MannenNoah MannenPred letom
  • Two Hoes? It's like a Party! - Keralis 2019

    ChimpManZ1264ChimpManZ1264Pred letom
  • Two hoes? That’s like a party! -Keralis

    BluePython101BluePython101Pred letom
  • 0:39 *sweaty face*

    AndrehS86AndrehS86Pred letom
  • Is it just me or does the bunker look so satisfying

    Alex WongAlex WongPred letom
  • in R.U.N , u spent 10 diamonds and got a box worth 7 diamonds + 2 for the shulker box (u spent 10...got items worth 9)

    Caltrop. l TigerPlayzCaltrop. l TigerPlayzPred letom
  • Remixed ilmango intro?

    nad2040nad2040Pred letom
  • Hey Keralis, been a fan of your channel for a long long time! But now I'm really concerned for you with the looming COPPA regulations coming up in the new year. Please take steps to protect yourself, otherwise you could be fined $42,000 PER VIDEO! We don't want to lose you!

    Stayfnay 42Stayfnay 42Pred letom
  • It’s very hard to restock Sahara with all of the other “stuff”.

    Pjeer Plays RobloxPjeer Plays RobloxPred letom
  • Idk if om wrong but i think that using a axe is the fastest wat og cutting vines ^_________^

    SwagProRoSwagProRoPred letom
  • 64 Cookies and 2 hoes, thats like a party!

    S7C FinePlex77S7C FinePlex77Pred letom
  • you need to jump on the turtle egg to hatch it.

    Miles LeechMiles LeechPred letom
  • Plays run whilst on the toilet

    Zombie JabaZombie JabaPred letom
  • I love your voice, it's so relaxing

    OtinajOtinajPred letom
  • whats the resourcepack and shaders?

    emil petterssonemil petterssonPred letom
  • Can u play more pls

    Kailin GamerKailin GamerPred letom
  • I feel so bad that Xisuma is being blamed for the traps Cub set 🙁

    AlyAlyPred letom
  • "This feels familiar" Poor Doc always has to do the dirty work 😂😂

    AlyAlyPred letom
  • Put that suspicius stew away Xisuma put wither roses in it i ain't kidding

    McFucking McHadItMcFucking McHadItPred letom
  • Atleast sahara doesnt make wars like corncrop

    DeepSlimeDeepSlimePred letom
  • It is just me that really like with complex sewer system?

    irendirendPred letom
  • Doc is a spy

    lineni killineni kilPred letom
  • Always great episodes! Lovin’ it!

    Billy AndersonBilly AndersonPred letom

    Anshul PatilAnshul PatilPred letom
  • Don’t go back to gold farm or I trade

    Alfredo MartinezAlfredo MartinezPred letom
  • the one that put the trap in the tunnel is cub not X

    nova'snova'sPred letom
  • So as Bdubs is building a noble castle as his base up on the hill, make yourself a "thief" guild base bellow! :D

    Martin GajanecMartin GajanecPred letom
  • You can set up a vine farm just put a block 3 high of the ground and surround it in vines and continue that with two block gaps between. Each block gives 8 vines for the cost of the original 4

    Vladimier BronenVladimier BronenPred letom
  • That Trader 20:00 need to go to area 51 escorted by hermits in black

    Marko AntonioMarko AntonioPred letom
  • Alright, briliant idea: You camp out in the living room for the entirety of demise! You cannot die in the living room!

    lelbot1000lelbot1000Pred letom
  • Keralis why docm he has deal with grimdog and might take your soul for his protection 16:58 That "BUT" is suspicios its like he wants your life to sell for him

    Marko AntonioMarko AntonioPred letom
  • Keralis: Hasn't played Minecraft in a long time. Also Keralis: Shader Pack

    c:c:Pred letom
  • How To Hermit YT Proof: 1. Grian Proof ( buttons that kill/ do worse than kill) 2. Iskall Proof (build with diorite) 3. Scar Proof (bunch of redstone jumpscares/ demise threats) 4. Mumbo Proof (infinity rooms)

    Mr. DÆTHMr. DÆTHPred letom
  • The first thing the bunker needs is a decontamination shower right at the entrance.

    MsLilly200MsLilly200Pred letom
  • the jingler is basically an unnamed hermit that pulls pranks and steals from people.

  • Keralis: says bdubs’ diorite hate is beautiful Iskall prepares to attach a dragon head to people

    ダメ神ダメ神Pred letom
  • Gravel gravel 64 cookies And two hoes That's like a party LMAO I DIDNT SEE THAT ONE COMING

    MrFireCurseMrFireCursePred letom
  • In the jungle the mighty jungle Karalis sleeps tonight

    I love COTWI love COTWPred letom
  • What shaders do you use

    DakotaDK GrantDakotaDK GrantPred letom
  • Didn't Doc build the mushroom casino in the shopping district? It had donkey boats I think...

    Lady FridayLady FridayPred letom
  • You can break vines even faster with an axe

    Ties 11Ties 11Pred letom
  • “I’ve seen the bikini banner”lol

    I have no idea for a nameI have no idea for a namePred letom