Hermitcraft 6 | Ep.10 : DEMISE BUNKER IDEA?!

14. nov. 2019
233 595 Ogledi

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  • That is brilliant 😲 A toilet bunker!! You're builds are the best

    RosyKittehRosyKittehPred 2 meseci
  • Keralis can you please tell were do you get this shades please

    Tn Mafia GamerTn Mafia GamerPred 3 meseci
  • “We need to shopping ... or maybe... 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶 no! No run!

    EllisEllisPred 7 meseci
  • Sheshwamieamiewamiesheshiesheshwamie

    EllisEllisPred 7 meseci
    • :3

      EllisEllisPred 7 meseci
  • Keralis:ITS A INN! sad "an" noises

    - hurricane -- hurricane -Pred 9 meseci
  • 16:44 they're just out of stock not scamming people watch their video

    Felix Claudio Albano IIIFelix Claudio Albano IIIPred 9 meseci
  • anyone know if this shader is available on Xbox one ☹️ it’s so beautiful!!

    Wouldn’t UliketoknowWouldn’t UliketoknowPred 11 meseci
  • "Your friends a corpse just deal with it" 😂

    S G LS G LPred 11 meseci
  • (for those who have not seen the ending of Demise, turn back now. Spoilers ahead) For those keeping score, if Keralis was the last person standing, Iskall still would have won in the end, and he wouldn't have to abide by the pact he made with Grian because Keralis "won" the diamonds and spent them at RUN, so Iskall could have kept them all

    Mutt ProductionsMutt ProductionsPred 11 meseci
  • 20:10 Uh oh.... Oh no no No NO NOOO!!!! Ugh....

    Densel OpulenciaDensel OpulenciaPred letom
  • What shaders does he use? I really want to get them.

    Asha ToddAsha ToddPred letom
  • Woah Keralis 9:21

    TrIckyTrIckyPred letom
  • hahahhaa

    Justine Dela CruzJustine Dela CruzPred letom
  • I want to do this sewer idea so bad but honestly I don’t know how to do the toilet thing.

    Tiffany WilliamsTiffany WilliamsPred letom
  • You are giving all your competitors money.

    WelshDuckManWelshDuckManPred letom
  • Could you show us how you made the secret entrance please?

    Hunter RichterHunter RichterPred letom
  • He's only on episode 10?! Wow

    Winter LWinter LPred letom
  • Everybody:Thank You Keralis:Shepank You

    Adam FarisAdam FarisPred letom
  • The diamond thing is hollow

    Litten PawLitten PawPred letom
  • Whats that song he plays when playing Run? I love it and would like to download it ^^'

    Annika ValverdeAnnika ValverdePred letom
  • Love your videos Keralis! So happy to see you and Bubbles working together!

    Jakobre [Schrimm]Jakobre [Schrimm]Pred letom
  • 5:56 X🤣🤣🤣

    ILoveCookieILoveCookiePred letom
  • Love the gambling music Keralis. Never stop gambling!

    S117 OracleS117 OraclePred letom
  • I forgive you

    Caramel CraftCaramel CraftPred letom
  • I'm so happy we got to see the Halloween District at night with Keralis's shaders

    freekeefoxfreekeefoxPred letom
  • What texturepack is this?

    Ice bearIce bearPred letom
  • *seeing the architect bunker open up Me: mildly grins😏

    DA_KIИG-_-COBЯА _DA_KIИG-_-COBЯА _Pred letom
  • The a team Referance at the beginning lol

    Spike 365Spike 365Pred letom
  • You are the only hermit that has that amazing soothing voice and amazing unique skill in building.

    MancatstudiosMancatstudiosPred letom
  • He took a break banish him to the dungeons boys

    lokuthewiselokuthewisePred letom
  • Put the bunker button on the ceiling and nobody will think to look up, so nobody will see it.

    GlowerwormGlowerwormPred letom
  • Keralis what texture pack do you use? It’s sooo pretty!

    May EmperessMay EmperessPred letom
  • “Its a work in progress, don’t judge” he said Then falls into a castle of DOOM

    BunniBunniPred letom
  • What has doc done!!! (Edit): Keralis, I've heard that Iskall will make a casino in the resort 😉😉...

    Vidya-Jnana DanlagVidya-Jnana DanlagPred letom
  • Do the sewage system keralis, I love the idea. It’s so crappy (wink,wink) ;)

    Emir _Emir _Pred letom
  • Keralis I love the sewer design, it is incredible. I think you should definitely continue with the sewer build

    Anthony VinnicombeAnthony VinnicombePred letom
  • put four turtles in the bunker and name them after the teenage mutant ninja turtles!!

    TheGhostiestHatRackTheGhostiestHatRackPred letom
  • You should team with bdouble I love your ideas please make tutorials

    J BoogsJ BoogsPred letom
  • That's really a good safety bunker. And that would be a crazy, cool idea for make a sewer system.

    Adinia AmaliahAdinia AmaliahPred letom
  • Keralis, there is gonna be a casino at the resort

    DJ OzzkyDJ OzzkyPred letom
  • can somebody make a 1 hour video of keralis saying "rendiggitydoggydogdogdog" for me?

    Kuku RydzaKuku RydzaPred letom
  • Sees a Casino Karalis: HEAVEN

    notPixelatednotPixelatedPred letom
  • fyi - you can go under Itrade and buy the books you need when the shop is sold out up top.

    Hallideadly estHallideadly estPred letom
  • Keralis episode 10 Xisuma 819

    charlie.a14 14charlie.a14 14Pred letom
  • So hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 The sewer looks amazing except for those floating stuff 🤢🤣

    m mmadmusem mmadmusePred letom
  • Right, I often forget that Keralis is it an actual adult with a family and children and not a child himself, kind of like with Grian Except that he is a cat with no family except for his pet human, but once again, responsible adult

    Joseph DouekJoseph DouekPred letom
  • U know u have wings! right?also they will refill it

  • If you really love us you'll punish yourself by not being allowed to use elytra for the whole of your next episode. 😄

    Gekkou KasaneGekkou KasanePred letom
  • This episode was amazing! Glad that you are back! I hope you win the demise diamonds for RUN!

    Adam WeishauptAdam WeishauptPred letom
  • I love the fact the bubbles says keralis builds awesome and keralis says bubbles builds great. They literally compliment each other

    SkyLarSkyLarPred letom
  • You should put some random turtles in the sewer system and give them the ninja turtle's names. If the maze is big enough they'll turn into a fun easteregg lmao

    LineKleinLineKleinPred letom
  • list of order sub on hermit Mumbo Jumbo Grian Xisumavoid DocM77 iJevin PythonGB Cubfan135 GoodTimesWithScar TangoTek Welsknight iskall85 xBCrafted rendog Biffa Plays Indie Games impulseSV FalseSymmetry PythonMC ZombieCleo JoeHillsTSD Jessassin Zedaph Stressmonster101 BiffaPlaysMinecraft TinFoilChef BiffaPlaysStrategy

    TheOddIsOutTheOddIsOutPred letom
  • The shopping district portal is trapped

    - TheonlyersF -- TheonlyersF -Pred letom
  • Dont go to the shopping district

    - TheonlyersF -- TheonlyersF -Pred letom
  • What shader do you use?

    GeilerGuerbisGeilerGuerbisPred letom

    arikeshiarikeshiPred letom
  • Your back on hermitcraft

    Jack SaxonJack SaxonPred letom

    xd Kiwixd KiwiPred letom
  • And thus, Keralis' gambling addiction took the next step Just don't gamble your life before demise ends

    Gabo the DisappointmentGabo the DisappointmentPred letom
  • That looks amazing. You have to create an intricate sewer bunker that spans out in several dead-ends.

    YouTubeNoobDudeYouTubeNoobDudePred letom
  • Why do I feel like he is talking through an airplane microphone

    Ali AlfarajAli AlfarajPred letom
  • if Keralis wins Demise, the only winner is iskall85 :P

    cesargjrcesargjrPred letom
  • Other hermits: Intro song Keralis: Run Theme Song

    Panda579Panda579Pred letom
  • wow i miss this sir

    Timothy BalmoresTimothy BalmoresPred letom
  • 8:06

    _ pumpkin_ pumpkinPred letom
  • The only reason u r never able to get anything at Sahara now is cause by the time u go there, everyone else has already been there and bought anything of value, in other words, u snooze, u lose.

    Alba gu bràthAlba gu bràthPred letom
  • poo

    keanu pourafzalkeanu pourafzalPred letom
  • Does anyone know what shaderpack keralis is using? 🤗

    39brogade39brogadePred letom
  • Run Or unsubscribe

    Dick kallerhanDick kallerhanPred letom
  • Keralis accidentally finds half the bunkers on the server in one episode, but is never heard from again after visiting the Mushroom Casino... :P

    SlackerCubedSlackerCubedPred letom
  • Continue

    Maria StaszewskiMaria StaszewskiPred letom
  • That is a very good and creative idea for a bunker

    ETETPred letom
  • SLworlds isn't giving me notification of your videos. I have to go to your channel & check. It's happening for multiple channels i subscribe to 😞

    NekaudiNekaudiPred letom
  • I love your sewer building

    luckyhorseshoe2788luckyhorseshoe2788Pred letom
  • Can you try to build an etruscan village like Cerveteri's necropolis ?

    mattia dall'astamattia dall'astaPred letom
  • Uh oh ... Keralis has found the Dice game - lol

    BadgerBadgerPred letom
  • *demise begins * Hermitcraft: ok bunker

    AikoHasRegretsAikoHasRegretsPred letom
  • Everybody : diamonds Keralis : games of run

    Vaibhav MadanVaibhav MadanPred letom
  • That moment when you saw the mushroom casino! 🍄 🤩

    BekahootBekahootPred letom
  • Give this man some Run games

    RyuFiveRyuFivePred letom
  • We forgive you Keralis. Family is always first :)

    El ChavalitoEl ChavalitoPred letom
  • I love the sewer idea it’s so cool

    Hairline Studios101202Hairline Studios101202Pred letom
  • Who is Bubbles

    DemmieDemmiePred letom
  • I don’t think those fishes are wanting to stay at the sewers

    Dragongamerzzz _Dragongamerzzz _Pred letom
  • i have a question u got on my start page because i watch iskall, grian, mumbo and rendog/grimdog and they are all over 100 episodes! how have u 10?????? And the start holy shit its laggy. And this video have been uploadet for like 1 week ago but u just uploaded it for 2 days ago

    Malthe BoMalthe BoPred letom
  • keralis should Change name The Grambler

    TheMad DeveloperTheMad DeveloperPred letom
  • You should call new hermitville, Hermitage

    Unknown CriticalUnknown CriticalPred letom
  • Banners=Possible targets.

    E. AndrewsE. AndrewsPred letom
  • Since you are addicted to Run, do you gamble IRL?

    E. AndrewsE. AndrewsPred letom
  • No one Bdubs: *We’re the EA of HERMITCRAFT*

    XLunar_ChaosXXLunar_ChaosXPred letom
  • he is going to be IT

    Sue WestSue WestPred letom
  • The Other Company will get more richer then you guys From your company Keralis from buying they're stuff Sahara and Con Corp done hard work on collecting the Items to sell stuff

    EyeLockGamingEyeLockGamingPred letom
  • Grian,Iskall and Mumbo built Bunker too

    EyeLockGamingEyeLockGamingPred letom
  • what shaders is he using

    TheWackManTheWackManPred letom
  • Sahara is not scamming anyone you are the that is scamming you buy things at cheap rate and sell them at high price I unsubscribed you Sahara never wanted to scam any one

    Indulekha SantoshIndulekha SantoshPred letom
  • Keralis: Nobody would ever go through the toilet to find my bunker Hippies entering their secret area: Am I a joke to you?

    Pascal GödekePascal GödekePred letom
  • oh no your village has been marked by rendog and he's going to target you for demise

    CutequeenCutequeenPred letom
  • How did you do the paper and coco beans to stay in place? As well as the statues in the beginning

    JaeynamitEJaeynamitEPred letom
  • Keralis = Floki

    Banánek melounovýBanánek melounovýPred letom
  • I Was ShooKt WhEn We BoTh SaId Oh Oh WhEn It STarTs To RaIn LmAo

    DlondDlondPred letom