27. nov. 2019
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About the game:
● The classic transport simulation genre has a new gold standard with Transport Fever 2. Discover a whole new world by navigating transport routes through land, water, and air. May progress and prosperity find their way!
● Provide the world with the transport infrastructure it needs and make a fortune with custom-made transport services. Watch your trains run on rails, your buses and trucks thunder along roads, your ships power through the water, and your planes soar through the skies. Carry people on their way to work or play, and be the reason cities grow and thrive. Deliver raw materials and goods to drive the economy. Experience the greatest logistical challenges from 1850 to the present day, and build a transport empire unrivaled anywhere else on the globe!
● Free play offers a huge range of creative possibilities, while campaign mode re-writes transport history across three continents. Transport Fever 2 offers a choice of over 200 vehicles from Europe, America, and Asia, modeled in extreme detail; and with the in-game map editor, you can re-create landscapes from three different climate zones. Finally, the realistic transport and economy simulator, along with comprehensive modding support, round off the gameplay experience.
● A huge game world is waiting for your railroads, road vehicles, aircraft, and ships. Intuitive interactive rail construction tools and a modular construction system for stations make it easy to build and expand your transport empire; and thanks to a wide range of configuration options, every free play game provides a new challenge, where completely different strategies can lead to success.
● Three historical campaigns set in different time periods and located on three separate continents will challenge you with different objectives …only transport magnates will manage to complete all the missions! Voiceovers and cutscenes enrich the story and contribute to a thrilling gameplay experience, and even the free play mode will challenge you with different achievements to unlock.
● It is vital to adapt your company to the needs of the economy and cities: bridges, tunnels, switches, rail signals, one-way streets, light signals, and bus lanes are just some of the possibilities you can use to optimize the transport infrastructure. Even train stations and airports can be expanded with modules in order to meet different requirements, and various data layers help you visualize traffic volumes and emissions, and provide information for further improvements.
● Thanks to the detailed game world, you can develop your very own virtual railroad landscape: the map editor provides the possibility to create countless different worlds; the terrain in the game can be adjusted and painted; and thanks to the extensive modding support, new creations are being developed constantly, which are available for free via the Steam Workshop and which can be easily integrated into the game.
► Game Features:
● Free play with countless configuration possibilities
● Three campaigns across three continents with over 20 hours of playing time
● Editors for creating maps and editing saved games
● Three landscape types: moderate, dry, and tropical
● Realistically modeled vehicles from Europe, America, and Asia
● A total of over 200 vehicles: trains, buses, streetcars, trucks, aircraft, and ships
● Modular train stations, bus and truck stations, airports and harbors
● Realistic transport simulation including one-way streets and light signals
● Editable and paintable terrain with realistic effects
● Intuitive construction tools for building railroads and more
● Display important data such as traffic and emissions, on separate layers
● Dynamic economy and city simulation
● More than ten economic chains with associated factories and goods
● Cities with countless residential, commercial and industrial buildings
● Detailed game world with physics-based lighting
Individually simulated land animals, birds, and fish
Over 50 challenging achievements in free play mode
Extensive modding support via the Steam Workshop
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  • This map, Virginia City, Nevada, was the setting for one of the longest running T.V. western series, "Bonanza". The home of the main characters, the Cartwright family, was called the Ponderosa, a fictitious cattle and logging ranch outside of Carson City. The layout of the three cities; Carson City, Virginia City, and Reno seem fairly accurate, although the distances may be a bit down-scaled (but not by much) The main inaccuracy (for the picky) is the cobble stoned roads and walkways within the cities, which remained unpaved into the early-mid 20th century. It's pretty cool that the developers included the Ponderosa ranch into the scenario, except "Ol' Cartwight" had three sons ... but still cool.

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