EPIC Minecraft Castle

29. nov. 2019
113 384 Ogledi

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► Andy - slworlds.info
● Build is by Dukonred1
► Server IP play.darwinreforged.com and /warp lumiere
► Resource pack : Conquest Reforged
● Twitter: twitter.com/WorldofKeralis
● Instagram: instagram.com/iamkeralis
● Website: www.keralis.net
● Livestreams: www.twitch.tv/keralis
► Music: slworlds.info

  • AWWWW I LOVE THE OWL!!!! sooooo cute

    Faith SummersFaith SummersPred 2 meseci
  • 9:20 annnnnnd we lost Andy 😅😂

    Ayyy CortanaAyyy CortanaPred 4 meseci
  • What do you need to download to get on that server

    Yes JoeYes JoePred 9 meseci
  • The texture pack kinda ruins it

    Jussi RaitoniemiJussi RaitoniemiPred 11 meseci
  • Bran castle or transylfanninia

    thegamingcrocodilo denzelosaurus rexthegamingcrocodilo denzelosaurus rexPred letom
  • The best Minecraft build ive ever seen..

    Wiard van den BergWiard van den BergPred letom
  • how the hell did he do that furniture it so amazing

    Amir husinAmir husinPred letom
    • Mods

      Il MandalorianoIl MandalorianoPred mesecem
  • Sadly Dukonred1 doesn’t make videos on SLworlds anymore. But it’s nice to see he’s still building, for he is truly talented.

    Gabriel HaskinsGabriel HaskinsPred letom
  • I been watching metal is for at least 3-4 years now, he is still my all time favorite Minecraft youtuber. Always will be. Very inspirational

    Jarrett Always Be ChillinJarrett Always Be ChillinPred letom
  • I don’t know how I feel about the semi circles

    patthemightymatpatthemightymatPred letom
  • How can we dwl the map?

    Symbian2704Symbian2704Pred letom
  • i wish dukon still made videos

    GafflesGafflesPred letom
  • RIP Dukon. There's a magnificent crypt beneath the castle. Huge too.

    GoSu MonSteRGoSu MonSteRPred letom
    • @Ghost You can probably go see it on the conquest reforged server. I don't think there's a download for it, though.

      GoSu MonSteRGoSu MonSteRPred 5 meseci
    • @Ghost He has a wife and kid and he wanted to focus on that.

      GoSu MonSteRGoSu MonSteRPred 5 meseci
    • @Ghost Nope. He just quit youtube and twitch streaming. He has a life now. lol

      GoSu MonSteRGoSu MonSteRPred 5 meseci
  • Château de lumière

    CoqueliflowCoqueliflowPred letom
  • resource pack. mods. why not build it normal. how game would do with this setup. go play and mine or would every texture be diff. there no diamond or emerald becouse they are used as wood texture lol

    Jari SipilainenJari SipilainenPred letom
  • this is freakin better than bdubs diorit castle!

    TheCarrotMan77TheCarrotMan77Pred letom
  • Wait a minute this is Minecraft I mistook it for hytale 😅

    Nthegamer101Nthegamer101Pred letom
  • Holy cow, its amazing!

    Southern R/C Truck ActionSouthern R/C Truck ActionPred letom
  • There's a whole series of caverns and catacombs and elvish ruins under the castle as well. You could get lost for hours on this plot

    Simon SteinorthSimon SteinorthPred letom
  • Obviously this castle wouldn't work at all without the mod pack, but is sure does look wonderful.

    Ville LepoahoVille LepoahoPred letom
  • Beloved Dukon, gone but never forgotten

    Simon AssarskogSimon AssarskogPred letom
  • so he finally finished it? took him a year... but yeah the guy can build, watched him on twitch a few times

    fine93fine93Pred letom
    • He haven't finished it, i think he quit minecraft for stress or some

      Il MandalorianoIl MandalorianoPred 3 meseci
    • @Ghosthave no idea, you can see ive added a question mark in my sentence, so im asking too if he avar finished it xd

      fine93fine93Pred 5 meseci
  • It seems like a Bran castle

    crispr 97crispr 97Pred letom
  • Who thought that it was not Minecraft and checked the title again

    Dragongamerzzz _Dragongamerzzz _Pred letom
  • Now I miss Dukons Streams again... :(

    oburi85oburi85Pred letom
  • This building is the best thing ive ever seen.... dukon was no joke my idol.... i would do anythong to hear hos calming voice again....

    Gamer AndenGamer AndenPred letom
  • More cities skylines soon?

    ST0RMST0RMPred letom
  • Dukon, the building legend is now building IRL his conquest builds are real art

    Daddy SmurfDaddy SmurfPred letom
  • 27 people obviously can't build in mc

    AxlemänAxlemänPred letom
  • Keralis you got a lot to do on hermitcraft server cause SAHARA is already restocking

    Madhu JainMadhu JainPred letom
  • Chateau D'lumiare.

    Sander ter KoeleSander ter KoelePred letom
  • Can you do swedish videos

    Malin ErikssonMalin ErikssonPred letom
  • Saw this and immediately thought Fwhip, but it makes sense that it was Dukon. They both inspired each other in the last.

    Tim HarperTim HarperPred letom
  • Phenomenal.

    Major AngelMajor AngelPred letom
  • Planet zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    DanDanPred letom
  • These are some insane builds, but let’s be honest, the real credit goes to the author(s) of this modpack. I can’t imagine how much work and how many hours went into creating the thousands of new blocks and items for this pack.

    Radu TodeaRadu TodeaPred letom
  • Awesome viggoman crasburg would be awesome

    Jbez 808Jbez 808Pred letom
  • I want to give you a million likes And the builder a billion

    GeinsteinGeinsteinPred letom
  • it looks like it belongs in a game or anime or something... The title is in the lore "The Last Castle."

    Letus the DragonLetus the DragonPred letom
  • Big F in chat for Dukon Bois

    budderman321budderman321Pred letom
  • m.slworlds.info/wiki/2IQ0euLRUjSJUPQSLxgDog Subscribe😁😁😁😁

    MineCityMineCityPred letom
  • Aint that bdub's??

    josejosePred letom
  • this is the best video because it features the word EPIC in it

    KuboskiKuboskiPred letom
  • When are you going to play planet zoo again

    Oscar BatesOscar BatesPred letom
  • I recommend this about 2 days ago thanks I love these videos. Feels like the old times like 2013 so on.

    Ragin RavenRagin RavenPred letom
  • Are maps such as this built block by block? Or some software thing.. Cant imagine doing something like this block by block.

    blackknightreturns1blackknightreturns1Pred letom
    • World Edit is used a lot but the finer details are typically done by hand.

      CreativeRealmsCreativeRealmsPred letom
  • I'd say they're missing machicolations, but that would call a whole lot of shadivesity memes xD

    Loshko86Loshko86Pred letom
    • @Nochsta it's medieval style not Fantasy style

      Il MandalorianoIl MandalorianoPred mesecem
    • @Nochsta its missing them too :b

      Loshko86Loshko86Pred letom
    • But what about dragons?

      NochstaNochstaPred letom
  • The combination of shaders and texture packs just makes this build absolutely Beautiful

    Blackhawk170Blackhawk170Pred letom
  • Just saying Keralis, on Conquest Reforged u should be able to press "N" and noclip through walls. As in you can just fly through them.

    CaldieCaldiePred letom
  • Amazing

    Abbas El KarsifiAbbas El KarsifiPred letom
  • Keralis enters the bathroom: Yes. Royal poop xd

    Zefanja EysbroekZefanja EysbroekPred letom
  • I thought this was bdubs'

    Elaine TeohElaine TeohPred letom
  • Sometimes your mind is just blown when you see what can be done, beautiful creative minds in the minecraft community ..

    MiningmamaMiningmamaPred letom
  • andyisrobot

    Mr InvisibleMr InvisiblePred letom
  • This is why modded Minecraft is godly.

    VulKusVulKusPred letom
  • Where is Tropico 6, Surviving Mars and Planet Zoo?

    Jermaine Train AllenJermaine Train AllenPred letom
  • You could do some serious medieval role play on this map!

    ApianApianPred letom
  • there no bum bu bum bum bum ba 😓😥😧😢

    Adam bourjiAdam bourjiPred letom
  • Bubbles must just love this video.

    AlucardNoirAlucardNoirPred letom
  • thought this was bdubs castle for a second

    guacoguacoPred letom
  • I thought They Featured Bdubs Castle hahaha😂😂

    Xander GamingXander GamingPred letom
  • Speaks with slisp "Ahh personally i think the castle to the right at 4:49 is better then that poooo- castle"

    dinnis dannydinnis dannyPred letom
  • You should try building in conguest your self

    Nuutti suominenNuutti suominenPred letom
  • Monsterfish aka stefan krein is our lord and savior. Before 1.8 this was not a mod but a texturepack build on "metadata" basicly every block has an ID for example cobblestone is 4. Metadata was when every of those ID's had a /1 to /16 so with a stick we changed 1 blocks metadata so per block we had 16 textures made by stefan. Sadly in 1.8 metadata was removed and with it one of our heroes names jamzyboy F

    DanielDanielPred letom
    • DwD - [DayZwithDaniel] - DayZ gamer - [DayZ clan] There were a few months that we were really unhappy but eventually we came to the realization that Mojang won’t add it back and that we have to move forward. Hindsight is a great thing.

      CreativeRealmsCreativeRealmsPred letom
    • @CreativeRealms we all are. But back then you were not XD

      DanielDanielPred letom
    • I'm actually happy that they removed metadata otherwise we would have never had a reason to start developing the Conquest Reforged mod. It broke down so many barriers in creative building.

      CreativeRealmsCreativeRealmsPred letom
  • There is a troll underneath the castle!

    B SB SPred letom
    • No

      B SB SPred letom
  • I am speechless.

    Nickx__Nickx__Pred letom
  • I just realized keralis is the bob ross of minecraft

    YvDYvDPred letom
  • Hi Keralis where is Sokar? Some say he is busy, what happened to him?

    Xx_Sunlight12345 YTXx_Sunlight12345 YTPred letom
  • I would love this server just to build.

    Chicken NuggetzChicken NuggetzPred letom
  • Is this the castle that is referenced by Bdubs?

    Max HaibaraMax HaibaraPred letom
    • Max Haibara Yes it is.

      CreativeRealmsCreativeRealmsPred letom
  • BdoubleO100 mentioned that this was his inspiration for his hermitcraft castle.

    Stalker BleachStalker BleachPred letom
  • Bdubs took inspiration from this

    Francis AbellanaFrancis AbellanaPred letom
  • Yep, that is dukonred1 for you. 👌👌👌

    Nightsuki-desuNightsuki-desuPred letom
  • 🔥

    Ace HardyAce HardyPred letom
  • This reminds me so much of that mouse game Ghost of a Tale.

    Karen MomorellaKaren MomorellaPred letom
  • This puts b dubs castle on hermotcraft to shame

    MilkmanMilkmanPred letom
  • Planet zoo pls!!

    AuxzelioツAuxzelioツPred letom
  • Looks like bdubs castle

    LoganLoganPred letom
  • I thought this was Bubble's castle in the thumbnail.

    Draugnaustaunikun HymnphooDraugnaustaunikun HymnphooPred letom
  • Play Planet Zoo ! ! !

    Jesus CrysJesus CrysPred letom
  • A DUKE lives here, no kings! His name is DUK(E)onred1, after all! :p

    Eclipsion13Eclipsion13Pred letom
  • 1.1K likes, 11 dislikes, and 116 comments... *My OCD is pleased minus the dislikes*

    Fanimations [old acc.]Fanimations [old acc.]Pred letom
  • wheres planet zoo? :(((

    Ethan BradleyEthan BradleyPred letom
  • Ahh damn, too bad you recorded this before we fixed the issue with being able to open doors, that should be all fixed now xD Good showcase tho, I really hope ya'll stick around sometime to start a building series of your own, would love to see that ;) Would be more than happy to facilitate a proper setup for ya'll for that too.

    SilthulhuSilthulhuPred letom
  • Tern sitting on the window Keralis: oh hello there little pigeon. ^^

    NeophronNeophronPred letom
  • it cant be vanila there too many types of blocks

    TobiwolfTobiwolfPred letom
  • Comment section is mourning as if Dukon passed away lol🤣. Seeing this vid made me miss him too tho 😭

    Jake KimJake KimPred letom
    • I was confused as I read them through XD ;(

      Fanimations [old acc.]Fanimations [old acc.]Pred letom
  • Wow...

    Owen Le BlancOwen Le BlancPred letom
  • Lol “Square poops”.

    Mary DoeMary DoePred letom
    • Must be a wombat’s castle.

      NochstaNochstaPred letom
  • I definitely want to be keralis' queen

    HKVCHKVCPred letom
  • If only dukonred1 upload again, we miss you dukonred1

    Aril JosuaAril JosuaPred letom
  • Hytale hype +1000% while watching this video

    ShigaruFRShigaruFRPred letom
  • I'm glad you showcase conquest because it's a fantastic mod for building.

    danqdanqPred letom
  • I miss Dukon :/

    TalSet333TalSet333Pred letom
    • @Paddy Halligan I'm grand, thanks for asking; just wallowing in nostalgia :D

      TalSet333TalSet333Pred letom
    • Don't we all, TalSet. Hope all is well with you.

      Paddy HalliganPaddy HalliganPred letom
  • *The sheer amount of detail is UNREAL!!*

    BrettbrenBrettbrenPred letom
  • Hey Keralis why don’t you play Airport CEO it’s new and updated now with lots of new stuff

    Anonymous PandaAnonymous PandaPred letom
  • RIP Dukon

    MooseMoosePred letom
    • @Ghostno, he quit minecraft

      Il MandalorianoIl MandalorianoPred 3 meseci
  • 907th like

    Frederik BechmannFrederik BechmannPred letom
  • As a ps4 player I can only wish for the ability to use the packs showcased but I imagine this build looks epic even in vanilla minecraft.. such amazing work.

    DriftinZiggy GamingDriftinZiggy GamingPred letom
  • I was bout to say, y’all completely missed the elven ruins and crypts

    Kh1ghtKh1ghtPred letom