CALL OF WAR - World War II Strategy Game

15. nov. 2019
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4. Pick your nation and may the best ruler win!
The winners of the competition will be announced on Twitter after the war has ended! Good luck soldiers!
1st place - 100 Euro Steam gift card.
2nd place - 50 Euro Steam gift card.
3rd place - 25 Euro Steam gift card.
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  • The first sever got full in 20 minutes so the developers opened up a few more! Just search for "Play with Keralis" and use password Keralis, these battles will not include the competition tho. :( Name: Play with Keralis #2 Game ID: 2897503 Password: Keralis Name: Play with Keralis #3 Game ID: 2897506 Password: Keralis Name: Play with Keralis #4 Game ID: 2897509 Password: Keralis

    KeralisKeralisPred letom
    • I was not suprised seeing Keralis play other games than hermitcraft(minecraft)

      that one kidthat one kidPred 2 meseci
    • Najs Ystad bror

      Max ChristerssonMax ChristerssonPred letom
    • Keralis plss can you continue the survive the aftermath

      DRAXONZDRAXONZPred letom
    • Trailer: :O Game: -____-

      Reaper of SoulsReaper of SoulsPred letom
    • Will you play Transport Fever 2? cuz theyre making it

      H HH HPred letom
  • I was searching about this game and then,KERALIS!omg i watch his hermitcraft vids

    that one kidthat one kidPred 2 meseci
  • choosing sweden over poland, thats just so sad.

    AszthrotepAszthrotepPred 7 meseci
  • sponsored reviews are so worthless lul "If someone is desperate enough, they can pay for an in-game currency that gives them a direct advantage over others to the point where you can lose a war entirely just by someone using their credit card. Skill doesn't matter in a game like this where someone can enter their credit card details and create an army of rockets, fully teched in little more than ten minutes, no less is it an issue in the late gate than it is the early game with people using goldmark to bring out whole armies in the first day of a map." "Massive pay to win issue. For 2 K you can reveal enemy army locations. Normally you spend say 18 hours "real time" to produce a unit. But with Gold you can shorten it or buy it outright with a few clicks"

    VoodooD0gVoodooD0gPred 8 meseci
  • Oh what fun! Nothing more fun than seeing young Europeans celebrating Death!

    Tony LoganTony LoganPred 9 meseci
  • I got an account at google not by downloading it

    minjia Luominjia LuoPred 10 meseci
  • I need money to spend on troops

    minjia Luominjia LuoPred 10 meseci
  • I already got an account on call of war

    minjia Luominjia LuoPred 10 meseci
  • Anybody knows the game thats more modern

    BlitzgrenadierBlitzgrenadierPred letom
    • @Marvin conflict of nations ww3

      BlitzgrenadierBlitzgrenadierPred 10 meseci
    • Whats rhe name of it?

      MarvinMarvinPred 10 meseci
    • Its like cow but its ww3

      BlitzgrenadierBlitzgrenadierPred letom
  • is a lot paytowin but i love this game

    Gasper280Gasper280Pred letom
  • Keralis: But we can invade Norway Me as a Norwegian: Nei no må du slutte, ikke igjen

    EnabledFriend 97EnabledFriend 97Pred letom
  • if you gona see name treti rise thats me...

    Tomáš KřenekTomáš KřenekPred letom
  • >WW2 historic >Everyone but me logs off >Playing as British India, getting strongest economy, doing pretty well, >begins taking over Xinxiang >bombarding troops walking into Soviet Union >troops bombard Soviet soldiers >Soviet union declares war on me >bruh

    Comrade SKYSVRComrade SKYSVRPred letom
  • Well, this game is much more strategic than it looks. And thanks for reminding me to play it during my holiday. I go all serious in this during my holidays

    Andrew TionoAndrew TionoPred letom
  • 0:20 ww2 soldiers should remember this sound

    Andrew TionoAndrew TionoPred letom
  • More please love this game

    Benjamin ThurstonBenjamin ThurstonPred letom
  • Noooo, vay did jo tell dem haw ve speek änglish in Schweeden, naw dey vill jast mokk us 😭

    Johan FlorinJohan FlorinPred letom
  • I can't believe u go that far with only tanks,wait till u stumble across a good player and you'll be armyless in a couple of hours

    Princi TimPrinci TimPred letom
  • It's a good game, but pay to win is a major aspect which sucks. But thanks for playing it and giving it a bit more publicity :)

    BreadBreadPred letom
  • Who else played this game prior to this video?

    Sebastian Brooks-BakerSebastian Brooks-BakerPred letom
  • Guys if you what to do any update because my friend and me is made the game

    Muh the GamerMuh the GamerPred letom
  • Bruh this game is broken so I can't research shit

    Docter MemeDocter MemePred letom
  • 1:40 damn Poland actually winning and not getting destroyed by communist Russia and Germany in the first couple of days

    Christophe SarrafChristophe SarrafPred letom
  • waiting for game three to open up

    hodgethebruttehodgethebruttePred letom
  • When will Play with Keralis #3 start? I'm excited :D

    Azim A.Azim A.Pred letom
  • Keralis! can you pls start playing planet zoo??!!

    Jorisbeast095Jorisbeast095Pred letom
  • P4W pay for win? ;)

    hamusqhamusqPred letom
  • Noo dont make this game popular 😭

    M. CarterM. CarterPred letom
  • Love your face Keralis, do more of this!

    BengyDogyBengyDogyPred letom
  • Will the new FTA/COPPA rules affect your channel Keralis?

    nonpatriotnonpatriotPred letom
  • Seems like a pay to win browser game? Am I wrong, or can you pay to win?

    JarateManJarateManPred letom
  • When are u goanna play some city skyline? just love the series

    BigChefBigChefPred letom
  • Texas would be it’s own country 😂😂

    chanel collettechanel collettePred letom
  • Every time I play this my allias betray me and leave me to die by world superpowers

    shadowfighter 9556shadowfighter 9556Pred letom
  • Yh you can just spam tactical bombers, meta

    Dhiman LuyDhiman LuyPred letom
  • Wait there are like 4 of them games

    Dhiman LuyDhiman LuyPred letom
  • Thx mate, but i was done when i heard "gold coins" and "shop"! nevertheless keep playing the good games!^^

    no wayno wayPred letom
  • Is this pay to play?

    Catherine le greatestCatherine le greatestPred letom
  • Whatever happened to your friend Sokar?

    The Guy Who Stole Your MilkThe Guy Who Stole Your MilkPred letom
  • Hermit craft 2mil special plz like so he can see

    I dont get payed enough for thisI dont get payed enough for thisPred letom
  • Minimal effort mobile port.

    HadrianHadrianPred letom
  • As a Swede my self I must admit that your accent make me smile ;)

    RichmonUARichmonUAPred letom
    • Me too

      Grandezza X8Grandezza X8Pred letom
  • TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO START THIS GAME WITH AN ALLIANCE WHO WOULD HELP YOU GROW ... Join our alliance and help us rise to the top ....... Alliance Name is : The Maryland Lads. We are active and would love new players!! Or message me in game at: ADUGGAL

    AADI X FNAADI X FNPred letom

    AADI X FNAADI X FNPred letom
  • Why dont you try Hearts of iron 4?

    AritonAritonPred letom
  • I love RTS, Some turn based games as well. Intrigued by this one.

    • I know i'm a bit late, but maybe try out hearts of iron 4.

      Michael RichterMichael RichterPred 11 meseci
  • when will you join the planet zoo hype train :))))

    Mr_Wiggles012Mr_Wiggles012Pred letom
  • oh no Keralis the part of denmark that i live in doesn't exist in the map the islands under sjæland are looking really weird :( what do i do :P

    J.F.K.OJ.F.K.OPred letom
  • Please play hearts of iron. Its also a WW2 stragety game with mods ! Love Your vids

    The Dragon TigerThe Dragon TigerPred letom
  • its a pay to win game, so no thank you, from me

    Torhan BartelTorhan BartelPred letom
  • Play more of this game

    Assar ErikssonAssar ErikssonPred letom

    A PebbleA PebblePred letom
  • Worst

    アスラAsuraアスラAsuraPred letom
  • I skipped whole video to see gameplay.. but it was all about maps 😂 is this really a game?

    MrNoteMrNotePred letom
    • In that game play the game last for weeks

      Adam SupeloAdam SupeloPred letom
  • Can you please do more airport ceo videos

    Ty RosenbergTy RosenbergPred letom
  • 4:48 That's where Anders is from.

    cavity1010cavity1010Pred letom
  • please, do ASMR!

    estevao107estevao107Pred letom
  • stay away from norway 😂

    Fossmo FotoFossmo FotoPred letom
    • Too late. 😂

      KeralisKeralisPred letom
  • Play war thunder next and make more of this!

    alex Capnerhurstalex CapnerhurstPred letom
  • I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!

    Alex MazzarelliAlex MazzarelliPred letom
  • This reminds me of a web online game called something along this but with 1914...or something like that. Really enjoyed my time back then with that game, i guess this is a fine game too. EDIT: just went ahead and look it up on steam and it's the same dev team. The game I was talking about is "Supremacy 1914" and yes, it's set on the very first WW instead of "Call of War" which is set on WWII. Yeah, good memories!

    S41eliteS41elitePred letom
  • Keralis pls try Crossroad Inn or maybe Hearts of iron 4 ? or Automation Empire :]

    mietoomietooPred letom
  • This one can get wild, in my second playthrough Poland almost conquered the world, but Me as Russian empire and other guy as Germany won. The research in this one is kinda meh, it forces you to pick and specialize in type of troops if you wanna be best

    Пацантрэ ВащеРебятаПацантрэ ВащеРебятаPred letom
  • I am on android and my phone can't find these games

    Jonas WerzJonas WerzPred letom

    ChrisP_BaconChrisP_BaconPred letom
  • Man I love World War Two games and history probably because I’m a history nerd

    HyperDare DevilsHyperDare DevilsPred letom
  • Joined #2

    QANTAS 001QANTAS 001Pred letom
  • Greetings from Morocco!

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  • I to have played this game

    Rayke 06Rayke 06Pred letom
  • P2w game

    EdinEdinPred letom
  • Being a Polish in ww2:are we had loyal alliance?

    Otto Von BismarckOtto Von BismarckPred letom
  • Tallinn is awfully misplaced on this map.

    KuuKulgurKuuKulgurPred letom
  • I've been sick for the past few days, and every time I've watched one of your videos Keralis, I've felt better and forgot about me being sick. Thanks Keralis for your amazing videos. Keep up the good work and have an amazing day!

    CiccioCiccioPred letom
  • Go on w/ Suomi!!! It’s my home country

    BjärneVanGrøenBjärneVanGrøenPred letom
    • @BjärneVanGrøen : You're welcome. Going to see Kalmah in two weeks. Driving two hundred miles to see them at a bar.

      Charles AnthonyCharles AnthonyPred letom
    • Charles Anthony Thx!!!

      BjärneVanGrøenBjärneVanGrøenPred letom
    • You guys produce great metal.

      Charles AnthonyCharles AnthonyPred letom
  • Got to have a game of this with my whole class, and it was a blast. The whole class days were full of political plays IRL as well as in game, with a dedicated journalist reporting on the world situation. Fantastic game!

    Dr. TakumiDr. TakumiPred letom
    • Dr. Takumi that honestly sounds fun asf

      YoungJamalYoungJamalPred 8 meseci
  • Literally only has 2000 views but the server is instantly full bruh. Unfortunate that i could not join....

    Xd_zeta XdXd_zeta XdPred letom
  • *This is just sad... Come on men i know you need the money but dont fall for those shit games... Once you go you will never stop, next time will be Raid legends and then all and any Mobile games*

    danielkjmdanielkjmPred letom
    • Rank 30 in the game and it is enjoyable.

      KeralisKeralisPred letom
  • Make more of those vids

    ItsNinjaBearItsNinjaBearPred letom
  • Try Hoi4, it’s very similar and is a lot of fun!

    CoolGuyWithAHat01CoolGuyWithAHat01Pred letom
    • After playing this I took the whole last weekend to learn HOI.....Hard but love it! :)

      KeralisKeralisPred letom
  • Aight, I'm getting this game!

    XenoTheBruhXenoTheBruhPred letom
  • Wait, is this a simpler Hearts of iron 4?

    Legit Playin’Legit Playin’Pred letom
    • It easily learn how to play

      The Friendly Kraut [Bub Cipher]The Friendly Kraut [Bub Cipher]Pred letom
    • Bub Cipher Nko Care to elaborate?

      Legit Playin’Legit Playin’Pred letom
    • Nope

      The Friendly Kraut [Bub Cipher]The Friendly Kraut [Bub Cipher]Pred letom
  • Available playable countries: WW2 neutral Sweden. Not avaiable playable countries: WW2 involved Norway, Denmark and Finland Great realism in this game! Well Done, developers! Don't Buy!

    Curtiss1965Curtiss1965Pred letom
    • It's free. :p

      KeralisKeralisPred letom
  • Wait what? Where is surviving the aftermath? I'm curious are you gonna give them clothes or not in your gulag.. Just kidding congrats on sponsorship Keralis

    AdityaAdityaPred letom
    • @Keralis awe man.. well then good luck on your gulag ;)

      AdityaAdityaPred letom
    • Couldn't load my latest save but an older one worked so I have to redo tons off-camera. :(

      KeralisKeralisPred letom
  • amazing gameplay Thank you Keralis .

    G GG GPred letom
  • Supreme Ruler of the Penguins lmao. Nice. Reminds me of a low-key Hearts of Iron IV. I am in! I am going to join you. It is funny that all of the states and provinces in the US & Canada are their own countries. lol When does this war start? lol

    NeightWolf49 Survival & Military GamingNeightWolf49 Survival & Military GamingPred letom
    • Haha welcome! It starts when 100 players joined. :)

      KeralisKeralisPred letom
  • Literally clicked it before I watched the video. :)

    BryzerseBryzersePred letom
  • I'm in! I will Chrush the world. Except Hemlad Sverige!

    Sag0550Sag0550Pred letom
  • Use Japan,the best country in the Pacific. The most important thing is diplomacy

    Heinz GuderianHeinz GuderianPred letom
  • "Sit back and relax" I can never relax when playing Call of War. Theres so many people

    I'm a PersonI'm a PersonPred letom
    • i love the historic map

      hhPred 11 meseci
    • ikr every neighbor you take out there is always a new one currently doing 2 maps rn a world and a clash of nations map I love this game.

      Pooch the dogPooch the dogPred letom
    • My last match lasted 2 months for the control of the whole world

      Gonzalo VCGonzalo VCPred letom
    • :P

      Ruaridh MackenzieRuaridh MackenziePred letom
    • Haha :p

      KeralisKeralisPred letom
  • lol i messaged keralis and he responded

    Shatil ShakiShatil ShakiPred letom
  • Im taking Stalingrad

    ArZoNiCArZoNiCPred letom
    • Rn

      ArZoNiCArZoNiCPred letom
  • I’m algeria

    Alabaas AlshareedaAlabaas AlshareedaPred letom
    • Hi I’m Arkhangelsk

      Ruaridh MackenzieRuaridh MackenziePred letom
  • Sugoi desu ne 😁

    Shubham TripathiShubham TripathiPred letom
  • I’m Italy karalis be friend with me I give you naval port in the Mediterranean

    Jack HamJack HamPred letom
  • Can you get the gold if you already play the game

    Jack HamJack HamPred letom
  • I am in! please dont hurt me Keralis

    FancyTacoFancyTacoPred letom
  • I joined :)

    Grant 2kGrant 2kPred letom
  • Can you start playing Planet Zoo instead please?:)

    xelpexelpePred letom
  • What is your game name

    Jop de GoeiJop de GoeiPred letom
    • His name is IAmKeralis or something like that

      Ruaridh MackenzieRuaridh MackenziePred letom
  • Why can I get the 20000 gold?

    Jack HamJack HamPred letom