Surviving The Aftermath : THE OUTPOSTS UPDATE!

6. dec. 2019
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Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future - resources are scarce but opportunity calls. Build the ultimate disaster-proof colony, protect your colonists and restore civilization to a devastated world. Remember: The end of the world is just the beginning.
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  • Why does it sound like "Dear Diarrhea!"

    Muneeb MirzaMuneeb MirzaPred 8 meseci
  • Do fking more @@@@@@@@@

    LiudrovicLiudrovicPred 11 meseci
  • Your voice is hypnotic. ❤️

    Lightning SparxLightning SparxPred letom
  • Have they added the ability too upgrade the wall? It looks different at 14:17

    NorthernFirefighterNorthernFirefighterPred letom
  • Honestly, the game feels boring as hell. But good video, nevertheless!

    MīrzāMīrzāPred letom
  • Love the outpost update, trade and scavenging in world map become easier. Scavenger Specialist no more need to return to base, happy face floating everywhere.. 🙂🙂🙂

    FN LNFN LNPred letom

    Danar FadilaDanar FadilaPred letom
  • Thank you for continuing making videos of this great game! At the moment I am setting money aside for a computer or laptop to also be able to play these kind of games 😊

    Koejj90Koejj90Pred letom

    GerdolleGerdollePred letom
  • After 3 years of watching u and u are still interested in the road more then the game hhh xd

    anis dekikanis dekikPred letom
    • Than

      Ahmet SakızcıAhmet SakızcıPred letom
  • Aren't the people with the star in their heads specialists? Why are they roaming around in the colony? I think they don't notify you when a specialist gets home.

    StormShadowStormShadowPred letom
  • I hope the developers will to add in hi tech futuristic versions of all buildings for mid game for example "hit tech eco friendly house". (it provides great protection against environmental hazards, great comfort and +1 happiness but consumes more resources like parts and electronics) . As for the late game, add in new tech trees and buildings for example: 1 fusion reactor to generate crazy amount of electricity (but cannot operate during magnetic storms) 2. gigantic hexagonal shaped dome in your colony for making your green and lush completely filter out nuclear fallout and heat wave (This is a ultimate end game victory condition but require maintenance and lots of electricity as well) 3. missile defense systems to shoot down meteorite (requires electricity and maintenance) 4. Robot/drone manufacturing factory (requires electricity) 5. AI supercomputer hub (requires maintenance) 6. University campus to generate research points and to unlock all late game techs However, all these futuristic tech need to be unlock via education buildings and research points. These will make hard difficulty more rewarding to play.

    Grand Moff TarkinGrand Moff TarkinPred letom
  • why does that background music remind of Naruto ? 🤔

    Moivin KanakkaserryMoivin KanakkaserryPred letom
  • when you download the next ep?

    Slim SleekSlim SleekPred letom
  • Can you do more of this game instead of minecraft

    ApathyApathyPred letom
  • only on epic ?

    千島醬千島醬Pred letom
  • Yaaaa I can't wait to the next one 👍

    A DA DPred letom
  • Please Cities Skylines

    Nick SorrentinoNick SorrentinoPred letom
  • I love your accent and was just wondering what your nationality/first language is.

    Sunny's KingdomSunny's KingdomPred letom
  • I have been waiting soooo long for this. I honestly cant watch anyone elses gameplay of this game but yours. Amazing job sir! Btw if I may suggest, pls have a look at the game called "crossroads inn".I hope you love it and make some gameplays.

    Crisis LarsCrisis LarsPred letom
  • This isn't Planet Zoo . . . :)

    Billy BobBilly BobPred letom
  • please do more planet zoo videos, I love them.

    PipinPipinPred letom
  • We lack videos of Planet Zoo :D

    Master BaiterMaster BaiterPred letom
  • your films are nice to watch.

    dziaduniodziadunioPred letom
  • Rimworld

    Vcauce 2Vcauce 2Pred letom
  • My mom is CTO of paradox

    Gustav BoströmGustav BoströmPred letom
  • A little bit sad that your old city is gone, but this one looks even better and prettier! Can't wait to see the next episode. :)

    MagdolnaMagdolnaPred letom
  • Planet zoooo :(

    Sup DarSup DarPred letom
  • oh wow you left the children outside!? what a meany!

    andyisyodaandyisyodaPred letom
  • This is so cringe

    The GuardsmanThe GuardsmanPred letom
  • Haven't coom like this for so long

    Thorn AdkinsThorn AdkinsPred letom
  • More series this game

    Lan GamingLan GamingPred letom
  • When are there coming more episodes of Transport Fever2?

    Maarten LaureyssenMaarten LaureyssenPred letom
  • keralis please play sid meier’s civilization 6

    TheProOfGaming446TheProOfGaming446Pred letom
  • Keralis your colony need water?

    imamageimamagePred letom
  • How does that brazzers EH I mean braziers look?😂😂😂

    BerbalBerbalPred letom
  • U get more views on hermitcraft

    CupPancakeCupPancakePred letom
  • We need planet zoo vids

    赤Crouzyr赤CrouzyrPred letom
  • You are FANTASTIC at the Witch voice! Love it!

    TheCriminalViolinTheCriminalViolinPred letom
  • This is just Planet Zoo with no cages. Love surviving the aftermath aka planet zoo, keep it up!

    Coolm4nCoolm4nPred letom
  • Keralis voice be like: 🗿🚢🌩

    greatshawngreatshawnPred letom
    • Theyre speaking the language of the emotes

      Kristi es da watcherKristi es da watcherPred letom
  • i love this series, please keep playing Surviving The Aftermath

    Empire DuckEmpire DuckPred letom
  • Your children are so lucky to have a dad that does all the cool voices in stories!!

    spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
  • Bloody hell, homing meteors

    HaVaKHaVaKPred letom
  • Keralis, you are a cruel player to those poor

    CyberJJCCyberJJCPred letom
  • that witch just wanna make friend

    Wak DolahWak DolahPred letom
  • Best.youtuber.ever.

    Dalytwins26Dalytwins26Pred letom
  • Don't forget to build more water supplies too don't want your city to die from dehydration.

    Lily LuckLily LuckPred letom
  • Zombie game??

    mohamed atefmohamed atefPred letom
    • No zombies. City builder in a world with thin atmosphere, nuclear puddles on the ground, and lots of garbage everywhere.

      spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
  • yea tis back :3

    zabacinjshzabacinjshPred letom
  • Please do more 💕🤗

  • Hi Keralis, im just wondering where is Planet Zoo upload? Anyway have a nice day!

    incredibleincrediblePred letom
  • Now this looks even more fun to play. When does it come out and will it be on Steam?

    dannydanbo58dannydanbo58Pred letom
    • @spacewolfcub Thanks for the info. I only use Steam or Origin, so, next year!

      dannydanbo58dannydanbo58Pred letom
    • It will come out on Steam next year sometime. The developers have an exclusive contract with their current distributor for now. I regret having bought it now, as it fragments my game library and it was as much money as a full release so there wasn’t any real benefit. I should have waited for Steam. If you already use the EG launcher for other games it might be fine, but it has nothing else I want so I uninstalled that whole mess and will wait for full release before wasting space on it again. I’ll probably die mad about it.

      spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
  • Keralis SaharaNOW is being restocked

    Rudi SummervilleRudi SummervillePred letom
  • How frustrating that the last saved file got corrupted and start over again. It's weird nowadays those type of failures in gaming

    Luis RodríguezLuis RodríguezPred letom
    • Luis Rodríguez It’s an early release, though. So less weird.

      spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
  • Noo, not the water! Noooooo!! Not the potatoes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT THE HOUSES YAAAAAY it's over

    JD 146JD 146Pred letom
  • "This little puddle"; you know, your common backyard puddle

    JD 146JD 146Pred letom
  • Plz give us more of this game

    عاصم المرغلانًمْيعاصم المرغلانًمْيPred letom
  • This is great. You are running out of water, it shows you're producing -4.

    EbonieEboniePred letom
  • Maybe if it gets to steam. No way for epic. They're as screwy as origin.

    garyoa1garyoa1Pred letom
    • @spacewolfcub Actually did get it but took a while to figure out "how" to buy it. Then took another while to figure out how to install it. And wouldn't run anyway. Got a refund. By not run, I mean didn't install an icon. Couldn't find an exe file anywhere. Gave up.

      garyoa1garyoa1Pred letom
    • garyoa1 I agree. It was full price as early release anyway, so there’s no benefit to buying now from a sketchy launcher.

      spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
  • Keep up the good work keralis

    Mason CooperMason CooperPred letom
  • O.m.g...That witch voice! 😅 Freaky and awesome at the same time! 😆

    Victoria NilssonVictoria NilssonPred letom
  • I want more planet zoo please

    Survivor ProSurvivor ProPred letom
  • I am glad it is back, I was kinda sad that your save got janky but I am glad you are keeping with it. Also is there any chance of Survival Mars Green Planet coming back? Keep up the good work.

    Ripple Tangent PhotographyRipple Tangent PhotographyPred letom
  • Yay, gulag is back.

    AdityaAdityaPred letom
  • Tearing down the kids fort? you monster :)

    StormcrowStormcrowPred letom
  • I bought this game 10 minutes into your first episode. I can't wait for more updates. :)

    Jessica CouchJessica CouchPred letom
    • ditto. I love these kinds of games. (resource managements). Keralis' world(s) have visually looked better thus far than mine .. I tend to forget the 'booshes' ;)

      sowhyussowhyusPred letom

    PommEsPommEsPred letom
    • spacewolfcub 👍🇸🇪

      Ulla BrittaUlla BrittaPred letom
    • Yes

      Grandezza X8Grandezza X8Pred letom
    • I see Ikea colours. You come from a Keralis’ natural habitat? :D

      spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
    • Jag har väntat jätte länge på ett nytt avsnit och nu kom ett!

      Ulla BrittaUlla BrittaPred letom
    • Ja äntligen!🇸🇪

      Grandezza X8Grandezza X8Pred letom
  • More planet zoo please

    Bacon WinnerBacon WinnerPred letom
  • Keralis give us more of this one

    ムサブムサブPred letom
  • Yay!

    Mr Crabby MustacheMr Crabby MustachePred letom
  • Thanks for making me fallasleep 😊😊

    verz_verz_Pred letom
  • People where here before the world got destroy ex

    Maurice De veenMaurice De veenPred letom
    • Yes. The humans destroyed it, actually, judging by the nuclear waste everywhere.

      spacewolfcubspacewolfcubPred letom
    • Destroyed

      Maurice De veenMaurice De veenPred letom
  • When do you make the next videos of planet zoo ?

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    • stfu, boring game

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  • Hi

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  • where is Planet Zoo :( :(

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  • I am early - 37th like

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  • Yes!!!! Have been waiting for this! Your channel has been exploding with amazing videos lately! Spank you very very much for all of this good content😉❤️

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  • Keralis Sahara now is restocking

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  • 18 seconds ago!? new record!

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    • pepe laugh

  • You’re amazing!!!

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    • No Your Breathtaking

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  • Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you enjoy this video! ❤️

    KeralisKeralisPred letom
    • Keralis mera snälla

      Lena HåkanssonLena HåkanssonPred 11 meseci
    • May you please do Cities Skylines again please

      Nick SorrentinoNick SorrentinoPred letom
    • @Keralis i remember your older videos with the family.....i always wished for more of those!

      Varun HebliVarun HebliPred letom
    • Much love Keralis

      Calvin TrautmannCalvin TrautmannPred letom
    • ...... Yeah I wonder where you've heard Lovelace from before as well {snickers} {snort}

      sowhyussowhyusPred letom

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    • ParrotRacer _ Did you know, you can sort comments by timestamp? Try it.

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