Minecraft Modern Beach House

29. nov. 2019
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► Andy - slworlds.info
● Build is by Flex
► Server IP hub.worldofkeralis.com
do /warp echobay and /tppos 2340 35 -330
► Resource pack: WoK Flows 1.14
► Shaders used: Sildurs Vibrant 1.18 High
● Twitter: twitter.com/WorldofKeralis
● Instagram: instagram.com/iamkeralis
● Website: www.keralis.net
● Livestreams: www.twitch.tv/keralis
► Music: soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired

  • Texture pack?

    Sam LallySam LallyPred 4 dnevi
  • I wish I could build this good

    Cameron CookCameron CookPred 5 meseci
  • What is that Shader?

    Margozera MVMargozera MVPred 8 meseci
  • Keralis, the living asmr, the guy who can show you the best houses and provide the best relaxation while looking at them.

    Andrej BusinAndrej BusinPred 10 meseci
  • The way andys voice broke because of the connection at the beginning😂

  • I remember when I watched you everyday! 😂 Good times.

    Comment FBIComment FBIPred 11 meseci
  • Keralis can you do a tutorial on a house like this we all really enjoy your tutorials

    ShiftyShaper10ShiftyShaper10Pred letom
  • Hey Kerala I joined your server yesterday and I’m participating in the winter competition and I would like you to personally judge my build if you can :D

    tank 5otank 5oPred letom
  • Maaaan minecraft and build community have come so far with design ideas please can you showcase some more of that part from the town the houses there look like they'd be amazing for a good source of new building inspiration

    matty4zmatty4zPred letom
  • I miss this series 😭😭😭❤️

    Paul RPaul RPred letom
  • Echo bay = E-bay Lol

    Panzer_RunnerPanzer_RunnerPred letom
  • Finally!!!!! Where have the MC vids been

    Sesto Alternative EvoSesto Alternative EvoPred letom
  • 100th comment. Yay.

    Malvern WilsonMalvern WilsonPred letom
  • It’s like you could play hide and seek and the seeker stays outside

    Cole ZajkowskiCole ZajkowskiPred letom
  • could please show how to build this house

    TjTjPred letom
  • Where do I get WOK flows? Is it the same as Flows HD

    aaron pazaaron pazPred letom
  • Why did Andy look so huge in the start.

    Docter MemeDocter MemePred letom
  • I love your vids ❤️, I am late sorry 😓

    Unicorn KAWAIIUnicorn KAWAIIPred letom
  • I thought your friend was huge for a moment lmao

    booklebooklePred letom
  • Wow ya'll so strange as it pertains to houses and what makes them posh or not. I Do not like this style of home at all. I am not into the modern thing at all. However, this is always fun to watch Keralis.

    Valentine's TubeValentine's TubePred letom
  • Can you do more planet zoo please?

    FancyguyyFancyguyyPred letom
  • Your face is a corner - Keralis

    iNaniekeiNaniekePred letom
  • I remember you did a inspiration video on one of me and my team builds oh the good old days keep making videos please Keralis!!

    J CollinsJ CollinsPred letom
  • Next animal zoo episode??

    EvilDoom34EvilDoom34Pred letom
  • hey Keralis, you looked at my sandstone house in the end, I have been watching you since I was 9 and learned english watching your videos. This was a dream come true for me although you didnt actually showcase my house, thank you so so so much

    xEntexEntePred letom
  • How can I apply to build on the server?

    Jordan BusuttilJordan BusuttilPred letom
  • Keralis- keep it up, man! I have one request though. Please post more Planet Zoo

    Brody MackeyBrody MackeyPred letom
  • i thought this would be a building video, where are they?

    MxarsMxarsPred letom
  • So happy for the Inspiration series! Love your face Keralis

    BengyDogyBengyDogyPred letom
  • I've missed this series.

    Playing DiaboticalPlaying DiaboticalPred letom
  • Xr.Shim : "where is the sign ?"

    Memo 2007 UltraMemo 2007 UltraPred letom
  • the inspiration series has been going for years now. its pretty... Inspiring.

    JaCrispyJaCrispyPred letom
  • Planet zoo

    dimas fhadilahdimas fhadilahPred letom
  • Keralis have you found your tryden?

    Mitan ChakmaMitan ChakmaPred letom
  • I think the house has more of a question mark shape

    Nobody HereNobody HerePred letom
  • Rendog trapped the portal in old hermit ville with all the big builds and the big house by grian. He trappe it with a tnt trap. @ @ is the timestamp you should go on in his video

    Thats So AnthonyThats So AnthonyPred letom
  • Is this the earliest I've ever been? Yes

    Nobody HereNobody HerePred letom
  • Awesome house but not sure about that yacht of the coast.

    RCISamRCISamPred letom
  • This should have at least 1 mil views

    Samalamajam666Samalamajam666Pred letom
  • Just watched Andy’s point of view and yours too, and Keralis, this was such a great inspiration for me! And as well as the Modern Beach House too! Great video, 10/10 stars : 100% well done to both of y’all 👍🏻

    ITZZ AgentH14ITZZ AgentH14Pred letom
  • Wait a minute, keralis uploads videos and makes them private, then unprivates them when he wants them to release...

    Ryan McmasterRyan McmasterPred letom
  • Hey keralis, notice me :) How do i make my channel bigger?

    coriviancorivianPred letom
  • 58th comment I think

    Chl0j0n33vChl0j0n33vPred letom
  • 0:05 it looks like he is a giant

    Random GuyRandom GuyPred letom
  • You’re an inspiration sir.

    The NastyThe NastyPred letom
  • When are you going to do another planet zoo one, they're amazing!

    Samuel ColwellSamuel ColwellPred letom
  • I hate to be this person: but I’m not super impressed... its just another white box, and the furniture is very basic... just using a stair block as chairs is lazy and outdated... garage is empty, no detail... random leaves around the house as “bushes”... not to mention 90% of the house is just snow bocks... no floor detail, no ceiling detail... and a 4 block ceiling height? Very “survival” scale... Sorry, just my humble opinion as a LONG time fan of Keralis and a former Moderator on WoK and UTB and BPN... love your channel Keralis, just not amazed by this house, again just IMHO

    DocSMasH 88DocSMasH 88Pred letom
    • @DocSMasH 88 thanks bro

      Inam Ur rehmanInam Ur rehmanPred letom
    • super pak very constructive comment, wish I was as insightful as you are! Keep up the good work........

      DocSMasH 88DocSMasH 88Pred letom
    • Shut up sucker

      Inam Ur rehmanInam Ur rehmanPred letom
    • Words of wisdom man

      tommytommyPred letom
  • Wait a minute... *_Where is baby Yoda???_*

    WaveBlox MCWaveBlox MCPred letom
  • Congrats on 2 million!!

    Chaz Braden from MESX1Chaz Braden from MESX1Pred letom
  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz keralis more planet zooooooooo plzzzzzzzzzzz

    Big BeefboiBig BeefboiPred letom
  • More of Planet zoo please. And I love your voice 😍❤

    Arvind SutharArvind SutharPred letom
  • That house is beautiful

    Devin FieldsDevin FieldsPred letom
  • that gaps/groves all around the house would be a horrible idea in real life. Because of pigeons. I have such a thing oustide my aparment and I don't need alarm clocks, when the sun is about to rise you cannot sleep anymore.

    NohupNohupPred letom
  • Showcase more houses that don’t necessarily have world edit involved

    KyroxKyroxPred letom
    • @Koru maybe for more vanilla survival designs?

      matty4zmatty4zPred letom
    • @Koru survival lol

      dashindashinPred letom
    • Just install world edit.

      KoruKoruPred letom
    • I agree

      Nobody HereNobody HerePred letom
  • Can you link me the resource pack

    DeLorean _DeLorean _Pred letom
    • Just look up: WoK Flows resource pack

      Joshua MoreheadJoshua MoreheadPred letom
  • More Planet Zoo please, really been enjoying the series

    Ed CoxEd CoxPred letom
  • Never seen a modern house better than this one

    loosedcashliveTVV WatchesloosedcashliveTVV WatchesPred letom
  • Wana find out what happen if you jump into void with the totem of undying Watch this slworlds.info/net/32LFpdR4oHq5aZs/video It is only 2 min short so help me grow my channel

    OPOPPred letom
  • *say no to dirt*

    TamlyTamlyPred letom
  • This looks like a basic free second life house. funny how people in minecraft thinks this looks amazing.

    Deepdish KiraDeepdish KiraPred letom
    • It has great architecture and is designed really well.

      Ryan McmasterRyan McmasterPred letom
  • Planet zoo

    Shamil StudioShamil StudioPred letom
  • Zoo planet

    PerfictionoidPerfictionoidPred letom
  • Hello Keralis. I love you’re new video

    Adam GóreckiAdam GóreckiPred letom
  • Andy looks like he is giant at the start

    rhyerrhyerPred letom
    • For real lmao

    • I was so confused I thought he was giant lol

      CatinapipeCatinapipePred letom
    • Lol that’s what I thought !

  • I was looking for this type of stuff earlier, but I finally found it

    oWolfieoWolfiePred letom
    • Same

      Nobody HereNobody HerePred letom
  • more of planet zoo plss

    CopyRighted SongsCopyRighted SongsPred letom
  • press this "e" ahd subscribe

    RickGT500RickGT500Pred letom
  • You are a really great builder! Keep it up!

    Eric LüthiEric LüthiPred letom
  • Keralis. Congrats on 2 million

    Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer88Pred letom
  • Hey Keralis love your videos!!

    Noah HutchisonNoah HutchisonPred letom
  • Spicy

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  • 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Hi keralis

    Blue BirdBlue BirdPred letom
  • These builds have evolved so well, I remember watching Keralis when I was 12, seven years ago ❤️ much love

    Owen IronOwen IronPred letom
    • Same here man. Keralis truly is a part of my childhood!

      Tim TheusTim TheusPred 4 meseci
    • me too, OG MC SLworldsr

      MLG R8DR805MLG R8DR805Pred 8 meseci
    • I remember playing on his factions server. Had the most fun I've ever had on MineCraft there. Met so many great people and had an overall great time. Was sad when it moved to Towny. It wasn't the same.

      EscoEscoPred 10 meseci
    • @haha yes please

      OPOPPred letom
    • @OP no

      haha yeshaha yesPred letom
  • Love your vids

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  • first but not first also grats on 2Million!

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  • Hi

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